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5 of The Best Canister Fish Tank Filter

Quality filtration is crucial when it is about keeping a healthy aquarium.

Having the best filter helps to provide a breath full of fresh air for all the aquatic living organisms. However, individuals would require the best aquarium canister filter to perform the work. 

We want to discuss features and benefits for all the aquatic pet lovers representing attaining health and comfort level at its maximum. Thus, investing in one of the top canister filters is essential. Take a quick look at my top preferred options:

That is why we would provide you with canister filter reviews as per their level of importance and efficiency level. Names of all the aquarium canister filters review, which we would present, are based on deep research and analysis.

There are various aquarium canister filters out on the market. The below aquarium canister filter reviews are best for our abilities and in-depth research.

Read on to know how they have unique features compared to their counterparts. 


The Best Canister Fish Tank Filters

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Check out these other top picks on this category:

1. Winner: Fluval FX High-Performance Canister Aquarium Filter

Fluval FX High-Performance Canister Aquarium Filter Review

Fluval FX High-Performance Canister Filter, External Aquarium Filter is a well-built FX performance with a reliability platform, an all-new FX4 high-performance canister filter. It is a highly compact ‘little brother’ to FX6.

It helps bridge the gap between Fluval 406 and FX6 canister filter, making it the perfect choice for the aquarium up to 1500 liters or 400 US Gallon. 

Featured Specs

  • Aquarium Capacity: 1,500 liters or 400 Gallons
  • Pump circulation: 3500 liters every hour or 926 gallons every hour
  • Filter circulation: 563 gallons every hour or 2130 liters every hour
  • Media Baskets: 3
  • Wattage: 43 watts
  • Biological volume: 5.9 liters or 1.5 gallons
  • Mechanical area: 325.5 square inches
  • Filtration Volume: 5.28 gallons or 20 liters
  • Head height: 3.3 meters or 10.8 feet
  • Warranty: 3 years


  • Filtration for the tanks of nearly 400 gallons in total volume
  • Has 3 customizable filtration media baskets
  • Automatic priming system
  • Aquastop & purge valves, which makes maintenance completely easy
  • Adjustable and multi-directional nozzle
  • Automatic priming system
  • 3 years warranty
  • Pump technology that removes the air bubbles and provides maximum efficiency


  • Canister is bulky
  • Foam inserts in the filter baskets that need to be frequently replaced
  • Costly

Extra Features 

  • It is a multi-stage filter pump capable of filtering 2650 liters or 700 US Gallon of water every hour.
  • It is a smart pump with highly advanced microchip technology that constantly monitors & optimizes pumps’ performance.
  • Just add water, with plug-in & smart pump. It comes with trapped air auto evacuation, which ensures maximum efficiency.
  • Adapts to water changes and can eliminate the requirement to lift heavy buckets
  • It is a stackable, removable media basket that removes water bypass & holds a total of nearly 4 liters, i.e., 1 US Gallon of media.
  • All the filter media is included, namely chemical, mechanical & biological.
  • It comes with aqua valves and a leak-proof click fit system for attachment.
  • The valves are positioned at a 45-degree angle for simple installation & rotation.
  • Telescopic strainer, anti-clog that ensures constant water flow
  • Multi-directional output nozzles can completely be adjusted to create a customized water flow.
  • It has a utility valve with a drain hose for easy maintenance & flushing of the canister.
  • Rubberized feet assist in ensuring silent operation.
  • It has a compact 41.9 cm tall design, which simply fits under most aquariums.
  • It is made in Italy.
  • It is solely designed to be used in saltwater and freshwater aquariums.

Buying Advice

A Fluval canister filter is one of those filters on the expensive side. However, it is difficult to beat its fantastic design features.

For the aquarists having large tanks, quiet operation & large media and pump capacities, Fluval canister filters can be worth the money. 

2. Runner-up: SunSun Hw303B 370GPH Pro Canister Filter Kit

SunSun Hw303B 370GPH Pro Canister Filter Kit Review

SunSun Hw303B 370GPH Pro Canister Filter Kit with 9-watt UV Sterilizer is an external four-stage canister aquarium filter that is perfect for tanks with nearly 100 gallons. It can manage nearly 370 gallons every hour.

SunSun Hw303B includes hoses, filter pads, and most of the parts you require to get started. 3 flexible media trays permit you to include other filtration media like Sun Sun’s ceramic rings, activated carbons, or bio-balls to attain the best chemical, mechanical & biological filtration. It is a well built-in nine Watt ultraviolet sterilizer that helps control bacteria/algae spore & promotes clear water. 

