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100+ Cute Fish Names – The Ultimate List

Are you searching for a charming name for your aquatic companion? Look no further—our comprehensive guide to cute fish names has you covered!

We’ve got all the lovable names for your fish, from whimsical to famous ones. We have a collection of names that will perfectly match your fish’s personality and endearing charm. 

So, let’s explore our guide to discover the perfect name for your finned friend! We’ve also got something special for you at the end. Let’s get naming!

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Cute Fish Names For Girls

shutterstock 175359659
Silvertip tetra

Selecting a name for your female fish can be as delightful as watching her glide gracefully in the tank. Whether you prefer royal or flowery names, we have the perfect name for your aquatic queen. Here are 50 adorable female fish names, each with its special meaning:

1. Lily – Symbolizing purity and beauty.

2. Coral – Inspired by the vibrant sea structures.

3. Pearl – A gem of the sea.

4. Marina – Relating to the sea.

5. Ariel – After the famous mermaid.

6. Nixie – A water sprite.

7. Bubbles – For a playful fish.

8. Dory – As in the adventurous blue tang.

9. Iris – Meaning rainbow.

10. Angel – For your angelic fish.

11. Crystal – Clear and sparkling.

12. Daisy – A fresh, innocent appeal.

13. Glimmer – For a fish with a shiny appearance.

14. Jewel – Precious and loved.

15. Misty – For a mystical appeal.

16. Opal – A gem with vibrant colors.

17. Rainbow – Colorful and joyful.

18. Sapphire – Deep and beautiful blue.

19. Skye – Infinite like the sky.

20. Star – A shining presence in your tank.

21. Tilly – Powerful in battle.

22. Willow – Graceful and slender.

23. Zara – Princess, a fitting name for your regal fish.

24. Belle – Beautiful and elegant.

25. Cleo – Short for Cleopatra, a regal name.

26. Diva – For a fish with a strong personality.

27. Echo – Reflective and memorable.

28. Flora – Inspired by nature.

29. Gigi – Playful and easy to remember.

30. Hazel – For a fish with warm colors.

31. Ivy – Symbolizing faithfulness.

32. Jade – Precious green stone.

33. Kiara – Bright and famous.

34. Lola – Strong woman.

35. Minnie – For a small, delicate fish.

36. Nora – Honor and light.

37. Olive – Symbolizing peace.

38. Penny – Resembling a precious coin.

39. Queen – For the ruler of your aquarium.

40. Rosie – Beautiful and gentle.

41. Sunny – Bright and cheerful.

42. Tara – Star, a luminous body.

43. Venus – After the goddess of love.

44. Wendy – Friendly and warm.

45. Xena – For a warrior fish.

46. Yasmin – Beautiful, like the jasmine flower.

47. Zelda – Blessed and happy.

48. Amber – For a fish with a golden hue.

49. Bianca – Pure and white.

50. Chloe – Blooming and fertility.

Cute Fish Names For Boys

shutterstock 2008361336
Celebes Rainbow (Marosatherina ladigesi)

Finding the right name for your male fish can reflect their character and personality. These cute names will suit your aquatic prince, from strong and majestic to playful and quirky. Here are 50 charming male fish names with meanings:

