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Best Koi Pond Filters For 2024

When you design your home, it is always nice to bring some water life into your design. You may include it as part of your interior decor or incorporated it into your landscaping.

All in all, it brings a stunningly Zen factor into space. If you have been to any room with an aquarium or a fish pond, there is an overwhelming feeling of relaxation and a transcending emotion of freshness.

Are you in a hurry? Take a look at our top recommendations:

Model & Make
JEBAO ALL IN ONE Pond Filter System with 13W UV Sterilizer 530GPH Pump Fountain Kits
CNZ® ALL IN ONE Pond Filter System with 13W Sterilizer 660GPH Pump Fountain Kits
Jebao CBF-4000 Bio Pressurized Filter with 13-Watt UV, 1000 gal
JEBAO ALL IN ONE Pond Filter System with 13W UV Sterilizer 530GPH Pump Fountain Kits
CNZ® ALL IN ONE Pond Filter System with 13W Sterilizer 660GPH Pump Fountain Kits
Jebao CBF-4000 Bio Pressurized Filter with 13-Watt UV, 1000 gal
Model & Make
JEBAO ALL IN ONE Pond Filter System with 13W UV Sterilizer 530GPH Pump Fountain Kits
JEBAO ALL IN ONE Pond Filter System with 13W UV Sterilizer 530GPH Pump Fountain Kits
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Model & Make
CNZ® ALL IN ONE Pond Filter System with 13W Sterilizer 660GPH Pump Fountain Kits
CNZ® ALL IN ONE Pond Filter System with 13W Sterilizer 660GPH Pump Fountain Kits
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Model & Make
Jebao CBF-4000 Bio Pressurized Filter with 13-Watt UV, 1000 gal
Jebao CBF-4000 Bio Pressurized Filter with 13-Watt UV, 1000 gal
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Water, the element itself, represents fluidity, and in some cultures, it’s springs of life. We know that water is life, but now try to incorporate it with some living creatures called the koi fish. You will be amazed by the outcome.

The koi fish is a sight to behold. The fish has vibrant hues of yellows, oranges, blues, blacks, purples, and white colors gorgeously patterned on the fish scales. Some fish like the black or the red in the Chinese culture symbolizes and attracts wealth and success.

While in Japan, they are considered a great attractor of good fortune, perseverance, and plentifulness. The Buddhists consider them a sign of courage. And this is just half of it.

Here is the more profound explanation of Koi’s aesthetics and cultural benefits; however, our focus is on the best koi pond filter systems. And here are some of the extra details and facts you need to know about what a koi pond should have.

Features of Koi Pond

Check out these other top picks:

A deep, spacious pond

koi pond filtration

The koi fish, when provided the best environment, grow and multiply pretty fast. And so, the space they are provided for must be at least three feet deep and wide.

The water volume should also be at least fifty gallons. This space gives them ample room to swim and even set the ground for mating and laying eggs.

If you have young koi fish or a species that does not become gigantic, a thirty-gallon aquarium will do just fine.

A skimmer

This is what catches all the solid waste in the pond. The skimmer catches things like uneaten food, pollen, dirt, twigs, leaves, and other floating dirt.

This component usually has a collecting basket where all the collected dirt is removed from this point. If you want your pond to remain free of floating debris, it is best to empty the skimmer often.

A drain at the bottom

Although bottom drains are not a must in typical garden ponds, a koi fish pond sure does need one. This drain allows a fresh stream of water to run through the pond giving the fish an optimal home to live in.

UV light

shutterstock 2352691565

UV light pushed for algae to grow and clamp together. When this happens, it makes it easier for the mechanical filter to clean the pond. When you combine this with an UltraViolet purifier, the water’s lingering bacteria will be killed.

Pumps, water, and air

A koi pond also requires two kinds of pumps to bring in the fresh air and freshwater. This ensures that, even if there are filters in place, the water and the air in the pool are optimized to uphold the fish’s survival.

Clean aqua and purified air will decrease the washing of the sieves we are to look at next.

A mechanical filter

This filter works to pin down the big solid particles and restrict them from infiltrating the biofilter, which can be delicate. To best take heed of these filters is cleaning them often to remove all the stuck objects so that a koi pond filter in the next cleansing stage is not affected.

A biological filter

This is yet another kind of filter that serves to clean the microscopic dirt in th water. It turns the waste from the fish, which is nitrogenous, into the air that is breathable to the fish.

Proper care and cleansing of the biofilter are quintessential as it may be the defining factor that keeps your koi fish alive and flourishing.

