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10 of The Best Fish Backgrounds For Your Aquarium

Decorating an aquarium with vinyl decals might turn into a challenging experience for many fish owners. Multiple fish safety protocols must be followed by the film to ensure the safety of aquatic life. 

However, an adhesive background can add color and depth and make your tank quite pleasing to the eye. Below, you will find our top choices for the best fish backgrounds. Here is a quick view of my best options:

We’ve gathered some really beautiful options that will certainly catch everyone’s attention and will also boost the mood of your fish. Let’s take a look at them.

Our Choices For The Best Fish Backgrounds

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1. Winner: BannersNStands Stone Aquarium Background

Key Specs

  • Type: Tape Adhesive
  • Size: 21″ x 48″
  • Material: Laminated Paper


If your tank lacks a soothing rocky terrain atmosphere, our editor’s choice, BannersNStands Stone Aquarium Background, will suit your tank just fine. The background features an HD image of a realistic-looking stone scene on thick laminated paper. The rock elements are reminiscent of the stones these fish usually call home. 

Each 21″ x 48″ roll has a tear and scratch-resistant background for seemingly rugged use. Buyers can actively focus on affixing the vinyl in the most error-free way, rather than worrying about cuts or tears. The tape fixture allows people to stick this laminated background behind the tank with just a few tape pieces. 

If your apartment has a 5-gallon tank, this is a perfect match. Additionally, the thick matte finish does not allow too much light to seep from the back while maintaining a natural depth to the tank.

We were impressed by the manufacturer’s speedy delivery as the seller ensures that each order gets shipped the same day. However, the price is slightly steep, but the quality makes up for it. 


  • Realistic looking
  • Matte finish for a rich feel 
  • Speedy shipment delivery 
  • Non-messy application
  • No chances of uneven application


  • Noticeable grainy spots
  • Adhesive tape application
Silver Medley Rock/HD Stone Aquarium Background 21" x 48" / 55 Gallon/Rocky Fish Tank Background
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06/24/2024 12:59 pm GMT

2. Runner-up: ELEBOX Fish Tank Background

Key Specs

  • Type: Double-Sided With Adhesive Tape
  • Size: 20″ x 48″
  • Material: Thickened PVC


A spectacularly bright, coral-filled background to entertain the fish for hours is what every tank needs. Our following product, the ELEBOX Fish Tank Background, can light up any plain fish tank with its bright HD sceneries. Buyers have an excellent option to select between multiple themes as per the pet’s liking. 

Each sheet comes with a double-sided print enabling users to choose between two scenes at any time. In addition, the product is manufactured using the most thickened PVC build to withhold water and glare. Spotting a glare-free aquarium background is scarce as most manufacturers churn our high glossy vinyl that may look unnatural at times. 

Another feature worth noting is its durability and non-fading properties. The vinyl can last an extended period without an inch of fading, all thanks to its high-quality printing.

These double-sided vibrant vinyl sets will add a realistic touch to your tank without drilling, washing, or buying something expensive. Its sharp yet busy design favorably hides filters and hoses that may add visual barriers to your aquarium. 


  • Manufactured using thickened PVC.
  • Each unit is glare-free and waterproof
  • Buyers can easily install with tapes
  • A double-sided scene for multiple choices
  • Available in various background themes


  • Might arrive crinkled up
ELEBOX New 20" x 48" Fish Tank Background 2 Sided River Bed & Lake Background Aquarium
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06/24/2024 01:04 pm GMT

3. Best Value For Money: HI TOP Double-Sided Aquarium Background

Key Specs

  • Type: Double-Sided With Tape Adhesive
  • Size:31.5” x 15.7”
  • Material: Plastic Film


Our following selection, the HI-TOP Double-Sided Aquarium Background, is one of the most easy-to-use products offering many features at a considerably affordable price. Buyers can choose from three stickers, each background featuring two sceneries, allowing them to switch through multiple scenes. 

Moreover, you can expect the product to have high-definition pictures with a natural color palette for a seemingly aesthetic appeal. Its innovative design expertly covers messy cables, equipment, and other damages. 