1. Finn – A nod to fish fins.

2. Blue – For a fish with a stunning blue color.

3. Shadow – Mysterious and elusive.

4. Oscar – Spear of the gods; a strong name.

5. Marlin – After the famous fish species.

6. Nemo – Famous adventurous fish.

7. Gill – Essential fish part.

8. Jet – For a swift-moving fish.

9. King – Ruler of the aquarium.

10. Leo – Brave as a lion.

11. Max – Greatest.

12. Neo – New, revolutionary.

13. Orion – After the constellation.

14. Pirate – Adventurous and daring.

15. Quartz – Strong and unbreakable.

16. Rex – King in Latin.

17. Spike – For a spiky fish.

18. Tank – Strong and solid.

19. Viking – Explorer and adventurer.

20. Wave – Symbolizing the water.

21. Zane – Gift from God.

22. Ace – Number one, the best.

23. Blaze – Fast and fiery.

24. Cosmo – Vast like the universe.

25. Drake – Dragon, symbolizing power.

26. Echo – Repeating sound.

27. Flint – Strong and durable.

28. Glacier – Cool and massive.

29. Hunter – Searching and adventurous.

30. Ivan – God is gracious.

31. Jazz – Lively and bright.

32. Kai – Sea in Hawaiian.

33. Loki – Norse god, playful.

34. Maverick – Independent, nonconformist.

35. Navy – Related to the sea.

36. Odin – Supreme Norse deity.

37. Phoenix – Symbol of rebirth.

38. Rocket – Fast and powerful.

39. Surf – Associated with waves.

40. Thor – The Norse god of thunder.

41. Ulysses – Explorer, adventurer.

42. Volt – Energetic and powerful.

43. Wizard – Magical and wise.

44. Xander – Protector of men.

45. Yuri – Farmer, earth worker.

46. Zeus – Supreme Greek deity.

47. Atlas – Bearing the heavens.

48. Bandit – Mysterious and cunning.

49. Cody – Helpful cooperative.

50. Dexter – Skillful and right-handed.

Popular Cute Fish Names

shutterstock 483527425
Pearl gourami (Trichopodus leerii)

These names have stood the test of time and are loved by fish keepers worldwide. Here are 20 of the most popular and enchanting cute fish names that have captured the hearts of fish enthusiasts:

1. Bubbles

2. Goldie

3. Flash

4. Sunny

5. Shadow

6. Casper

7. Dory

8. Finn

9. Nemo

10. Sapphire

11. Sparkle

12. Tango

13. Zippy

14. Aqua

15. Bolt

16. Coral

17. Glimmer

18. Misty

19. Ripple

20. Splash

Funny Cute Fish Names

shutterstock 2120529230
Pearl gourami (Trichopodus leerii)

Who said fish couldn’t have a sense of humor, too? For those who love a bit of humor, here are 20 funny, Cute fish names that will surely bring a smile:

1. Sushi

2. Bait

3. Swim Shady

4. Fish Stick

5. Gill-bert

6. Bubble Guppy

7. Fin Diesel

8. H2O

9. Koi Story

10. Noodle

11. Aquaman

12. Captain Hook

13. McFish

14. Puddle

15. Snapper

16. Squirt

17. Tadpole

18. Wanda

19. Wave Rider

20. Wet Willy

Unique Cute Fish Names

shutterstock 1837206076
Pearl gourami (Trichopodus leerii)

Only an extraordinary name will do for fish as special and unique as yours. Here are 20 unique Cute fish names for those seeking something truly one-of-a-kind:

1. Astra

2. Brizo

3. Calypso

4. Dune

5. Eldorado

6. Fathom

7. Gale

8. Haven

9. Iridescence

10. Jubilee

11. Kaleidoscope

12. Luminara

13. Mosaic

14. Nebula

15. Orbit

16. Pandora

17. Quill

18. Rhapsody

19. Serendipity

20. Triton

Fictional Cute Fish Names

shutterstock 2274145287
The banded archerfish (Toxotes jaculatrix)

Give your fish a touch of magic and adventure with these whimsical names; be prepared to dive into the world of fiction with these 20 Cute fish names inspired by beloved characters and stories:

1. Ariel

2. Flounder

3. Triton

4. Moana

5. Nessie

6. Poseidon

7. SpongeBob

8. Patrick

9. Marlin

10. Dory

11. Squirt

12. Gill

13. Bloat

14. Peach

15. Bruce

16. Anchor

17. Chum

18. Crush

19. Cleo

20. Glub-Glub

Famous Cute Fish Names

shutterstock 1532530151
American flagfish (Jordanella floridae)

Because even fish can have celebrity status, we have compiled a list of well-known fish names. Trust us when we say these 20 famous Cute fish names have made a splash in the world of fishkeeping:

1. Jaws

2 Free Willy

3. Moby Dick

4. Nemo

5. Dory

6. Flipper

7. Shamu

8. Goldie

9. Bubbles

10. Splash

11. Lenny

12. Ponyo

13. Oscar

14. Marlin

15. Bruce

16. Willy

17. Angelo

18. Finn

19. Cleo

20. Gil

Creative Cute Fish Names

shutterstock 65322430
Red-lined torpedo barb

Lastly, this list of fun fish names can spark your mind and immerse your imagination. Here are 20 creative Cute fish names for those who love to think outside the bowl:

1. Aurora

2. Blizzard

3. Cosmos

4. Dreamer

5. Eclipse

6. Frost

7. Glacier

8. Halcyon

9. Icicle

10. Jewel

11. Krypton

12. Lotus

13. Mystic

14. Nimbus

15. Orion

16. Phoenix

17. Quasar

18. Rain

19. Stardust

20. Twilight

How To Name Your Fish 

shutterstock 1967827735
golden severum cichlid (Heros sp.)

