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200+ Exotic Fish Names for Your Pet: The Ultimate List

You just got a pet fish. And it’s a shimmering work of art. Of course “Nemo” or “Bubbles” just won’t do for a fitting name. Your dazzling fish deserves a name that reflects its distinct personality and gives a bit of charm to your home.

In this blog article, we’ve cast a wide net to bring you a list of exotic names as varied and wonderful as the ocean. So, if you’ve been exploring the internet for the right, unique name for your aquatic buddy, your search is finally over. Keep scrolling, and let’s find the ideal exotic name together!

Check out these other cute & adorable fish names for your finned pals:

Exotic Fish Names for Girls

shutterstock 1749773273
Jewel Cichlid

Choosing a name for your female fish can be an exciting endeavor. Whether you’re looking for a name that’s cute, cool, or unique, we’ve got you covered. Here are 50 female exotic fish names and their meanings:

1. Ariel – Lion of God

2. Coralia – Like coral

3. Marina – Of the sea

4. Nerissa – Sea nymph

5. Oceana – Ocean

6. Pearl – Precious

7. Aqua – Water

8. Azura – Blue sky

9. Calypso – Conceal

10. Delta – Mouth of a river

11. Ebony – Dark beauty

12. Fiona – Fair

13. Glimmer – Faint light

14. Hydra – Water serpent

15. Iris – Rainbow

16. Jade – Precious stone

17. Kai – Sea

18. Luna – Moon

19. Misty – Mist

20. Naiad – Water nymph

21. Opal – Gemstone

22. Pearla – Pearl

23. Raina – Queen

24. Sapphire – Blue gemstone

25. Talia – Dew of God

26. Ula – Sea jewel

27. Venus – Goddess of love

28. Wave – Ocean wave

29. Xena – Welcoming

30. Yara – Small butterfly

31. Zephyra – West wind

32. Bliss – Joy

33. Celeste – Heavenly

34. Dewdrop – Water droplet

35. Ember – Spark

36. Flora – Flower

37. Gemini – Twins

38. Harmony – Agreement

39. Indigo – Deep blue

40. Jewel – Precious stone

41. Kelpie – Water spirit

42. Lily – Purity

43. Meadow – Field

44. Nova – New star

45. Orchid – Flower

46. Pandora – All-gifted

47. Quartz – Crystal

48. Ripple – Small wave

49. Star – Celestial body

50. Tide – Sea’s rise and fall

Exotic Fish Names for Boys

tropical fish on a coral reef 2023 11 27 05 22 51 utc

When it comes to naming your male fish, you want something that captures their essence. Whether it’s a name that mirrors their bold stripes or their swift movements, the perfect name is in this section. Here are 50 male exotic fish names along with their meanings:

1. Atlas – To carry

2. Blu – The color blue

3. Caspian – Relating to the sea

4. Dylan – Son of the sea

5. Eddy – Circular current

6. Finley – Fair warrior

7. Gill – Short for gills

8. Harbor – Safe place

9. Ivan – God is gracious

10. Jet – Black gemstone

11. Kelp – Seaweed

12. Lagoon – Shallow pond

13. Marlin – Sea fortress

14. Nemo – Nobody

15. Ocean – Sea

16. Pike – Fish

17. Quill – Feather

18. Reef – Rock ridge

19. Surge – Strong wave

20. Triton – Messenger of the sea

21. Ulysses – Wrathful

22. Vulcan – God of fire

23. Wave – Ocean wave

24. Xander – Defender of man

25. Yale – Fertile upland

26. Zale – Sea strength

27. Breeze – Gentle wind

28. Cliff – Steep rock face

29. Drift – To float

30. Echo – Sound reflection

31. Flint – Hard rock

32. Glacier – Moving ice

33. Hawk – Bird of prey

34. Island – Land in water

35. Jasper – Gemstone

36. Kraken – Sea monster

37. Leo – Lion

38. Maverick – Independent

39. Navy – Maritime armed forces

40. Orion – Hunter constellation

41. Phoenix – Mythical bird

42. Quest – Search

43. Rusty – Reddish-brown

44. Storm – Weather disturbance

45. Titan – Giant

46. Urchin – Sea creature

47. Viking – Warrior

48. Whale – Large sea mammal

49. Xerxes – Ruler over heroes

50. Yacht – Boat

Popular Exotic Fish Names

shutterstock 515706118
Butterfly peacock bass (Cichla ocellaris)

Among the myriad of names, some stand out in their popularity and allure. These names have not only charmed fish enthusiasts but have also resonated with the unique characteristics of their aquatic pets. Here are 20 of the most popular and fascinating exotic fish names:

1. Bubbles – A playful name, referring to the bubbles fish make while swimming.

2. Splash – Inspired by the splashing sound water makes, often associated with aquatic life.

3. Nemo – From the popular Disney Pixar film “Finding Nemo”.

4. Marlin – Another character from “Finding Nemo”, and also a type of fish.

5. Dory – A character from “Finding Nemo” and “Finding Dory”, known for her blue color and friendly nature.

6. Fin – A basic part of fish anatomy.

7. Flipper – Named after the famous dolphin in the TV show “Flipper”, but also refers to a part of fish anatomy.

8. Goldie – A common name for goldfish.

9. Neptune – Named after the Roman god of the sea.

10. Siren – Mythological creatures that were said to lure sailors with their enchanting music and singing voices.

11. Merlin – A reference to the legendary wizard, possibly chosen for its mystical connotations.

12. Atlantis – The mythical sunken city, often associated with water and mystery.

13. Poseidon – The Greek god of the sea.

14. Pearl – A precious item that’s formed in the sea, often associated with beauty.

15. Coral – Referring to the diverse underwater ecosystems formed by coral reefs.

16. Azure – A bright blue color, reminiscent of clear skies and seas.

17. Marina – Derived from a Latin term meaning ‘of the sea’.

18. Tide – The rise and fall of sea levels.

19. Ocean – Refers to the large bodies of saltwater that cover most of the Earth’s surface.

20. Ripple – Small waves on the surface of water, often caused by something moving through or touching it.

Funny Exotic Fish Names

shutterstock 1796528224 1
Malawi cichlids (OB peacock) 

Add a touch of humor to your fish tank with these 20 funny exotic fish names. These names, brimming with wit and whimsy, will surely make you smile.

1. Sushi

2. Swim Shady

3. Fin Diesel

4. Guppi Goldberg

5. Fish Sticks

6. Aquaman

7. Bait

8. Gill-bert

9. H2Oscar

10. Flounder

11. Captain Hook

12. Bubblegum

13. Krill-ian

14. Squirt

15. Tuna Turner

16. Moby Duck

17. Snapper

18. Carp Diem

19. Salmon Cowell

20. Cod Stewart

Unique Exotic Fish Names

shutterstock 1926522263
Blue ram

Embrace the extraordinary and let your pet fish stand out with a name as unique as they are. For those seeking originality, here are 20 unique exotic fish names:

1. Zephyr

2. Kairos

3. Thalassa

4. Eurus

5. Solstice

6. Lir

7. Maelstrom

8. Euphoria

9. Borealis

10. Calypso

11. Zenith

12. Nova

13. Io

14. Riptide

15. Vega

16. Obsidian

17. Aurora

18. Serenity

19. Orion

20. Nebula

Fictional Exotic Fish Names

shutterstock 1279927006
golden wonder killifish

Avoid giving your aquatic friend a boring name, and utilize the power of storytelling. Hence, inspire your aquarium’s naming scheme with these 20 fictional exotic fish names:

1. Aquarius – One of the twelve constellations of the zodiac, its name is Latin for “water-carrier”.

2. Tritonia – Named after Triton, a Greek god of the sea and the messenger of the deep.

3. Nautilus – Refers to a pelagic marine mollusk, also associated with Captain Nemo’s submarine in Jules Verne’s “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”.

4. Hydrus – Latin for ‘water-snake’, also a constellation.

5. Atlantis – A fictional island mentioned within an allegory on the hubris of nations in Plato’s works.

6. Poseida – A variation of Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea.

7. Leviathan – A biblical sea monster.

8. Merrow – From Irish folklore, referring to a mermaid or merman.

9. Nixie – A water spirit from German folklore.

10. Syrena – A variation on ‘Siren’, the mythical creatures known for luring sailors.

11. Lorelei – A feminine water spirit, similar to a siren or mermaid, in German folklore.

12. Ondine – From a mythological tale of a water nymph.

13. Ceto – A primordial sea goddess in Greek mythology.

14. Galatea – A name from Greek mythology; she was a sea nymph.

15. Thetis – Another figure from Greek mythology, a sea nymph.

16. Anemone – A type of sea creature, also known as a sea anemone.

17. Circe – A goddess of magic in Greek mythology, known for her knowledge of potions and herbs.

18. Nereus – The old man of the sea, and the god of the sea’s rich bounty in Greek mythology.

19. Proteus – A prophetic old man of the sea and shepherd of sea animals in Greek mythology.

20. Selkie – Mythical creatures from Scottish folklore, capable of transforming from seals to humans.

Famous Exotic Fish Names

shutterstock 1389396311 1
Giant gourami

Don’t you think your pet fish deserves to bask in the limelight with a name already a star? On that note, celebrate your fish with a name that has made a splash in the world. Here are 20 famous exotic fish names:

1. Jaws

2. Willy

3. Flipper

4. Moby

5. Free Willy

6. Bruce

7. Dory

8. Marlin

9. Nemo

10. Ariel

11. Flounder

12. Sebastian

13. Moana

14. Cleo

15. Bubbles

16. Mr. Limpet

17. Oscar

18. Lenny

19. Gil

20. Chum

Creative Exotic Fish Names

shutterstock 467936732
Pajama cardinalfish (Sphaeramia nematoptera),

Showcase the power of your imagination and let your pet fish’s name reflect your creativity. And finally, for those looking for something truly inventive, here are 20 creative exotic fish names:

1. Aqua Artiste

2. Blue Mystic

3. Crystal Wave

4. Deep Mirage

5. Echo Lagoon

6. Finatra

7. Glacial Whisper

8. Horizon Glint

9. Iridescence

10. Jewel Depth

11. Krystallos

12. Lunar Tide

13. Mystic Reef

14. Nebula Wisp

15. Ocean’s Palette

16. Prismarine

17. Quasar Stream

18. Reef Rhapsody

19. Symphony Blue

20. Tidal Muse

Naming your exotic fish can be as enjoyable as caring for them. Each name brings a story, a personality, and a touch of whimsy to your aquatic world. Happy fishkeeping!

