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100+ Funny Fish Names – The Ultimate List

Pet fish naming should be fun and creative. Unfortunately, we often focus too much on the creative side. Somebody, think of the humor! If you’re a bit of a wisecracker, you’ll absolutely enjoy coming up with a humorous name for your fish.

Perhaps you’re not exactly a jester; you can still enjoy a chuckle whenever you call your little finned friend’s name. So, in this article, we’ll suggest a few amusing names for pet fishes. 

Is your fish male or female? Does the fish have a unique bodily or personality trait that amuses you? Do you fancy pop culture, movies, or sports? Are you into fish folklore or movies?

Whatever is meaningful to you, you can pick a chucklesome name for your fish based on that. You could even get creative and invent something unique. So, let’s quickly see some names and see if you don’t fancy a few.

Don’t miss out on these other popular fish names:

Funny Fish Names For Girls

shutterstock 1858751329
The pyramid butterfly fish – (Hemitaurichthys polylepis)

If your fish is female, you can use that to choose a funny name, especially with almost any other factor in mind—such as their personality, some great wordplay, or a pop culture reference. Here are 50 funny female fish names, each with its unique twist:

1. Fincess – A regal choice for your finned princess

2. Marina Mermaid – For a fish as enchanting as a mermaid.

3. Bubbles McFin – A playful and bubbly personality.

4. Sushi Susie – A humorous, food-inspired name.

5. Coraline – Perfect for a fish that loves the coral.

6. Gillian – A play on ‘gill,’ an essential fish part.

7. Swimmy Fallon – For the late-night show fan.

8. Finona Ryder – A twist on the actress’s name.

9. Aqua Ariana – For a fish with a pop star personality.

10. Gilly Clarkson – A musical choice for your fish.

11. Finona Apple – Another musical, punny name.

12. Bubblegum Betty – For a fish that’s sweet as candy.

13. Finette – A cute, French-inspired name.

14. Goldie Hawn – Perfect for a goldfish.

15. Aqua-fina – For a fish that’s as refreshing as water.

16. Gill-ian Anderson – For the X-Files fans.

17. Glitter Gills – For a fish that sparkles.

18. Lady Guppa – A playful twist on Lady Gaga.

19. Miss Fintastic – For a truly fantastic fish.

20. Meryl Streepfin – For an award-winning fish.

21. Swimona Ryder – Another whimsical, actor-inspired name.

22. Water Winfrey – For a fish with a commanding presence.

23. Swimmy Kimmel – A late-night inspired name.

24. Angelina Jofish – A star-studded name.

25. Bubble Spears – For a pop icon fish.

26. Sirena Sparkle – A name fit for a mythical, sparkling beauty.

27. Queen Angelfish – For a fish with a majestic presence.

28. Gillian McFish – A playful twist on a common name.

29. Molly Mermaid – Perfect for a fish with a whimsical charm.

30. Gill-Gill – A simple, catchy, and fun name.

31. Aqua Bella – For a fish with stunning beauty.

32. Betty Bubbles – A classic name with a bubbly personality.

33. Daphne DuFinner – A literary-inspired, sophisticated name.

34. Ebb Tide – For a fish with a calm, soothing presence.

35. Fintasia – For a fish with a fantastical aura.

36. Gilly Bean – A cute and playful choice.

37. Hydrangea – A floral, elegant name.

38. Isla Nublar – Inspired by the island from Jurassic Park.

39. Jella – A sweet, jelly-like name.

40. Koi Kardashian – For a fish with a flair for drama.

41. Lilo (as in Lilo & Stitch) – A fun, adventurous name.

42. Miss Swimmy – A straightforward yet adorable choice.

43. Naiad – Named after mythical water nymphs.

44. Oceana – For a fish that loves the expanse of her tank.

45. Pearl – A classic, precious name.

46. Queen Fin – For a fish with a regal attitude.

47. Ruby Redfin – A colorful and vibrant name.

48. Swimberly – A unique twist on a common name.

49. Tidal – For a fish with a strong, ocean-like presence.

50. Ursula – After the sea witch, for a fish with character.

Funny Fish Names For Boys

shutterstock 1962508456

You could never exhaust the humorous name options for male fish, whether strictly masculine or unisex. Now, see if you don’t instantly like one of these creative and humorous names for your male fish:

