Last update: May 11, 2022

Why Do My Fish Keep Dying? 11 Reasons & How to Prevent It

So, you just bought your first goldfish… You take it home, only to discover your little fish floating belly up a few days later. Or, maybe this isn’t your first fish funeral. Time and time again, you find your dead fish – It’s like you have become a fish serial killer. At this point, you […]

Last update: August 4, 2022

🐠 4 Steps to Humanely Euthanize Your Pet Fish (With Clove Oil)

I have something terrible to tell you… There may come a time when you need to kill your beloved pet fish. I know, it’s heart breaking. But sometimes it really is the only option. Trust me, it’s never easy. But if you have to do it, I want you to do it correctly so that […]