How To Name Your Fish 

shutterstock 686147248
The Red Coris Wrasse, also known as the Clown Wrasse

Choosing the perfect name for your blue companion from the aquatic world can be both fun and daunting. If you’re seeking a splash of inspiration, consider names derived from their physical attributes, such as Gill or Finn, reflecting parts of fish anatomy. Look to the specific species of your fish for a name that speaks to its unique identity.

Expand your horizon by considering the color, patterns, and unique characteristics of your fish. Names that highlight these aspects can add a personal touch and make your fish’s name truly special.

Remember, the best name is the one you feel deeply connected with.

Navigating the Sea of Names

Embarking on the journey of pet ownership brings joy and the exciting challenge of naming. Consider the personality traits and unique quirks of your new companion as a source of inspiration. Here are some buoys to help you navigate through:

1. Simplicity is Key:

Opt for a name that flows off the tongue, preferably with one or exotics. It should be memorable and easy for you to use comfortably. Additionally, a simple name will make training and feeding sessions more effective, as your pet can recognize and respond to it quickly.

2. Seek Far and Wide for Inspiration: 

Your inspiration can come from anywhere – from baby name books to the unique personality traits of your fish. Is your fish an eager eater, or does it have a quirky swimming pattern?

Naming them after these traits can be both meaningful and fun. Also, looking out for names from various cultures and languages can give your pet a distinctive identity that reflects its unique character.

3. Unique Stories Lead to Unique Names: 

Has your fish’s arrival into your life been nothing short of a storybook tale? Consider names that reflect this special journey. Names inspired by favorite movies or books, such as Dora, meaning “God’s gift,” or the beloved Nemo, can add a touch of narrative to your fish’s identity. Incorporating elements from legends or myths can also add charm and history to your pet’s name.

4. The Charm Factor: 

shutterstock 489815956
Portrait (Scatophagus argus) fish 

Let the name reflect the Funnyness and playfulness of your aquatic friend. However, don’t feel pressured to follow trends. A name with positive associations in literature or with a personal connection can be just as delightful. Remember, the best names often come from moments of spontaneity and the joy your pet brings into your life.

5. The Name Trial: 

Test out your favorite names to see how they feel when called out loud. Feedback from friends and family can be invaluable in gauging the fit of a name. Ultimately, the name you choose should be a reflection of your bond and the unique spirit of your pet.

6. A Collective Brainstorm: 

If you’re stuck in a naming whirlpool, turn to your social circle or dive into online communities and forums for a sea of ideas. Collaboration can spark the perfect name. Sometimes, the most unexpected suggestions can lead to a name that perfectly captures the essence of your pet.

7. Revitalize Common Names: 

Give a twist to a common name by adding a title or modifying it slightly to refresh its appeal. “Ms. Nemo” can offer a new take on a classic name. You can personalize a common name with a creative prefix or suffix to make it stand out and reflect your pet’s unique personality.

8. For the School of Fish:

 When naming multiple fish, consider themes, pairings, or group names that reflect their collective identity. Drawing inspiration from previous pets can also connect generations of your aquatic family. Using rhyming names for a group of fish can make it easier to remember their names as a set.

Final Thoughts

shutterstock 1965781006
Congo tetra fish (Phenacogrammus interruptus)

As we come to the end of our journey through the end of the collection of Exotic Names for Your Pet Fish, we hope you’ve discovered the perfect name to express the personality of your aquatic buddy. But remember, the adventure does not end here.

There are many fish in the sea and many names awaiting discovery. So, we encourage you to continue exploring, identifying, and, most importantly, sharing the joy that your pet fish provides to your life. If you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to share it with other fish enthusiasts. Happy fish naming!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it Advisable to Give My Fish a Shorter or longer name?

Short names are easier to remember and utilize, especially if you intend to teach your fish to respond to their names. However, a lengthier, more intricate name may better express your pet’s unusual nature. 

Can My Fish’s Name Represent the Species’ History? 

Yes, you can. Naming your fish after its species’ place of origin or a key feature in its history might add meaning to the name. For example, a Betta can be dubbed “Siamese” due to its Thai heritage.

How Can I Choose a Name that Reflects My Fish’s Personality? 

Observe your fish’s quirks and habits. You could give your fish a humorous name like “Bubbles,” but a regal-looking fish could be called “Majesty.”

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