1. Finn Diesel – For the fast and the fin-urious.

2. Swim Shady – Perfect for a mysterious fish.

3. Bob Marlin – A musical, marine-inspired name.

4. Baitoven – For the classically inclined fish.

5. Gillbert – A funny twist on a classic name.

6. Captain Fin Sparrow – For the pirate at heart.

7. James Pond – A spy-themed name.

8. Finston Churchill – For a fish with leadership qualities.

9. Gill Clinton – For a politically inclined fish.

10. Leonardo DiCarprio – For a star of the tank.

11. Moby Dick – A literary classic.

12. Aquaman – For a superhero fish.

13. Bruce Gillis – A tough, action-star name.

14. Cod Stewart – For the rocker in your tank.

15. Elvis Presfish – A musical legend.

16. Finn Affleck – A Hollywood-inspired name.

17. Gill Gates – For a tech-savvy fish.

18. Herring Ford – A distinguished name.

19. Jonah Hillfish – A comedic choice.

20. Karl Marks – For a philosophical fish.

21. Finny Kravitz – For a fish with a rockstar vibe.

22. Bubble Hemsworth – A glamorous, actor-inspired choice.

23. Aquarius – For a fish with a mystical, zodiac flair.

24. Gillian Murphy – A name with a hint of Irish charm.

25. Neptune – After the Roman god of the sea.

26. Swimmy Hendrix – For a fish that’s as cool as a rock legend.

27. Marlon Brando – A classic, cinematic name.

28. Finnley Cooper – A modern, actor-inspired twist.

29. Poseidon – For a fish that rules his aquatic world.

30. Bubble McConaughey – A charismatic, actor-themed name.

31. Gill-I-Am – A playful, musical twist.

32. Sharkira – For a fish with some hip-shaking moves.

33. Captain Nemo – Inspired by the famous submarine commander.

34. Finny Jones – A sporty, energetic name.

35. Sushi Samurai – A cultural, food-inspired choice.

36. Blub Blub Burnham – A humorous, unique name.

37. Codfather – For a fish that’s the boss of the tank.

38. Gill Fieri – For a fish that’s all about flavor.

39. Finny Depp – A name inspired by the iconic actor.

40. Mackerelmore – For a fish with a hip, edgy vibe.

41. Clam Eastwood – For a fish with a tough, gritty personality.

42. Swim Shatner – A star-studded, actor-inspired name.

43. Gill Gates – For a technologically inclined fish.

44. Hake Gyllenhaal – A clever twist on a celebrity name.

45. Manta Ray Liotta – For a fish with a strong screen presence.

46. Prawn Connery – For a fish with a touch of sophistication.

47. Koi Leno – For the late-night comedy fans.

48. Baitman – A playful twist on the superhero Batman.

49. Flounder Mayweather – For a fish with a fighter’s spirit.

50. Tuna Turner – For a fish with a flair for music and dance.

These names combine wit and anything from popular fish lore to pop culture references. They’re great to choose from or use as inspiration for a unique male fish name.