Choosing the perfect name for your blue companion from the aquatic world can be both fun and daunting. If you’re seeking inspiration, consider names derived from their physical attributes, such as Gill or Finn, which reflect parts of fish anatomy. 

Look to the specific species of your fish for a name that speaks to its unique identity. You can also take inspiration from your fish’s behavior and temperament when choosing the perfect name for them. 

Expand your horizon by considering your fish’s color, patterns, and unique characteristics. Names highlighting these aspects can add a personal touch and make your fish’s name unique.

Navigating the Sea of Names

Embarking on the journey of pet ownership brings joy and the exciting challenge of naming. This guide will be your compass as you search for the most charming fish names, helping your finned friends receive the perfect monikers that reflect their individuality and charm. Here are some buoys to help you navigate through:

1. Simplicity is Key:

Avoid using complicated names that may be difficult to pronounce or remember. Opt for a name that flows off the tongue, preferably with one or two syllables. It should be memorable and easy for you to use comfortably.

2. Seek Far and Wide for Inspiration: 

Your inspiration can come from anywhere—from baby name books to the unique personality traits of your fish. Is your fish an eager eater, or does it have a quirky swimming pattern? Naming them after these traits can be both meaningful and fun. Closely observing your fish’s behavior might help reveal unique characteristics that can inspire the perfect name.

3. Unique Stories Lead to Unique Names: 

shutterstock 1008409216
Umbrella Cichlid (Apistogramma borellii)

Has your fish’s arrival into your life been nothing short of a storybook tale? Consider names that reflect this special journey since every fish has a story, and a unique name can be the start of their tale.

Names inspired by favorite movies or books, such as Dora, meaning “God’s gift,” or the beloved Nemo, can add a touch of narrative to your fish’s identity.

4. The Charm Factor: 

A name that puts a smile on your face is always a great option, so let the name reflect the cuteness and playfulness of your aquatic friend. However, don’t feel pressured to follow trends. A name with positive associations in literature or with a personal connection can be just as delightful.

5. The Name Trial: 

Test out your favorite names to see how they feel when called out loud. Sometimes, saying the name out loud can help you decide if it suits your fish. Feedback from friends and family can be invaluable in gauging the fit of a name.

6. A Collective Brainstorm: 

Brainstorming with others can lead to creative and meaningful name ideas, especially if you’re stuck in a naming whirlpool. Turn to your social circle or dive into online communities and forums for a sea of ideas; collaboration can spark the perfect name.

7. Revitalize Common Names: 

A little imagination can infuse new life into even the most common names. Give a twist to a familiar name by adding a title or modifying it slightly to refresh its appeal. “Ms. Nemo” can offer a new take on a classic name.

8. For the School of Fish:

When naming multiple fish, consider themes, pairings, or group names that reflect their collective identity. Creating a coherent theme for your group of fish can make their names even more special and memorable. Drawing inspiration from previous pets can also connect generations of your aquatic family.

Final Thoughts

This guide offers you a wide range of adorable and one-of-a-kind names for your pet fish. Every fish deserves a name that is just as unique and delightful as they are. So, when naming your fish, you must take your time and enjoy the process. 

This should be a reflection of your fish’s personality and your personal story. Take your time and explore different sources of inspiration. When you find the perfect name, you’ll know it fits your finned friend. So explore our list and give your fish a cute name that mirrors its charm!

Frequently Asked Questions

After providing a list of cute names for your fish and tips on how to choose them, we have answered some common questions you might have:

Can I name my fish based on its appearance?

Definitely! Many fish owners name their fish based on its color, pattern, or physical characteristics. Names like “Blueberry,” “Spot,” or “Goldie” are great examples of this.

How can I tell if the name I’ve chosen suits my fish?

Trying a name on your fish is the best way to determine if it works. As you say the name out loud, watch how your fish responds. If it reacts well or swims with excitement, you’ve discovered a good fit. Getting opinions from friends and family can also help determine the name’s suitability.

Can I change my fish’s name if it doesn’t fit?

Absolutely! Since fish aren’t attached to their names, you can change it if the first option doesn’t work. When trying the new name on your fish, watch how it reacts, just like you did with the first one.

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