SunSun Hw303B filter is one of the best aquarium canister filters, a convenient self-priming pump capable of eliminating manual siphoning requirements. It even has a 9 watt UV sterilizer.

Featured Specs

  • Dimension: 11X11X17 (LXWXH)
  • Flow rate: 525 GPH, nearly 2000 liter per hour
  • Inbuilt 9 Watt ultraviolet sterilizer to control bacteria/algae spores and to promote clear water 
  • Pump power: 55W
  • Capable of biological, mechanical & chemical filtration


  • It comes with a media tray that is capable of withstanding the choice of your filtration media.
  • Highly capable of biological, mechanical & chemical filtration
  • Simple to install, with zero messy assemblies, which includes media, filter pads, hoses & all parts to begin work
  • Best for marine and freshwater


  • Expensive

Extra Features

  • Easy to install with no mess regarding assembly
  • Includes media, filter pads, hoses & all parts to get working
  • Best for freshwater and marine
  • Good for nearly 150-gallon fish tanks
SunSun Hw303B 370GPH Pro Canister Filter Kit with 9-watt UV Sterilizer
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Buying Advice

It is best for users looking to buy this product as it has an external 4 plus 1 stage canister filter with an inbuilt UV sterilizer for tanks of up to 150 gallons.

Capable of managing nearly 525 gallons every hour with four flexible media trays that permit one to add their media like ceramic rings, activated carbons, or bio-balls to attain the best chemical, mechanical and biological filtration.

Has built 9 Watt ultraviolet sterilizer to kill bacteria and algae spores to promote clear water. It has a highly convenient pump, which removes the requirement for manual siphoning.

3. Alternative: Finnex PX-360 Compact Canister Fish Tank Filter

Finnex PX-360 Compact Canister Fish Tank Filter Review

Finnex PX-360 Compact Canister Aquarium Filter is a versatile and small filter perfect for smaller tanks within 25 gallons.

It can get configured to function like the HOB filter effectively, or you even have the choice to set it just as a canister filter & stow it away. 

Featured Specs

  • Dimensions: 4.8 x 7.2 x 8.1 inches (LxWxH)
  • Flow Rate: 95 GPH
  • Weight: 3.5 Pounds
  • Perfect for aquariums of up to 25 gallons capacity


  • Potential to configure like HOB filter or canister
  • It has a spray nozzle and a spray bar
  • Whisper quiet and has a good build quality
  • Best water flow for the smaller tanks


  • Costlier as compared to HOB filter systems
  • It is huge for its capacity 
  • Hoses are certainly not long enough to place underneath the aquarium
  • Hoses might disconnect randomly if they are not kept at a level

Extra Features

  • Filtration media comes with activated carbon pad, sponge & ceramic rings.
  • Best for both turtle and aquatic beings for aquariums up to twenty-five gallons
  • Complete accessories include a spray bar, durable water intake strainer & filter hanger.
Finnex PX-360 All-in-one Compact Canister Filter
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Buying Advice

Best for the small aquariums. Has high-quality canister aquarium filters that work with tanks under 25 gallons and even down to nearly 2 to 5-gallon tanks. 

4. Alternative: SunSun HW703B 370GPH Pro Canister Aquarium Filter Kit

SunSun HW703B 370GPH Pro Canister Aquarium Filter Kit Review

SunSun HW703B 370GPH Pro Canister Fish Tank Filter Kit with 9-watt UV Sterilizer uses a multi-stage aquarium tank layered with assorted media via chemical filtration. 

It can easily draw water in the filter tube and then return clear into the outlet tube. The outlet tube has fitted oxygen aeration levels in the tank. 

Featured Specs

  • Has 4 stage canister filters
  • There are three large media baskets for all media requirements, pro media kit, etc.
  • Dimension: 11X11X16 (LXWXH) and a US plug of 110 to 120 v


  • Has integrated 9 watt UV sterilizer to remove unwanted algae, bacteria, etc.
  • Caters quiet, efficient filtration for saltwater and fresh aquariums


  • Expensive

Extra Features 

It is highly flexible to add in ceramic rings, bio balls, and filtration carbons. Exposes water lethal UV light that kills microorganisms.