The manufacturer ensures that each background vinyl is made using high-quality film that shall last long without fading for years. Its 31.5″ x 15.7″ size is more than a perfect fit for most aquarium sizes. Buyers can also cut the piece to their tank size for a more precise cut and fit. 

Lastly, the product doesn’t come with sticky gum that can leave a messy residue after use. Individuals can stick the wallpaper using a sticky tape of their choice and cause minimal damage to the tank. One cannot miss a great deal offering six designs at such a price point. 


  • It is the best value for money product.
  • Buyers get three dual-print wallpapers with six designs.
  • The product has a high-definition image for a crisp look.
  • The natural color palette hides messy cabling.
  • It leaves no residue behind.


  • In regular lights, the backside image becomes visible.

4. Alternative: Fantasy Star Aquarium Background

Key Specs

  • Type: Self Adhesive
  • Size: 12.4″ x 30.4″
  • Material: PVC


This 12.4″ x 30.4″ Fantasy Star Aquarium Background is an ideal product for people who wish to invest in an unapologetically offbeat tank wallpaper. We highly recommend this vintage wash American flag for people looking for something different than typical ocean scenery. 

This self-adhesive sticker is made using the highest quality waterproof PVC for prolonged usage. The vibrant colors and detailed images make the background real to the highest degree. Other options include a fog forest scene and a pastel sunflower illustration for a minimal charm.

Furthermore, the peel-and-stick formula is ideal as relatively easy to apply and remove without leaving any sticky residue. To conclude, we can say that the material feels sturdy, so the background will ideally last for a long time. 


  • Available in multiple size options 
  • Easy peel-and-stick formula
  • Unique, unconventional design
  • High-quality waterproof PVC
  • Assorted design options 


  • Error in size due to manual measurement
  • The haphazard application can result in vinyl bubbles

5. Alternative: TOPINCN PVC Adhesive Undersea Backdrop

Key Specs

  • Type: Self Adhesive
  • Size: 91cm x 41cm
  • Material: PVC


Aquarium owners searching for a perfect sticker that looks indubitably amazing under the blue light can now rejoice. This TOPINCN PVC Adhesive Undersea Backdrop is a high-resolution, realistic poster that will make any tank look glorious within minutes.

Its non-fading and durable quality allow aquarium enthusiasts to set up a beautiful underwater scene that looks incredible under the blue light.

The manufacturer has made the sticking easy by using self-adhesive glue at the back of each vinyl. To activate the adhesive, peel and stick the backdrop on your tank and watch it transform. Its reasonably strong gum will hold the background on the tank’s surface for years. 

Another feature is its immersive 3D design that will keep your little fishes entertained for hours. Lastly, the product is easy to clean and features multiple sizes, perfect for any aquarium tank on the market. 


  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Looks ideal with blue light
  • 3D design for added effect
  • Easy peel-and-stick action
  • Non-fading and durable 


  • The picture is a bit blurry
TOPINCN PVC Adhesive Undersea Backdrop, Aquarium Corals Photography Background Fish Tank Poster(91 * 41cm)
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06/24/2024 01:46 pm GMT

6. Alternative: Filfeel Aquarium Background Fish Tank Decorations Pictures

Key Specs

  • Type: Self Adhesive
  • Size: 76cm x 30cm
  • Material: PVC


This 76cm x 30cm desert-themed backdrop can transform any average tank into a feature piece of your house. The self-adhesive cling allows buyers to attach the decoration paper without needing any external glue or sticking agent. 

The thick PVC material is waterproof, glare-free, non-fading, and highly durable. Additionally, individuals can choose between various size choices based on their aquarium. 

Lastly, the sun and desert landscape will keep your fish in an excellent mood while giving the owners an exceptional view at all times. 


  • Glare-free and non-fading
  • Durable thickened PVC
  • Unique sun and desert landscape
  • Easy to install
  • Greater adhesion quality


  • The decal may arrive with heavy creases

7. Alternative: AWERT Vinyl Ocean Aquarium Background

Key Specs

  • Type: Tape Background
  • Size: 48 in x18 in
  • Material: PVC


Additional to its relaxing tropical theme, the AWERT Vinyl Ocean Aquarium Tropical Island Background comes in 14 size variants for a precise fit. The manufacturer claims this vinyl is softer than any other background on the market and can be reused multiple times. 

