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13 Best Green Terror Tank Mates

If you decide to purchase one or several Green Terror Cichlids for your fish tank, you may wonder what the best tank mates are. Because of The Green Terrors’ huge appetite and adult size, it can be difficult to pair them with other fish. But what are the best options?

The best Green terror tank mates include fish such as the Firemouth Cichlid, Jack Dempsey, Chocolate Cichlid, Red Spot Severum, Clown Loaches, and the Fire Eel. These, among a few others, all make great tank companions for your Green Terror. 

This article will discuss the best tank companions for your Greem Terror Cichlid. So keep reading! We have everything you need to know about the best tank companions for your Green Terror. 

The Green Terror Cichlid

The Green Terror Cichlid is a unique and rather marvelous freshwater fish originating from river basins in Ecuador and Peru. Its skin is full of magnificent patterns and colors and stands out as it swims around your tank. It is relatively popular among both the aquarium community and fish hobbyists. 

If you’d like to own one or more of these fish, it’s best to understand what your getting yourself in for. While they can certainly be easy to care for, they can also be challenging from time to time and require the correct maintenance. 

The Green Terror will grow to be around 8 inches in size, meaning that you’ll need a medium to large-sized tank to house this stunning fish. They belong to the Cichlid family, which is a family of relatively hardy fish that can thrive in various conditions. 

Keeping their tank maintenance up to scratch and ensuring their water is clean is simple; however, you need to watch out for their aggressive spurts. One way to combat this is to ensure they have a large enough tank to have space when needed.Β 

Green Terror and Gold Saum Cichlid 

Although Green Terrors (Andinoacara rivulatus) and Gold Saum (Andinoacara rivulatus) are closely related cichlid species, they are not the same. They are distinct variants or color morphs of the same species, with Gold Saum being a specific variety of the Green Terror cichlid. Since theyΒ  are variations of the same species, the Gold Saum tank mates can be the same as the Green Terror’s considering factors such as size, temperament, and water conditions are the same for both.

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Gold Saum cichlids are known for their distinctive gold or yellow coloration along the lower part of their body and tail fin, while Green Terrors typically have green or blue-green coloration. So, they share the same species but have different color patterns.


The Green Terror boasts of a comparatively long life expectancy in comparison to various other aquarium fishes, as long as they receive appropriate care. Typically, they can live for around 10 to 16 years in a carefully maintained aquarium. Nevertheless, with outstanding care and a healthy environment, a few have been documented to exceed this range, occasionally living for 20 years or more.


Green Terror cichlid can be rather dominant during feeding, often monopolizing the feeding area and making it challenging for other tank companions to access their share.

Due to the territorial nature of green terror cichlids, they may engage in confrontations with fish they perceive as weaker or smaller. So, if you intend to introduce a peaceful breed, ensure it is larger than the Green Terror. Similarly, if the fish is slightly smaller, ensure it possesses an aggression level on par with the Green Terror.

Water Parameters

  • Temperature: 22-28Β°c
  • Hardness: 100-200 ppm
  • pH level: 7.8-9.0

Things to keep in mind to Properly Select your Green Terror Tank Mates 

Begin by selecting a fish that is of a similar size or not significantly smaller than your Green Terror Cichlid fish.

Next, consider the temperament of your fish and identify species that are well-matched in terms of behavior.

Cichlids belong to the group of more aggressive fish that can coexist with similar types of fish or larger species they are less prone to attack. Nonetheless, Green Terrors can cohabitate with peaceful fish in a sufficiently spacious environment, provided there are abundant hiding spots such as vegetation and driftwood for fish to take refuge from each other.

Also, you should take into account the specific tank conditions that potential Green Terror Cichlids tank mates require. In essence, avoid pairing species with significantly divergent pH, water temperature, or water hardness requirements.

The Best Green Terror Tank Mates

Not every fish will pair well with your Green Terror, as once it gets to its adult size, it can be a medium to large fish for a tank, and it has a huge appetite, meaning much smaller fish will simply be eaten. Luckily, we will list a few options for great tank mates below. 

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1. Bichir

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The Bichir is an excellent choice as a tank mate for your Green Terror. It is large enough to avoid being eaten as prey and will generally occupy the lower levels of any fish tank giving your green terror plenty of room. 

Typically this species of fish is not known as an aggressor against larger fish; thus, it can easily be kept in a tank with your Green Terror, and you should have no worries about getting injured. 

2. Clown Loaches

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Clown Loaches are another great option as a tank mate for your Green Terror, as, once again, they are large enough to avoid being eaten as prey and are not aggressive. If you opt for Clown Loaches as tank mates for your Green, you’ll want to add three or five to the tank; this is often the happy medium. 

The Clown Loaches originate as wild fish from Southeast Asia and can live for up to three years. Clown Loaches can also bring a nice selection of colors to your tank, as they come in various shades, including blue, red, purple, orange, and yellow. 

3. Red Spot Severum

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Next on our list is the Red Spot Severum, a fish species originating in the Amazon river basin and generally found in numbers exceeding 100. It’s a perfect companion for your Green Terror as it’s generally a peaceful fish around those of a similar size. 