SunSun HW703B 370GPH Pro Canister Fish Tank Filter Kit with 9-watt UV Sterilizer
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Buying Advice

Best for buyers looking for 4 stage canister filters

5. Alternative: Fluval 107 Performance Canister Filter

Fluval 107 Performance Canister Filter Review

Not just the newest generation incorporates great power but even reliability, which buyers expect from the leader in the field of aquatic filtration. 

It caters to various new upgrades that make this up to twenty-five percent quieter and highly robust, flexible, energy-efficient, and simpler to use than before.

Featured Specs

  • The product weight is 2.2 pounds.
  • Product dimension is 0.39 X 0.39 X 0.39 inches
  • Weight: 1 Kilogram


  • Has substantially large rubber feet stabilizer offering superior vibration dampening potential & other added benefits
  • Authentic Fluval media


  • It can be costly for those with a constrained budget.

Extra Features

  • It has powerful motors that generate continuous pumping power and even pressure.
  • Has re-engineered, precision well-crafted pump, which makes it 25% quieter as compared to the previous generation
  • It is energy-efficient as it draws very little energy from a single LED light bulb.
  • New ergonomic Aquastop valve 
Fluval 307 Perfomance Canister Filter - for Aquariums Up to 70 Gallons - Aquarium Canister Filter
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Buying Advice

Fluval 107 Performance Canister Filter is the seventh incarnation in 40 years of Fluval’s family. Do buy as it is value for money.

Key Considerations for Selecting the Ideal Canister Filter for Your Aquarium

When you’re in the market for the best canister aquarium filter, it’s crucial to look beyond the marketing allure of various external filters. Your decision should stem from several essential factors tailored to your specific needs. Here’s what to keep an eye out for:

Identify Your Fish Profile

Understanding the type of fish in your tank is paramount. This involves knowing their temperament and the amount of waste they’re likely to produce. Armed with this information, you can make an informed choice about the best aquarium external filter and the desired turnover rate per hour for your aquarium.

Assess Your Aquarium’s Dimensions

When you’re in the market for a fish tank canister filter, it’s crucial to assess your aquarium’s dimensions first. The size of your tank will significantly influence the kind of canister filter you’ll need. For instance, a smaller aquarium—let’s say around 20 gallons—may not require as robust a filter as a 100-gallon tank would.

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Understanding your aquarium’s dimensions isn’t just about knowing its capacity in gallons; you should also consider its shape and the amount of free space around it. This is because canister filters come in various sizes, and you’ll need to ensure that there’s enough room to accommodate your chosen filter externally, as they are usually placed outside the aquarium.

By matching the filter to your aquarium’s dimensions, you ensure efficient filtration without overwhelming the tank’s ecosystem or taking up too much external space.

Consider Manufacturer Credibility and Design

Longevity and efficiency are non-negotiables when it comes to canister filters. Always ensure that your choice not only stands the test of time but also operates effectively. To get insights into reliable brands, don’t overlook canister filter reviews. These reviews will guide you toward options that have a proven track record in the realm of aquarium canister filter reviews.

Noise Level

While most canister filters are not overly loud, some models boast quieter operations than others. If noise level is a concern for you, be sure to read aquarium canister filter reviews for firsthand accounts of user experiences with noise output.

Ease of Maintenance

Maintenance is an important aspect to consider when searching for the best canister filter. A filter that easily disassembles for cleaning ensures that you can maintain optimal performance without a hassle. 

Motor Types and Impeller Access

shutterstock 2326799585 1

The motor type is another critical factor that affects a canister filter’s durability and efficiency. Typically, you’ll encounter two kinds: magnetically driven motors and epoxy-sealed motors. While magnetically driven motors may require more frequent maintenance due to faster dirt accumulation, they are often preferred for their reliability.

By thoroughly examining these factors, you’ll be well-equipped to make an educated choice on the best canister aquarium filter for your aquatic setup.

Assess Flow Rate Requirements

When getting canister filters, you’ll want to examine the flow rate to ensure it aligns with your aquarium size and fish stocking density. Heavy bio-loads need robust flow for sufficient filtration. 

Check canister filter reviews to see actual flow rates users experience, as marketed GPH ratings may be overstated. The best aquarium external filters often have adjustable flow rates to customize for your tank.

Filtration Media Options 

The best canister filters offer versatility in filtration media to target chemical, biological, and mechanical filtering. Consider canister filters with stacked media trays or baskets that let you customize layers as needed. 

Media like activated carbon provide chemical filtration to remove odors, discoloration, and medications, while bio-balls and ceramic noodles cater to beneficial bacteria for biological filtration. 