Popular Funny Fish Names

shutterstock 1443750866
african malawi cichlid

Popular humor and culture also are great sources from which to derive a witty pet fish name. Check out these 20 comic fish names, ranging from those of famous fish in movies and novels to those generally popular among wisecracking fishkeepers:

1. Nemo – After the famous clownfish.

2. Dory – The forgetful yet lovable blue tang.

3. Bubbles – For a fish that loves to make bubbles.

4. Goldie – A classic for goldfish.

5. Finley – A popular, catchy name.

6. Jaws – For a fish with a big personality.

7. Splash – For a lively, active fish.

8. Wanda – As in, ‘A Fish Called Wanda’.

9. Flipper – For a playful, energetic fish.

10. Aqua – Simple and refreshing.

11. Sir Finley – For a fish with a touch of nobility.

12. Captain Bubbles – A playful and adventurous choice.

13. Mr. Fins – A formal, yet quirky name.

14. Swimmy Neutron – Inspired by the cartoon genius.

15. Aqua-Man – A fun take on the superhero name.

16. Gilliver – For a fish who’s an explorer at heart.

17. Bubba – A friendly, easy-going name.

18. Flotsam – For a fish with a wandering spirit.

19. Jetsam – A fitting pair for Flotsam, equally whimsical.

20. Snapper – For a fish with a bit of attitude.

Funny Fish Names

shutterstock 2295949133
Thunder Royal Pleco (Panaque ambrusteri)

Maybe you don’t have a theme in mind for your pet fish’s name; in that case, allow us to spitball a few that you might like. These 20 names are sure to bring a smile and a chuckle:

1. Sir Bubblesworth – For a fish with a noble flair.

2. Swimsalot – For the energetic explorer.

3. Fin Diesel – For a robust, energetic fish.

4. Gillbert Grape – A fun, quirky name.

5 Fish N’ Chips – A humorous, food-themed name.

6. Bait Middleton – A royal, punny name.

7. Fish Stick – For a slender, long-bodied fish.

8. Guppy Goldberg – A whimsical choice.

9. Finneas – For a creative, artsy fish.

10. Sashimi – For a sushi lover’s pet.

11. Fincredible Hulk – For a fish with a strong presence.

12. Bubba Guppy – A playful, Southern-inspired name.

13. Swimba – Inspired by the Lion King’s Simba, for a regal fish.

14. Mermike Tyson – For a fish with a knockout personality.

15. Codzilla – A fun name for a fish with a larger-than-life character.

16. Gill-ermo del Toro – A cinematic, creative choice.

17. Finon Musk – For a futuristic, innovative fish.

18. Aquafin Phoenix – A deep, mysterious, actor-inspired name.

19. Swimmy Fallon – A late-night show-inspired, playful choice.

20. Shark Twain – For a country-music-loving fish.

Unique Funny Fish Names

shutterstock 2207626621
Fairy Cory (Corydoras atropersonatus)

Whatever your type of humor, you can use your wit to create a uniquely funny name. The name can be a private joke you and your friends alone will get, or it can be something to draw a chuckle from any visitor who hears it. Need some inspiration? Then, check these out:

1. Bubbletron – For a sci-fi fan’s aquatic pet.

2. Gillermo – A unique, humorous name.

3. Finz Khalifa – For a hip, cool fish.

4. Swimmer Swift – A playful take on a pop icon.

5. Aqua-funk – For a fish with a funky personality.

6. Gilliam Shakespeare – For a literary-themed tank.

7. Marlin Monroe – A glamorous, fish-themed name.

8. Swim Shady – A unique, catchy name.

9. Aqua-lung – For a fish that loves to swim deep.

10. Finnick – For a charming, clever fish.

11. Blubba Watson – A quirky name for a golf enthusiast’s fish.

12. Fintastic Mr. Fox – For a cunning and clever fish.

13. Swims McQueen – Inspired by the coolness of Steve McQueen.

14. Gill-bert Gottfried – A name with a comical twist.

15. Admiral Splash – For a fish that commands attention.

16. Baitman Begins – A superhero-inspired, humorous name.

17. Finatra – For a fish with a flair for old-school crooning.

18. Pablo Escobass – A notorious, edgy name.

19. Swimmy Koi-feld – A light-hearted, sitcom-inspired choice.

20. Bubbleton John – For a fish with a flair for the dramatic and musical.

Fictional Funny Fish Names

shutterstock 2100952462
Fairy Cory (Corydoras atropersonatus)