Other great features include fade-resistance and glare-free prints for a richer experience. The paper doesn’t leave any sticky residue leaving buyers free to choose their favorite tape for the installation. 

Lastly, aquarium owners can also enjoy customized backgrounds as per their request. Contact their customer service representatives to find out how to do that.


  • 14 sizes for a perfect fit
  • Background customization available
  • Non-sticky vinyl
  • Glare-free and durable
  • Excellent fade-resistance


  • Extra steps to de-wrinkle the sheet
AWERT Vinyl 48x18 inches Ocean Aquarium Background Tropical Island Palm Trees Fish Tank Background Sea Beach Theme Terrarium Background
$7.99 ($7.99 / Count)
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06/24/2024 01:05 pm GMT

8. Alternative: New Aquarium Background Decoration

Key Specs

  • Type: Static Cling Background
  • Size: 48″ x 18.5″
  • Material: Polymer Sheet


Our following product is perfect for rock landscape enthusiasts who wish to bring their hobby to the aquarium. This Background Decoration by New is a perfect backdrop featuring double-sided prints for added options.

Both sides showcase an attractive rocky uncut terrain ideal for most fishes and aquatic animals. The application and removal are reasonably straightforward, with a residual-free removal guarantee every time. Moreover, this double-sided backdrop is durable and can be reused multiple times. 


  • Double-sided design wallpaper
  • Rocky terrain
  • Residue-free removal
  • Easy and quick to install


  • The picture is not as vibrant 
New Aquarium Background Decoration 48" x 18.5" 2 Sided Rocky Aquarium
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9. Alternative: Lainrrew Aquarium Backgrounds

Key Specs

  • Type: Double-Sided With Adhesive Tape
  • Size: 12 x 21 Inch
  • Material: PVC


The Lainrrew Aquarium Backgrounds’ double-sided backdrop is manufactured with non-toxic materials making it reasonably safe for all water-based lives.

Additionally, the product is waterproof, durable, and fade-free; it also has a vivid and rich color palette with high-definition images for better visual indulgence. Tank owners can choose from two designs that mainly focus on corals and realistic underwater terrain.

The tank backdrop is relatively easy to affix as each order comes with four reusable stickers that leave no residue once removed. In addition, its smartly designed themes easily camouflage stains, cables, and filters, making your tank look spotless and pristine. Lastly, the aquarium vinyl of 12 x 21 inches is ideal for a 10-15 gallon fish tank. 


  • Thick backing material
  • Durable and waterproof
  • Non-toxic materials
  • Double-sided wallpaper
  • Ideal for 10-15 gallon tank


  • No stickers or instructions for a smoother application

10. Alternative: Yosooa Forest Tank Aquarium Poster

Key Specs

  • Type: Self Adhesive
  • Size: 61cm x 30cm 
  • Material: PVC


The final product on our best fish tank backgrounds list is the Yosooa Forest Tank Aquarium Poster. As the name suggests, this self-adhesive vinyl has a calming forest design for 10-gallon tanks.

This thickened PVC paper doesn’t fade and features a residue-free self-adhesive design. It is waterproof and durable, thus keeping your tank looking attractive for a long time. 

As mentioned earlier, the self-adhesive design enables owners to affix the backdrop easily without introducing additional glue, tapes, or gels. This serene forest background comes in five size variants of 61 x 30cm, 61 x 41cm, 76 x 46cm, 91 x 50cm and 122 x 46cm.


  • Size variants available
  • Self Adhesive
  • HD forest illustration
  • Residue-free
  • Non-toxic and fade-proof


  • The glue is exceptionally sticky

Factors to Consider When Looking for the Best Fish Background

shutterstock 752823112

Selecting the best aquarium background can be a delightful yet challenging task, especially given the myriad of enchanting options available. To ensure you make a choice that enhances the beauty and ambiance of your aquarium, it’s crucial to ponder over a few key considerations. Here are the essential factors to keep in mind before finalizing your purchase:


Certainly, selecting the best aquarium background is more than just a matter of aesthetics; it’s a thoughtful decision that requires careful consideration.

