About me

If you have a project that needs special attention, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am currently looking for full-time work, and projects of all sizes are welcome. I am located in Paris, FRANCE.

I have experience working in print and web. My services include website conception and creation and integration. I use best practices for user-interface design and I follow principles of user-experience design, meaning that the creative concept is based on user profiles and possible user scenarios. For digital design, my process may be defined as design thinking and agile workflows. I believe in innovation and designing for humans, which means that we need to be sure that our ideas are on target before refining the design.

I believe that every project presents is own set of limitations and that creative solution is to be defined and even discovered. I find pleasure in selecting the right images, fonts and color schemes to be in harmony and on target for the market. I love working with type, I love to be sure that the content is easy to read and that there is a sense of order. I do not apply a single style to my projects, the project defines the look and feel of the end product.

Want to know about my technical skills or even work experience, or just say hello, bonjour.

Thank you for reading this far. Have a wonderful day.

Cordially, James FISH