Last update: November 12, 2022

What the Heck Is Bioload and Why Is It Important to Your Aquarium?

When reading online, it’s likely you have stumbled across the word bioload. Confused, you likely Googled “What is bioload?” Well, at the time of writing this, there wasn’t an article that answered this question. Seeing this, I decided to create one myself. So, let’s jump right into it… What is bioload? Bioload is short for […]

Last update: November 1, 2023

What the Heck Is the Aquarium Water Column?

You might have come across the phrase water column in online discussions. That’s exactly how I stumbled across the phrase years ago, when I first entered the hobby. And, when I googled: What is a water column in aquariums? It only brought up the water column in relation to oceans… Nothing related to aquariums.[1] And, […]

Last update: November 15, 2022

Surface Agitation: Stir, Churn and Oxygenate Your Aquarium!

It definitely isn’t the most exciting part of owning an aquarium… In fact, surface agitation is often overlooked, especially by beginners. But that doesn’t change the fact that surface agitation is important! So today, I am going to teach you everything you need to know about it! What is surface agitation? Have you ever seen […]

Last update: June 27, 2024

Aquarium Volume Calculator: How Many Gallons Can Your Tank Hold?

choosing the right aquarium is the first step to a thriving aquatic ecosystem. With so many options available, finding the perfect tank can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve compiled a comparison of the bestselling aquariums on Amazon, making your decision easier than ever. But that’s not all – once you’ve found the ideal tank, our […]