Cabinet Filter Access

shutterstock 1690776694

When acquiring fish tank canister filters, consider cabinet access for easier maintenance. Filters with top-mounted valves and intakes simplify cleaning without removing from the cabinet. 

While not aesthetically pleasing, HOB filters are the easiest for aquarium access. For built-in systems, canister filter reviews help identify models with cabinet convenience.

Energy-Efficient Operation

When researching the best aquarium canister filters, consider energy efficiency. Canisters typically use less wattage than comparably sized HOB options, providing quieter and cheaper operation. 

Reduced pump strain translates to enhanced durability as well. Compare wattage ratings and motor types in canister filter reviews when evaluating options.

Advantages of Using the Best Canister Aquarium Filter

Selecting a canister filter over the hang-on back power filter comes with various upsides. 

High Flow Rate of Water

Based on the kind of canister filter you opt for, few models come with a higher flow rate of water than others, making them suitable for tanks that require great filtration flow similar to African cichlid tanks. 

Few even are well equipped with outlet tubing and spray bars that individuals can run on the water surface, which removes surface scum & aerates your tank well. It also can eliminate the requirement for noisy air pumps. 

Flexible Aquarium Filter Media Selection

Ideal canister filters can hold large quantities of filter media space. You have the liberty to include various media types in canister filters. Most individuals opt for carbon.

However, you may use multiple other media like additional biological filtration medium, ammonia remover, chemi pure, and phosphate removers. These are only various chemical filtration media instances, which you can include in your canister filter. 

Simple Setup Procedure & Cleaner Setup

canister filtar

Canister filters are way easy and simple to set up, which goes into the aquarium cabinet that makes it simpler access for those individuals wanting to maintain it.

Those canister filtration systems designed well have the auto-off and drain option that permit units to get cleaned with zero interference of giant mess. 

About the old canister filters, cleaning was nothing but Achilles heel. However, today owing to the availability of the best canister aquarium filters, it has become an easy job to perform clean-up. 

Easily Long Lasting

Best canister aquarium filters provide extended warranties & are professionally built in Italy and Germany. Both these countries are highly renowned for creating durable quality aquarium equipment that can stand the test of time with thousands of successful field outcomes. 

Silent Operation

It is a big separator from hang-on back power filters. The best aquarium canister filter is generally quiet, i.e., they come with zero annoying vibration sound that in most cases come from the hang-on back filter. A canister filter should be your ideal choice for those looking for a sleep light or quiet area. 

Clean Aquarium Presentation

The canister filter secretly hides your main piece of filtration in the cabinet & you can efficiently work in the inline of the heater system for the heating tank without placing any heater in the aquarium tank.

Also, you get the option of not running the air pump with aeration that the canister filter caters to. There is nothing much better than hiding equipment from utilizing a sump and overflow, which is entirely another topic.

Improved Biological Filtration  

Canister filters excel at biological filtration from increased media capacity compared to HOB filters. Their large volumes permit substantial bio-media suited for heavy stocking levels. 

Strong water flow through dense media enhances oxygenation to maintain beneficial bacteria. For heavily stocked tanks, a quality canister filter provides robust biological filtration.

Crystal Clear Water Clarity

The increased filtration capacity and flow in a good canister filter provide outstanding mechanical filtration, trapping debris and solid particles.

shutterstock 573677485

The high volume of purification produces exceptionally clear water, perfect for planted tanks and aquascapes. Good canister filters have the ability to create pristine, sparkling water clarity.

Minimal Maintenance Needs

One of the major advantages of a high-quality canister filter is the minimal maintenance it requires compared to other filter types like HOB (hang-on-back) power filters. 

The large filtration media volume contained in a canister filter enables it to operate optimally for extended periods without needing to be cleaned. For example, a canister may only need cleaning every 3-4 months, versus a HOB filter that typically needs monthly maintenance.

This longer duration between cleanings is due to the abundant space for mechanical, chemical and biological media in a canister filter. The mechanical filtration pads and sponges have a much larger capacity to trap debris and waste while staying unclogged.

Best Canister Fish Tank Filter: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Does A Canister Filter Do?

setup for canister filtar

Aquarium canister filters can remove water from fish tanks via an intake tube, valve & sieve. You just require running it via filter media in a thoroughly pressurized canister & then pump the same filtered water back in the fish tank through a spray bar or spillway. 

The canister filter draws the water up through the lift tube & out of the aquarium in a canister or external filter chamber where water gets pushed via a series of filter media for cleaning the aquarium water. The direction of flow differs between brands and models of aquarium canister filters.