One of the most critical aspects to consider is the size of the background. This is particularly important as backgrounds come in an array of sizes, each tailored to fit different tank capacities.

For example, a background designed for a 20-gallon tank will not suffice for a 70-gallon aquarium. Therefore, it’s essential to accurately measure your tank, considering both its length and height, to ensure that the background you choose not only enhances the visual appeal of your aquarium but also fits perfectly, creating a harmonious and captivating underwater scene.

The Type of Material 

The type of material is another essential factor to consider. This is because it affects the aesthetics and maintenance of your tank. There are a few popular materials used. They include

Vinyl and Laminated Paper 

Vinyl and laminated paper materials are used to make solid aquarium backgrounds. They come in a variety of solid colors and dimensions. These solid colors create a simple backdrop, highlighting the decor and fish. Also, fish backgrounds made of vinyl are easy to install but lack visual depth.


This material is what is used to make a 3D aquarium background. It creates intricate underwater rock formations and landscapes. Aside from giving your aquarium an excellent visual depth, it promotes the natural environment of your fish.

The only setback is that 3D fish backgrounds made from resin are heavy and difficult to install.

Self Adhesive Film

These self-adhesive films are easy to install and come in various designs. Also, they don’t look after the water quality of your tank. However, the major setback of buying fish backgrounds made of self-adhesive films is that when the films are damaged or bad, it is tough to get them off.


shutterstock 1879177516

The type of fish you have plays a major role in the fish background you should buy. Some fish thrive in darker environments with little light, while others love bright environments with lots of light. 

Therefore, it is best to research the fish and plants you intend to have to decide on the type of fish background you will install in your tank.


Lastly, when selecting the ideal aquarium background, your budget is a pivotal factor that shapes your decision. The amount you’re willing to invest not only influences the type but also the quality of the background you choose.

For instance, while vinyl backgrounds present a more cost-effective option, their durability and visual impact might differ from those crafted from more premium materials like resin.

Moreover, it’s crucial to factor in the long-term maintenance costs associated with your choice. A budget-friendly background might seem appealing initially, but its upkeep could prove more demanding over time.

Take, for instance, the intricate maintenance required for a 3D aquarium background, which typically incurs higher costs compared to the simpler upkeep of a solid, single-piece background. This ongoing commitment to maintenance should align with your budgetary constraints and willingness to invest time and resources to preserve the aesthetic appeal of your aquarium.


Below, we’ll answer some of the most common questions regarding fish tank backgrounds. Make sure you check them out before deciding which background to purchase for your tank.

Are backgrounds suitable for fish?

Are backgrounds suitable for fish?

Backgrounds are critical because they can directly impact the behavior of your fish and other tank inhabitants. A high-quality background makes the fish less likely to be alarmed by reflections when they aren’t looking directly at them.

As a result of the vinyl, less light enters the tank, reducing algae growth. Also, the close-to-nature images soothe them.

Ultimately, we can also conclude that our fish’s mental and physical health is influenced by their backgrounds. 

How to choose a fish tank background?

An essential thing to consider when picking a tank background is its size. Once you’ve established the dimensions, think about the species you’ll be housing and design the background accordingly.

Choosing a landscape depends on personal preference and the look and feel of the room. Choose a thicker vinyl with a darker appearance if your fish prefer an atmospheric setting that is more ominous.

As a final step, you’ll want to pick a background with good adhesive qualities. Tape adhesive is favored by many because it leaves no residue behind when applied, but self-adhesive is also very popular.

Can I switch my aquarium background frequently?

Yes, backgrounds like 4k aquarium wallpapers are usually easy to change. This flexibility allows you to refresh the look of your aquarium as often as you like, keeping the environment engaging for both you and your fish.


To some, picking a background for your tank might not be an important deal, but we know how untrue that is.

We want to make sure our little friends feel comfortable, and the tank also matches our home’s aesthetic. 

We hope we helped you pick the right one! Let us know in the comments!

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