The Best Online Aquarium Communities and Forums

The beautiful thing about aquariums is that they bring people together. And thanks to the internet, it brings together people from every country on Earth.

Whether you simply want to show off your gorgeous fish, identify a pest, receive expert advice or just have a good old chat about fish – online forums are a great way of meeting people who love aquariums as much as you.

I’ve put together a comprehensive list. Some of these forums cover all areas of aquarium keeping while others focus only on a narrow topic. The right online community for you entirely depends on what you have in your tank.

Just be mindful that you will need to create an account to get the most out of these online communities. Fortunately, creating an account takes only a few minutes and best of all – it’s free.


Want a community that covers different aquariums? These giant forums are exactly what you want. If you just have a simple, freshwater tank, then these should be your go-to choices.

Saltwater aquariums

Feeling salty? These communities cover marine and reef aquariums.

Planted aquariums

If underwater gardening is more you thing, these communities are just as passionate as you are.

Focused forums

Now, for the communities that focus on a single fish. Don’t be fooled by their size – these communities may be small, but they are a great place to go when you want expert advice on a particular fish.

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