It can bottom to top, back to front, top to bottom, outside in, center out basis the particular brand or even model of the canister filter. The aquarium filter media caters to biological, chemical, or mechanical filtration basis what type of filter media you select to utilize in the canister filter. 

After the water has gone via the filter water media in a sealed canister, it gets pumped back into the fish tank. The canister filters always utilize the water pumps to move the water as their system gets sealed.

Most of the canister filter models come with integral pumps generally either built into the cover or built-in base. However, few canister filter models need separate water pumps externally. 

Why Is A Canister Filter Better?

Canister filters are reliable about filtration for planted aquarium and saltwater. They work the same as freshwater tanks also. This kind of filter at the tank’s exterior & utilize hoses submerged in the tank for filtering the water. 

Such filters are not generally the choice for beginners as they need a little understanding to set up & maintain. They are not like the power filters that only can be plugged in & placed on tanks. These even need hoses, routine cleanings, biological filtration & they are costly.

How Long Do Canister Filters Last?

sunsun filtar

Maintaining the aquarium’s filter is crucial in keeping the equipment functioning smoothly & your fish in pink health. Filters, which are not working correctly, might not be performing their job well, which can lead to nitrite and ammonia in tank water. Both of these are highly toxic for fishes. The blocked filters do not have good flow, which might not be circulating water completely. 

Filters can be a great source of fret and confusion for newcomers with this hobby. This can lead to numerous fiddly bits & pieces owing to varying arrangements of the media & concern over preventing the killing off good cultured bacteria. 

How Often Should You Clean the Aquarium Filter?

How often one should clean their filter differs between the setups. For those with a large filter, large tank & just a few fishes, you will not require cleaning it very often because you have huge filters, large tanks. Ensure to keep an eye on the water tests & keep a continuous check on the water flow rate coming to the aquarium.

In case the flow slows down, it is time to clean the filter. Suppose the water test shows anything missing, like nitrite or ammonia, in a mature and wholly cycled tank. In that case, you must check whether the filter is properly functioning as part of investigations into the problem. 

The external filters tend to need less maintenance than internal filters as they become bigger & so can for longer with zero requirements for maintenance. 


  • Check the filter regularly.
  • Keep the inlet completely clear from debris.


  • Clean your filter media under tap water as it can kill good bacteria you have nurtured carefully.

How long the canister filter would last solely depends upon your effort to maintain it and keep carefully checking it regularly. 

Should I Maintain Regular Checks for Aquarium Filters?

carbon change in filtar

You can conduct instant visual reviews every day by looking at the movement at the water surface. This will allow you to see if the plants are moving inflow.

A quick look at the filter inlet would reveal if something is stuck in it or if it is clogged with debris or any algae. Ensure all fittings and pipes are attached as boisterous fishes can easily knock the spray bars off the pipe end. 

How Often Should You Change Carbon in A Canister Filter?

How often you require to change carbon in a filter depends on the number of fishes you have in your aquarium relative to their size & quality of carbon.

Carbon replacement’s packaging generally specifies how long carbon lasts – in most of the cases, from 1 to 4 weeks, while high-quality carbon might last up to 3 months.

Following specific beneficial guidelines is your best plan unless your tank has more than the advised number of fishes per their sizes, where you require changing the charcoal frequently. You need to change just the carbon for those who use the filter pads or the bagged carbon.

The mesh bag or pad is reusable & just requires changing when it shows up the sign of any wear. Any yellowish tint to water or unpleasant odor indicates physical signs that carbon needs changing. 

What Should You Look for When Selecting Charcoal?

Few cheaper carbon elements contain phosphates, which generally promotes algae growth in aquariums. Hobbyists who greatly depend on water changes instead of carbon cite mostly this as a reason for making their choice.

Ash is the next undesirable item. You can lower the number of phosphates and ash in carbon by soaking the same in water before their use. Two other factors to ensure are iodine number & molasses number, which point towards the number of macros (large) and micro (small) pores on the carbon surface.

You should want your carbon to have the right balance of macro and micropores. To attain this goal, look for an iodine number of nearly 1,000 and a molasses number of almost 225. 


Aquariums make for a delightful view. If you decide to keep one in your home or office, you will need to think about its maintenance.

In this article, we have researched and made a list of the best canister fish tank filters so that maintenance becomes easy for you and you can enjoy the beauty. We hope the canister filter reviews mentioned above prove helpful to you.

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