There are several types of biofilters, and some are a bead filter, a cross-flow filter, a sand filter, a Bakki shower, and a moving bed filter. The following devices have been selected as the best koi pond filtration system set up to keep your pool clean and the fish in good physical condition.

Best overall: CNZ All-in-one Pump and Filter

CNZ All-in-one Pump and Filter Review

It is always economical when you purchase one machine that gets two jobs done. And this piece does two important jobs- it is a water filter and a pump in one.

Filter features

This koi pond filter has an imposing filtering chamber with a coarse foam layer with three biofilter compartments with a well-able sieving media inside the cases. The machine also includes a UV sterilizer operating at a thirteen-watt capacity. This wattage kills bacteria and algae.

This CNZ filter also has a three-mode fountain placement with a flow regulator that could shoot water gashing a stream into the air up to sixteen feet high. It comes with a thirty-two feet cable with a welded plug. It weighs 5.14 lbs and has a flux rate of 66 gallons Per Hour.


For this koi pond filter to work, you should have to submerge each element in the water completely. And this necessitates that the pond must be deep enough to make sure the full coverage.


  • The piece being multipurpose presents it as an economic device.
  • The multi-fountain modes allow you to switch it up whenever you want to create a different aesthetic appeal.
  • It is a lightweight item that is easy to install.
  • The UV sterilizer is a very commendable addition to removing algae and other bacterial infestations.
  • On purchase, you acquire a warranty guarantee that covers 12 months after buying the unit.


  • On arrival, the UV light might not work and may need a bit of twerking to start functioning.
  • The filter is hard to clean since grime builds up a layer that shuts the safety lid.
  • When you break one part after the guarantee has expired or faulty, you cannot get spare parts, but you might have to repurchase a whole unit.
CNZ® ALL IN ONE Pond Filter System with 13W Sterilizer 660GPH Pump Fountain Kits
  • Reduce algae, Clean Pond water
  • 3 Fountain Water Feature Attachments
  • Adjustment valve for regulating flow to fountain head and/or auxiliary water feature.

This pond filter is best for

This sieve is the best Koi fond filter for a minute to the medium-sized water pool. It must be deep enough to have the device submerged fully. One piece of this koi pond filter retails for about $98, and since it is a multifunctional gadget, it is a worthy pick.

Runner-up: Jebao CBF

Jebao CBF Review

This device is a heavy-duty pond filter that will act as one that will facilitate the proper koi pond filtration. And it is the second piece on this list of the best koi pond filters; this should indicate to you that it is still the cream of the crop. Below is why:

Filter features

The Jebao CBF filter has an impressive power capacity of 13 watts, a max of 160 voltage, and 60hz. It contains one functional ultraviolet bulb connected to an indicator that informs the bulb’s state users.

The pump size attached to this unit has a recommendation that should not exceed 1500 gallons per Hour flux and never go below 500; otherwise, it might malfunction. This device unit weighs nine pounds.


Unlike the first koi pond filter, this one does not have to be submerged in water. You can place it on the shallow end or beside the pond. It would be best if you also had a water pump and the tubing to direct the device to the pool, and you purchase these additions separately.


  • Since it is not submerged in the water, cleaning is easy since grime does not build upon the unit.
  • The UV bulb indicator is an excellent addition as it informs you when the filters need to be cleaned.
  • The unit has a sturdy and firm exterior that will withstand harsh weather conditions.


  • It is prevalent that these devices arrive at the owner’s with the UV bulb not working.
  • Since the UV does not work, algae build-up, and the water becomes foggy and obtains a green hue with a funky smell.
  • The external unit might require a housing unit for safekeeping.
Jebao CBF-4000 Bio Pressurized Filter with 13-Watt UV, 1000 gal
  • Ideal for powering streams and cascades and designed for a pond of up to 1000 gallons
  • Easy clean technology without opening the filter
  • Uv power: 13-watt 110-120v 60hz, one uv lamp was per-installed

This pond filter is best for

This koi filter pond is ideal for a medium-sized pond. It costs only $82, making it a  more affordable option to the first best koi pond filter on this list.

Alternative: Jebao UFP-2000

Jebao UFP-2000 Review

This Jebao UFP-2000 model is a magnificent piece that serves more than one function. As the first featured best koi pond filter system in this article, this Jebao UFP-2000 model is an all-in-one sieving mechanism that cleans by killing algae and getting rid of dirt present at the koi pond.

Filter features

This Jebao model device has a 13-watt Ultraviolet bulb that sufficiently kills all algae and floating bacteria in the water. The sieving system connects to a pump with the capability to gash out water at a rate of 530 gallons per Hour.