The Red Spot Severum will grow to be as large as 10 inches long, and the females are generally larger than the males. They are easy to feed, as they’ll eat almost anything; we recommend a mixture of live and dry food. 

4. Chocolate Cichlid

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The Chocolate Cichlid is a fish found in various freshwater habitats in the center of Africa. As they grow to a size similar to the Green Terror, they tend to make the perfect tank mates, and violence is generally avoided. 

The Chocolate Cichlid tends to be a calm fish that will spend much of its time burying itself in the tank’s sand or gravel. This ensures that it will not cross paths too often with your Green Terror.

5. Jack Dempsey

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The Jack Dempsey is an excellent choice of tank mate for your Green Terror as they are larger fish that will not be seen as prey, but they can be aggressive, so they need fish such as the Green Terror, who can hold their own. 

The Jack Dempsey will grow to five or more inches and has a beautiful color that brings life to your tank. They are excellent for aquariums because they’re easy to care for and can remain peaceful in the correct environment. 

6. Firemouth Cichlid

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The Firemouth Cichlid is a fish that will grow to be around 6 inches long and are easy to care for, making them a great addition to any tank. They happily thrive in large tanks and are a great choice for beginners are they’re easy to care for and can live in various water conditions. 

They are great tank mates for your Green Terror as they tend to avoid any kind of conflict but are larger enough to define themselves in a time of need. Thus; they pair very well with Green terrors.

7. German Blue Ram

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German Blue Rams are a freshwater species originating from Asia and Africa and will only grow to be around 2 or 3 inches long. They are peaceful and will typically stay away from other fish, making them a great tank mate for your Green Terror. 

They are easy to care for and will eat various kinds of food, including dry and live feed such as shrimp and others. They are beautiful to admire, come in a range of bright colors, and thrive in tanks of around 20 or more gallons. 

8. Texas Cichlid

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Texas Cichlids are excellent tank mates for your Green Terror fish as they can grow to a similar size and can be aggressive if they need to be. They’re freshwater fish that originate in the Rio Grande basin and do well when placed in a large tank of around 55 gallons. 

They enjoy being alone, adapt to various environments, and can be fed different foods. They can live off larvae, insects, plankton, algae, fish eggs, and dry food; this ensures they can fit into just about any tank environment. 

9. Oscar

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The Oscar is a fish with a fun personality and is even considered an intelligent fish species. They are large fish that are well suited to tanks of the same nature and are not as aggressive as other Cichlids; they are often considered big softies. 

They are aggressive eaters, however, and will typically eat anything that’s in front of them, including small insects, smaller fish, and various plant matter, as well as dry food. They don’t tend to have outbursts, but if they do, they are generally well-prepared to defend themselves. 

As they enjoy spending time on their own but can defend themselves if need be, they make the perfect tank mates for Green Terrors. Just ensure that they are placed in a large enough tank when placed together. 

10. Fire Eel

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Fire Eels are one of the most alternative options of tank mates for your Green Terror and often require experienced fish hobbyists as they come with various cautions. One of them is not to touch them under any circumstances, as they will give you a nasty shock. 

If you decide to pair this with your Green Terror, they will match perfectly as the Eel generally doesn’t bother with large fish and will typically be hiding until night as they are nocturnal. 

You will need an extremely large tank if you plan on keeping this fish, as the Eel can grow up to one meter long, thus; a tank of around 75 gallons is perfect. Also, ensure that your tank has a deep level of sand in the bottom so that they can hide when they need to.

11. Silver Dollars

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Silver Dollars are fish that originate from Florida and are typically found in canals, ponds, and water areas containing plenty of vegetation. A group of these fish is a great option as tank mates for your Green Terror, as they are large enough to be avoided as prey and don’t tend to be too aggressive. 

The Silver Dollar is relatively peaceful and doesn’t tend to bother with any other fish in the tank. They can be a little picky with their environment and prefer waters with temperatures between 73 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit and with a pH of 7 – 8.

12. Yellow Bullhead

The Yellow Bullhead is a member of the Catfish family and is generally found in rivers, ponds, and lakes all throughout the United States and Eastern Canada. They are easy to care for and will happily thrive in a range of environments. 

The Yellow Bullhead likes to hide throughout the day and doesn’t tend to be aggressive unless seriously provoked. This makes them an ideal candidate for Green Terror tank mates as they will not be seen as prey. 

If you do decide to keep the Yellow Bullhead as a pet, you’ll want to ensure that the tank has a deep sand or gravel area for them to hide. This doesn’t mean rocks or cave-like areas, but instead somewhere where they can bury themselves to feel safe. 

13. Blood Parrot Cichlid

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The Blood Parrot Cichlid is another option for a suitable tank mate for your Green Terror. While it may take them some time to get used to each other, once this has been achieved, they generally live in peace within the tank. 

The Blood Parrot will grow to be anywhere from six inches to a maximum of two feet long. So you must ensure that your tank is large enough to hold a fish of this size. 


So, if you have been debating getting a Green Terror fish and need some companions for it within your tank, we have listed many great options. Just remember that the tank mate should be large enough to hold its own and not be seen as prey. 

Various fish mentioned in our list will take some time to adjust to the living scenario, but once this has been achieved, they will be great tank mates for the Green Terror.

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