You can derive quite a few great names from fiction and pop fantasy books and films. Check out these great options, some of which put a humorous, fish-themed twist on names from fiction franchises like Harry Potter and Star Trek:

1. Gilly Potter – For a magical, adventurous fish. 

2. Fin Frodo – A name inspired by a famous hobbit.

3. Aquaman – For a heroic, strong-willed fish.

4. Gill Grissom – For a CSI-themed aquarium.

5. Swimo Baggins – Another Hobbit-inspired choice.

6. Finneas Fogg – For a fish on a global adventure.

7. Captain Ahab – For a fish with a strong character.

8. Nemo – The famous Disney fish.

9. Ariel – For a fish with a Disney princess personality.

10. Dory – The unforgettable fish from ‘Finding Nemo’.

11. Frofish Baggins – Inspired by Frodo Baggins from “The Lord of the Rings”.

12. Sherlock Holmescale – A detective-themed, witty name.

13. Luke Skywater – For a fish as brave as the Star Wars hero.

14. Gillian Skywalker – A twist on the iconic space saga character.

15. Dumbledore’s Fin – Inspired by the wise wizard from Harry Potter.

16. Swimlock Holmes – For a fish with a knack for solving mysteries.

17. Captain Jack Sparrowfin – A pirate-themed, adventurous name.

18. Optimus Primefin – For a fish with a heroic, Transformer edge.

19. Gandalf the Greyfish – A magical, wise name from Middle-earth.

20. Princess Leiafish – For a fish with a royal, Star Wars touch.

Famous Funny Fish Names

shutterstock 1908056647
The axolotl (Ambystoma mexicanum)

These are some more famous fish names, mostly of funny fishes in popular novels. 

1. Free Willy – After the famous orca.

2. Flipper – The well-known dolphin.

3. Jaws – From the classic thriller movie.

4. Moby Dick – The legendary whale.

5. Bruce – The shark from ‘Finding Nemo’.

6. Lenny – The vegetarian shark from ‘Shark Tale’.

7. Don Lino – Another character from ‘Shark Tale’.

8. Oscar – The fish protagonist from ‘Shark Tale’.

9. Anchor – One of the sharks from ‘Finding Nemo’.

10. Chum – Another shark friend from ‘Finding Nemo’.

11. Fish Hemsworth – A whimsical take on the famous actor’s name.

12. Megalodon Cumberbatch – For a fish with a big personality and a nod to the talented actor.

13. Ellen DeGuppies – A playful twist on the popular TV host’s name.

14. Goldfishie – Inspired by the rapper Goldie, for a hip fish.

15. Katy Prawny – A pop star-inspired, fun name for your fish.

16. Leonardo DiFishrio – For a fish with leading star qualities.

17. Salmon Cowell – For a fish with a discerning taste and attitude.

18. Swim Mendes – Inspired by the singer Shawn Mendes, for a melodious fish.

19. Fin Diesel – A robust, energetic name for a fast-swimming fish.

20. Bubbles Devereaux – A glamorous name inspired by Blanche Devereaux from “The Golden Girls.”

Creative Funny Fish Names

shutterstock 772525204
Sailfin Pleco

Let’s get more imaginative with these 20 super creative fish names that will fire up iyour imagination:

1. Scales McFin – For a fish with standout scales.

2. Fincredible – For an incredible fish.

3. Aqua-doodle – For a whimsical, playful fish.

4. Bubbliscious – For a fish that loves its bubbles.

5. Gill-ty Pleasure – A pun-filled, quirky name.

6. Fishbone – For a rockstar fish.

7. Finnegan – A creative twist on a common name.

8. Gillyweed – For Harry Potter fans.

9. Finstagram – For a social media-savvy fish.

10. Bubbleator – For a fish that rules the tank.

11. Aqua-hontas – A whimsical play on the famous Disney character.

12. Blubbery Streisand – For a fish with a flair for the dramatic.

13. Finn-tastic Mr. Fox – Inspired by the charming character from Wes Anderson’s film.

14. H2Oprah Winfrey – For a fish that’s as influential as the media mogul.

15. Bubbleoncé – A diva-inspired name for your glamorous fish.

16. Gills N’ Roses – Perfect for a fish with a rock and roll spirit.

17. Swimothy Dalton – A name with a touch of British charm.

18. Finneas and Ferb – For a dynamic duo in your tank.

19. Gilliam Shakespeare – For a literary fish with a flair for drama.

20. Flippin’ Van Winkle – A playful name for a fish that enjoys a good swim.

Navigating the Sea of Names

shutterstock 2168775107
Inka Dwarf Cichlid (Apistogramma baenschi) female

Choosing the perfect name for your blue companion from the aquatic world is one of the fun and challenging parts of getting a new pet fish, especially given the endless sea of possibilities. Here are some buoys to help you navigate through:

1. Simplicity is Key:

Complicated names can be too much. When choosing a name, you should ideally go for one that flows off the tongue, preferably with one or two syllables.

It should be memorable and easy for you to use comfortably. Besides, simple and witty names are often the most humorous; complicated ones can be awkward. 

2. Seek Far and Wide for Inspiration: 

If you’re a true wisecracker, you can derive a humorous name out of almost anything. So, look everywhere for inspiration, from baby name books to the unique personality traits of your fish.

Is your fish an eager eater, or does it have a quirky swimming pattern? Naming them after these traits can be both meaningful and fun.

3. Unique Stories Lead to Unique Names: 

You can get a funny name out of any humorous events concerning your fish. For example, has your fish’s arrival into your life been nothing short of a humorist’s tale? Consider names that reflect this special journey.

Names inspired by favorite movies or books, such as Dora, meaning “God’s gift,” or the beloved Nemo, can add a touch of narrative to your fish’s identity.

4. The Charm Factor: 

Pets have unique personalities, and you may already have noticed a charming thing or two about your fish. You can lean into that, letting the name reflect such traits as your pet’s funnyness and playfulness.

Still, don’t feel pressured to follow trends. A name with positive associations in literature or with a personal connection can be just as delightful.

5. The Name Trial: 

When spitballing pet fish names, you can call them out to see how they feel and sound when spoken out loud. Feedback from friends and family can be invaluable in gauging the fit of a name.

6. A Collective Brainstorm:

Since two or more humorists are sometimes better than one, you can always pick your friends’ and relatives’ brains for fun-sounding names. Alternatively, you can tap into the sea of ideas in online communities and forums. Collaboration can spark the perfect name.

7. Revitalize Common Names: 

You could make something new out of the old by giving a personal, humorous twist to already popular fish names. Anything from adding a slight, corny modification (such as “New-mo”) to adding a title (for example, “Ms. Nemo”) can refresh the appeal of a generic fish name. 

8. For the School of Fish:

When naming multiple fish, consider themes, pairings, or group names that reflect their collective identity. Drawing inspiration from previous pets can also connect generations of your aquatic family.

For example, if you have a school of female fish, you can name them something like “the swimming Sistren” or something just as fun.

Final Thoughts

shutterstock 1387819121
Botia almorhae (yoyo loach or Pakistani loach)

Coming up with funny names for your pet fish can be challenging, but it’s also fun. Besides, inspiration can come from just about anywhere if you know your humor.

Take your time and explore various avenues of inspiration, and when you find that perfect name, you’ll know it’s just the right fit for your finned friend.


What is the Funniest Pet Fish Name?

Since humor is subjective, there’s no objectively funniest fish name. You are always free to run through all the best naming ideas you can find and pick the one you find funniest.

Can a Long or Complex Fish Name Be Humorous? 

While fish names that exceed a couple of syllables can lose their pop for that reason, such names can still be funny, especially when they draw from a popular reference. For example, “Gillian Murphy” is a great pop culture-relevant fish name. 

Can You Name Your Fish After An Object?

You can name your pet fish after an object as long as the name has a humorous ring to it.

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