Ian: The Visionary Behind

With a rich history spanning over three decades in fishkeeping, Ian is the heart and soul of

His journey began with a simple desire to help a friend and blossomed into a quest to demystify aquarium care for enthusiasts worldwide.

From setting up your first tank to exploring the intricacies of various fish breeds, Ian’s wisdom and passion light up every corner of this site.

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Ian Sterling

David: The Enthusiastic Aquarist

David’s life is a testament to his love for aquatic environments.

Transforming his midlife crisis into a vibrant fish room, he brought a new level of excitement to his family home (much to his wife’s surprise!).

A true embodiment of Multiple Tank Syndrome, David brings a wealth of hands-on experience and contagious enthusiasm to the Fishlab community.

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David Kusner

JJ Gills (Jon): The Aquatic Life Maestro

JJ’s fascination with aquatic life began as a young child and has only grown deeper with time.

Now a certified aquaculture dealer and an esteemed aquarium content creator, he brings a unique blend of knowledge and creativity to the team.

JJ is not just an expert; he’s a storyteller who makes the underwater world come alive for both novices and seasoned hobbyists.

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