The entire unit contains separate compartments with different textures filtering media that clean the water in several stages. It also has a splitter, which allows you to direct water to a waterfall. The flow rate of this additional feature is adjustable.

It has three water fountain placements, and it weighs 12.57 pounds.


This filter needs to be fully submerged in the pool of water to function fully. That said, the reservoir must be deep enough to cover the gadget fully.


  • Since you submerge the unit inside the water pool, you do not need to build an external unit to house the device.
  • The two-in-one feature makes it an economical pack.
  • Dissembling this unit is straightforward, making cleaning a breeze.
  • The installation of this gadget is straightforward.


  • There is a prevalent fault in the UV lamp that does not work.
  • Some users attest that the pool of water did not clear up after getting this piece.
JEBAO ALL IN ONE Pond Filter System with 13W UV Sterilizer 530GPH Pump Fountain Kits
  • EPA Establishment Number:97745-CHN-1; 13-watt Sterilizer
  • 4 Fountain Water Feature Attachments
  • Adjustment valve for regulating flow to fountain head and/or auxiliary water feature.

This pond filter is best for

Since it is an all-in-one filter, it works perfectly for a small pond as it reduces the overall cost of installing water and air pumps and purifiers. This device retails at $90.

Best Filter Pads: Aquatic Experts White Fine Filter Pad

Aquatic Experts White Fine Filter Pad Review

Foam sieving pads have one purpose— to trap debris and purify the air and water when it passes through. Some even keep the nitrogen cycle running, and this optimizes the survival rate of the koi fish. This piece is the top-tier koi pond filtration pad.

Filter features

This component is a one-inch rolled sheet of polyester fiber that is fine in texture and facilitates mechanical filtration. This specific type has been modeled as the best koi pond filter pad that cleans out uneaten food particles, dirt, decomposing plant parts, and other floating parts.

One-piece weighs 1.1 pounds, can be cut to fit the filtration system and the skimmer. The material used to make this pad has impeccable permanence that is resistant to wear and tear caused by coarse pieces of debris like twigs and stones.


You cannot recycle this sieving pad but must replace it by cutting a new piece that is new and clean.


  • The material of this sieving foam is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. None of the elements used to create these pads won’t harm the fish in any way.
  • The fine texture of the sieve traps even the smallest of debris, ensuring a spick and span koi pond.


  • For this filter to work at its best, it is best to use it besides a coarse version of the pad, which can be costly.
Classic Koi Pond Filter Pad FINE – White Bulk Roll Pond Filter Media, Ultra-Durable Pond Filters for Outdoor Ponds, Reusable Fish Pond Filter Material, USA, Aquatic Experts (3/4″ – 1″ x 12″ x 72″)
  • EXCLUSIVELY MADE FOR KOI PONDS – Our 1 inch thick Classic White Fine Koi Pond Filter Media provide excellent mechanical pond filtration for clean water while providing important oxygenation for your ornamental garden pond. Designed for ponds, but great for aquariums, too!
  • CRYSTAL CLEAR POND WATER – Place your koi pond filter pad in flowing water such as water being pumped through your pond skimmer box to trap to remove uneaten food, waste, decaying plants, detritus, and other large and fine floating particulates from the water. Changing filter pads regularly will increase water quality by removing solid organic compounds before they continue to break down and add additional nutrients to the water in your pond.
  • CUT TO FIT – Made in the USA! Our bulk Classic White Pond Filter Pads can easily be cut to any size needed and will save you even more money over purchasing ready-made, pre-cut filter media. This Pond Filtration Media is CONSTRUCTED OF DURABLE POLYESTER FIBERS bonded by our special resin to give it exceptional strength.

This pond filter is best for

The Aquatic Experts filtering pad is perfect for an aquarium or a small-sized koi pond. It sells for only $40. As the top-most koi pond pump and filter pad, this amount is reasonable.

Runner-up: Koral-Pro Filters

Koral-Pro Filters Review

If you are one person who likes recyclable items for your projects, you will relish this blue Koral Filter pad. Want to find out more about this genius piece of filtering technology? Keep reading.

Filter features

This blue filter is 1.25 inches thick, but there is also a 1.75-inch pick. One roll stretches six feet long, and the filter pad is a cut-to-fit one. All the elements included in the manufacture of this filtering pad are eco-friendly.

They do not have any dyes nor any ingredient that would harm the koi fish. The best thing is that this piece is reusable and is easily cleaned by spraying a hose pipe. The company guarantees its customers a full- replacement or refunding to get complete customer satisfaction— also, the entire roll weighs 6.4 ounces.


