Why we love fish so much?

My goal is to share my love for fishkeeping and, with the help of some other fishkeeping experts, share the knowledge you need to keep pet fish, set up an aquarium, or whatever you are interested in!

Hi, my name's Ian. I have been keeping fish for over 30 years. I can’t wait to teach you about my passion!

Why pet fish?

Fish are often presented as the perfect first pet, to teach the responsibility of pet ownership. While fish do make great pets, they can be difficult to care for, especially if you have never kept fish before.

Fishlab.com was set up in response to my good friend, James, getting started in the hobby. As I was currently working double shifts, I did not have the time to help him set up his tank. So I told him to just “google it”. It didn’t help him. James came back to me with even more questions than he started with. Unfortunately, resources were often incomplete, did not explain topics in a beginner friendly manner or were just plain wrong.

That’s why I created fishlab.com. So join me as I take you through setting up your first tank, cover all the best aquarium equipment and teach you more about specific breeds of fish – drawing on my 30+ years of experience with aquariums.

See you around the website!