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13 Best Golden Wonder Killifish Tank Mates

The Golden Wonder Killifish is an excellent choice of fish for your home aquarium. When adding this particular species to your tank, you’ll need to ensure that the fish matches its smaller to medium size. So, you may ask, Golden wonder killifish tank mates?

Various fish species can live in a communal tank with the Killifish, including the Zebra Danio, Celestial Pearl Danios, Neon Tetra, Guppies, Cockatoo Dwarf Cichlid, and Cardinal Tetras. These species make great tank mates due to their similar size and temperament. 

This article will discuss the best tank mates for your golden wonder Killifish. So keep reading! We have everything you need to know about the best tank mates to accompany your Killifish in your home aquarium. 

The Golden Wonder Killifish 

The Golden Wonder is one branch of the wider Killifish family that is found throughout the world. Generally, they thrive in subtropical and shallow tropical water, which can either be still or moving. Sri Lanka and Peninsular India are hot spots for this species of fish. 

There are over 1000 species of Killifish, but the Golden Wonder may be the most beautiful to admire. This fish species is relatively easy to care for and will thrive in a tank as small as 20 gallons, but the bigger, the better. 

Another name for the Golden Wonder is the Striped Panchax or Malabar Killifish. They have a unique golden or yellow stripe that runs down the back portion of their body, giving them a unique and admirable look. Their scales emphasize this look as they have a metallic shine to them. 

While some Golden Wonders are completely golden, some males may have stripes of orange with blue or yellow bodies. They will generally grow to be approximately 4 inches long and sometimes larger under special circumstances.

Selecting Ideal Companions for Golden Wonder Killifish

Embarking on the quest to find perfect tank mates for your Golden Wonder Killifish? It’s a journey that requires careful consideration to ensure harmony in your aquarium. Let’s dive into the factors that are pivotal in making this choice a success.

1. Recognizing Killifish Diversity

With a family as vast as the Killifish, boasting over a thousand species, each member brings its unique flair to the tank. The Golden Panchax, for instance, has specific requirements that might differ slightly from its other killifish cousins. So, when selecting yellow panchax tank mates, consider the specific needs of your killifish’s species – size, behavior, and habitat preferences.

2. Harmonizing Temperaments

The generally peaceful demeanor of killifish makes them great communal tank dwellers. However, bear in mind that male killifish can occasionally display territorial tendencies. Matching their calm nature with similarly peaceful fish is key, avoiding overly aggressive or dominating species that could disrupt the tank’s tranquility.

3. Size Matters

When it comes to aquarium cohabitation, size compatibility is crucial. Opt for tank mates that share a similar size profile with your Golden Wonder Killifish. This approach minimizes the risk of smaller fish being harassed or eaten, and it also prevents larger fish from bullying your golden beauties.

4. Water Parameters: The Acid Test

Golden Wonder Killifish thrive in slightly acidic water conditions. It’s essential, then, to choose companions that also favor this type of environment. Tank mates accustomed to alkaline waters might struggle and vice versa, so aligning water preferences is a must for a healthy, thriving community.

5. Dietary Considerations

As natural carnivores, Golden Wonder Killifish have specific dietary needs. Selecting tank mates with a similar carnivorous diet can streamline feeding routines and ensure all inhabitants get the nutrition they require. While food competition is typically low, mixing them with herbivores could lead to dietary imbalances.

In summary, the art of choosing golden wonder killifish tank mates lies in understanding and aligning various factors – species, temperament, size, water parameters, and dietary habits. With these considerations in mind, you’re well on your way to creating a vibrant and harmonious aquatic community.

The Best Golden Wonder Killifish Tank Mates

When choosing from the various available tank mates that’ll make great companions for your Killifish, you’ll first want to ensure they match in size. As the Killifish is considered a small to medium-sized fish, you’ll want to ensure it is not looked at as prey if you introduce much larger fish to the aquarium. 

The Golden Wonder is not generally looked at as an overly aggressive fish and will tend to be quite docile as it explores the aquarium. They are seen as amazing tank mates and only act out when competing for the females. 

This particular species of fish don’t like to miss a meal, so ensure that you give it a regular set time for meals which can be made up of shredded fry plants, mosquito larvae, and bloodworms. Live bait is important as it will ensure that they keep their beautiful color and metallic shine. 

If you don’t feed them regularly, they will begin to eat their young and just about anything smaller than them. This is why it’s essential to keep fish of a similar size in the aquarium. Below we will list 12 of the best tank mates for your Golden Wonder. 

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1. Otocinclus Catfish

shutterstock 1499954045 2

The Otocinclus Catfish is an excellent choice of tank mate to accompany your Golden Wonder Killifish. This species is native to South America’s countries and fairly similar in size to your Killifish, typically growing to be 2-3 inches long, and is very peaceful in nature. 

They spend a lot of their time scouring the bottom of the aquarium, whereas the Killifish thrive in the top to the middle portion of the tank. Thus, they will give each other plenty of space and should not look at one another as prey, even in times of hunger.

2. German Blue Ram

shutterstock 1848006562

The German Blue Ram is another great choice of tank mate for your Golden Wonder Killifish and matches its size of it perfectly, as the Blue Ram will grow to around 4 inches at its maximum length. 

German Blue Rams are found throughout freshwater rivers and streams of South America and are beautiful to admire when you closely inspect the blue color of their body. It’s a fairly peaceful species of fish that does well in a communal environment. 

As the Blue Ram is generally very peaceful and loves exploring its territory, it avoids other species in the tank. It can even help keep the aquarium clean as it eats algae, ensuring that your Golden Wonder will stay healthy. 