To use this filter pad, you have to cut to fit it into the filtering gadget fully. Cleaning it is very straightforward too, you dislodge it from the filter and hose it down using clean water.


  • The recyclable factor makes it very economical.
  • It is affordable.
  • The mesh catches even the smallest of debris and results to clear koi pond waters.
  • It has long-term permanence.


  • Some clients had concerns that the pad was thinner than advertised.
Premium Koi Pond Filter Media Roll – High-Efficiency Pond Filters for Outdoor Ponds, Reusable Fish Pond Filter Material, Made in USA (PRO – Blue – 6 ft roll)
  • Suitable for Koi Ponds and Aquariums: Our blue bonded and dye-free bonded filters are specially designed for both fresh and saltwater environments in koi ponds and aquariums. These filter pads offer excellent mechanical filtration while delivering essential benefits for your ornamental garden pond and aquarium.
  • Cost-Efficient Cut-to-Fit Roll: Our trusted filter is supplied in a roll format, allowing you to effortlessly tailor it to your specific requirements. Purchasing in bulk not only provides you with the flexibility to obtain the perfect size for your filtration system but also results in substantial cost savings. You can custom-cut it to fit nearly any pond filter, waterfall filtration, circulation system, or aquaponics setup.
  • Durable and Reusable: Our robust design ensures that the filter is resistant to warping, breaking, and tearing. It’s easy to clean, making it suitable for multiple uses. This washable and reusable filter is an excellent choice for Koi Ponds, Aquariums, and Water Gardens, offering long-lasting performance.

This pond filter is best for

You can use this filter pad basically in almost all sized koi ponds. And that is because it is a cut-to-fit the sieving component. One roll retails for only $17.  Without a doubt, compared to the first brand, this is the best koi pond filter pad for the money.

Koi Pond Filters FAQ

Can you over filter a koi pond?

dirty water

There is no possible way to over filter a koi pond unless you are using chemicals, which is highly discouraged. The cleaner the water, the better the fish does. Crystal clear water might be too optimized as their natural habitats do not have the same level of clarity, ensuring the aquatic animals have the best.

A koi pond filter that clears off all the green-hues algae makes the water safer for the koi fish hence the best koi pond filtration system setup.

What size filter do I need for my koi pond?

The size of the filter to use for your koi plant will depend on a few factors. The first is the size of the pond, which includes the width and depth. Admittedly, the bigger the pool, the bigger the filter. But you can use a powerful filter to match up the size of the pond.

The next factor is the filter features and, lastly, the gallon quantity of the pool. The rule when it comes to the water quantity is that you should go for a filter that is one and a half times more than the volume of the pool.

How often should koi pond filters be cleaned?

Before you go ahead cleaning the filter, read the manual, and follow the manufactures directions. From the manual, you will know which parts to clean, which to replace, and most importantly, how to do it.

Regardless, generally speaking, the first time to clean a koi pond filter should take place six weeks after installation. And after that, the cleaning must be done once every fortnight, depending on the filter itself and the pond’s size.

A smaller pond might require longer cleaning session interval, while a bigger one might need more cleaning sessions in a month. It would be best to consider doing a deep cleaning session in the fall where you relocate the fish, drain the pool, and get cleansing the pool floor.

You must avoid scrubbing the sides and the floors but instead, mop and use a vacuum cleaner. You should save most of the existing water as much as you can and preferably return it to the pond after cleaning.

Can Koi pond survive without a filter?

shutterstock 446848141

A koi pond requires a filter since the koi fish is very messy, and they excrete quite a lot, which may build up to toxic levels. If you do not clean up the pool using a filter, then the fish might not thrive.

More so, the algae in the water and bacteria, not forgetting debris, will accumulate at the bottom, making the environment not so favorable for the koi fish. The type and size of the koi pond filter will depend on the number of fish, and the pond’s capacity, among other factors.

As seen above, the filters are quite affordable, and so you have no reason not to have a koi pond filter in the fish habitat.


The filtration part of a pond is essential. It is what gives your fish a healthy surrounding to swim in and even mate and multiply happily.

But if you fail to filter the water and initiate a continuation of the nitrogen cycle, your koi fish will soon die, and the pool will remain as just that, a collection of smelly stagnant water!

That said, you should include a koi pond filter if you want your fish to grow bigger and beautiful. As mentioned at the beginning, they have a vibrant color that brightens up any space, so why not give them the best since they offer you their best too.

It’s truly a no-brainer to decide on the best koi pond filtering systems since now you have this piece that gives you three devices and two filtering pads. One pad is even recyclable and costs less. All in all, they both get the job done. Your koi fish deserve a happy clean home; make sure they do get one.

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