3. Cardinal Tetra

shutterstock 2055662801

The Cardinal Tetra is found in freshwater regions of the Orinoco Basin in South America. It has become an increasingly popular aquarium fish in recent years and will do best when kept in schools of five or more. It will typically grow to around 3 inches long, which matches the size of your Killifish; thus, neither will be looked at as prey. 

The Cardinal Tetra will be a great tank mate for your Golden Wonder as both fish have similar care requirements and are evenly matched in both size and temperament. Neither has a tendency to lash out; thus, they should respect each other’s presence in the tank. 

4. Corydoras 

shutterstock 2009001572 1

The Corydoras is a fish recommended for beginner aquarium keeps as it’s easy to care for and has a gentle and peaceful nature. This also makes it an excellent choice of companion for your Golden Wonder Killifish. 

The homeland of the Corydoras is South America, but more specifically, its found in the Amazon, Uruguay, Paraguay, and along the Araguaia rivers. It will grow to be around 2.5 inches long. 

As this fish doesn’t grow to be any larger than the Killifish, and it generally has a peaceful nature making it a suitable tank mate for your Golden Wonder. 

5. Dwarf Cichlid

shutterstock 1357031747 1

The Dwarf Cichlid is a species of fish that’s native to South and Central America and comes in various beautiful colors and patterns. They are excellent additions to your aquarium as they’re easy to care for and make great tank mates for your Golden Wonder. 

This fish species will generally only grow to be around 4 inches long, matching very well with your Golden wonder. They are also gentle and peaceful fish; thus, they will not attack your Killifish but are large enough to be avoided as prey.  

6. Celestial Pearl Danios

shutterstock 2175155489

The Celestial Pearl Danios make a great tank mate for your Killifish, as they tend to live very peacefully and will not grow to be more than 2 inches long. While this is small, they tend to thrive when placed in schools of six or more, which also increases their chances of survival. 

Because of these various qualities, the Celestial Pearl Danios is one of the best companion fishes for any aquarium, and on top of this, they are stunning to look at thanks to their spotted orange and metallic scales. 

7. Rummy Nose Tetra

shutterstock 564671074

The Rummy Nose Tetra is an excellent choice of species to add to any home aquarium, originating in the clear waters of South America’s Orinoco Basin. They are a pleasure to admire, thanks to their red nose and black vertical stripes. 

They make great tank mates for your Golden Wonder as they generally only grow to 2 inches long and are peaceful in nature. While it is typically recommended not to place them in an aquarium with larger fish, if they are placed in schools of six or more, this ensures a level of safety. 

8. Peppered Cory Catfish

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The Peppered Cory Catfish is one of the most popular species kept in aquariums due to its low levels of aggression and peaceful nature. It will generally grow to be 3 inches long at its maximum growth and pairs well with just about any fish in an aquarium. 

It can make an excellent tank mate for Golden Wonders as they tend to stay away from other larger fish and prefer to live in their schools. They steer clear of confrontation but are large enough to be avoided as prey if you have a hungry Golden Wonder. 

9. Blackline Rasbora

shutterstock 1668189628

The Blackline Rasbora is a beautiful silver fish that has bold dark stripes running across its body and is often accompanied by a gold stripe that runs underneath. They are visually impressive to admire but also make great additions to any aquarium due to their hardiness and adaptability. 

This particular species can grow to be almost 3 inches long in some cases and love to be active in a tank with other schooling fish. As they are peaceful in nature, they don’t tend to cause any problems, making them a great tank mate for your Killifish. 

10. Guppies 

shutterstock 1810131757

There are a wide array of Guppies, each coming in different colors and sizes. They are often referred to as Rainbow Fish due to the vivid patterns on their scales and are popular fish for aquariums around the world. 

The Guppie tends to be very peaceful and tolerant toward other fish. As it only grows to a maximum of 2.5 inches, it makes the perfect tank mate for your Golden Wonder, as it would be seen as potential prey, especially if it’s placed in a school of five or more. 

11. Honey Gourami 

shutterstock 1521913466

The Honey Gourami is a fascinating fish that has scales that resemble the color of oozing honey. They are a pleasure to watch swimming around the aquarium and have become one of the most popular fish to keep over the last decade. 

They’re an excellent choice for beginners as they are hardy and peaceful. They do tend to be very shy and prefer to swim around the surface or middle of the tank. For all of these reasons, they are considered great tank mates for Golden Wonders. 

12. The Rubber Lip Pleco

The Rubber Lip Pleco is one of the largest fish on this list, as they can grow to be up to 7 inches long. While this is significantly larger than the Killifish, they don’t tend to be aggressive towards other fish if added to the aquarium as younglings. 

They have a distinct face that stands out in a crowd; a large lip makes up the front of the face which is the namesake of this species. While they can be territorial in new environments, they tend to ignore most fish in the tank and mind their own business, making them great tank mates for your Golden Wonder Killifish.

13. The Neon Tetra

shutterstock 2225521321

Neon Tetras, renowned for their vibrant hues and dynamic nature, are a favorite among aquarium enthusiasts. These lively little fish infuse a burst of ‘colorful activity’ into any aquarium, making them a delightful visual treat. Their widespread popularity ensures they are readily available for purchase.

As natural mid-level swimmers, Neon Tetras typically coexist peacefully with Killifish, seldom venturing into territory disputes. Their generally non-aggressive nature further enhances their compatibility. Sharing a similar dietary preference with Killifish, Neon Tetras align seamlessly in


So, if you’re planning on purchasing a Golden Wonder Killifish for an aquarium in your home and you want to add some companions to the tank, you now have 12 great options to choose from. 

Just remember that you should aim to match the size of the Golden Wonder, as this will ensure that aggressive tendencies are kept to a minimum and that no fish will look at another as prey. 

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