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75+ Popular Fish That Start with Q

With countless species of fish found worldwide, it can be hard to remember them all. After all, even listing them all alphabetically can be challenging. 

Fortunately, we’ve done the hard work for you and assembled the best list of 50+ popular fish that start with Q for you.

For example, some of the most popular species whose name begins with the letter “Q” include Quillbacks, Queen Dainos, Queen Triggerfish, Queen Parrotfish, and more. Take note, however, that there are only limited fish whose name starts with the letter “Q”.

Nonetheless, continue reading to learn more about the different fish species whose names begin with the letter “Q”, including a list of 8 popular fish, as well as 15+ freshwater fish, 20+ saltwater fish, 5+ tropical fish, and more. 

Popular Fish That Start with Q

Listed below are 8 of the most popular fish species that begin with the letter “Q”. 

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1. Quillback (Carpiodes Cyprinus)

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Throughout North America, the Carpiodes Cyprinus, commonly referred to as the quillback carpsucker, is a species of freshwater fish. Considering that this fish has a deeper body than other suckers, it resembles a carp. The quillback, however, is not a carp. 

Overall, the absence of barbels surrounding the mouth helps to identify it from carp. 

These fish are most commonly found in temperate freshwater environments. This comprises several rivers, channels, lakes, and streams. It is also important when looking for this species to note that they favor water that is somewhat deep, clear, slowly flowing, and very prolific.

2.Queen Danio (Devario Regina)

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The queen danio is a freshwater tropical fish. This fish, which has its native habitats in India, Myanmar, Thailand, northwest Malaya, and the Mekong River basin, can occasionally be discovered in community tanks maintained by fish enthusiasts. 

Queen danios, when fully grown, can grow to a body length of just over 3 inches, making it one of the largest danio species.

When fully developed, this fish is also known to have stunning coloration, with the body having a backdrop of silver that is contrasted by green and yellow bars that run the length of the body. 

3. Queen Triggerfish (Balistes Vetula)

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The queen triggerfish, sometimes referred to as “the old wife”, is a reef-dwelling triggerfish that can be found dispersed throughout the Atlantic Ocean. 

Overall, the vibrant, oval-shaped fish is known as a favorite among many aquarium enthusiasts. For example, they can either be kept in community tanks or used as live games. 

In the wide, these fish are most often found in the eastern Atlantic Ocean. It is, however, important to note that they often dwell on rocky bottoms and can frequently be found in close proximity to coral reefs. 

4. Queen Parrotfish (Scarus Vetula)

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The Caribbean and its surrounding seas are home to the medium-sized queen parrotfish. 

The parrotfish got their name from their strong beaks, which were created when the teeth fused together to form biting plates. 

5. Quakerfish (Malacanthus Brevirostris)

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The Quakerfish, or Malacanthus brevirostris, is a saltwater fish that prefers to live in open, sand-and-rubble substrates. These fish, which are typically observed in pairs, also reside in a tunnel they built for themselves, frequently behind rocks and other debris.

These fish may also be discovered in the oceans and coastal regions of Costa Rica, Malpelo, Ecuador, and the Galapagos.

6. Quillfish (Ptilichthys Goodei)

The thin, elongated fish, known as the Quillfish, or Ptilichthys goodei, is found all along the North Pacific coast, from Oregon to the Sea of Japan.

Since little is known about the day-to-day activity of this species, they can often be hard to find. After all, it is believed that Quillfish burrow in mud and sand during the day, surfacing to eat at twilight. 

These fish, however, are known to be drawn to artificial lights. For example, fishing boat lights are known to draw this species to the surface at night.

7.Quagga CatShark (Halaelurus Quagga)

The Quagga Catshark is a tiny shark without any black spots and many vertical stripes on its body. The Quagga Catshark is also reported to have a relatively limited distribution in Yemen and southwestern India. 

These fish are considered popular due to their rareness. For example, today there are only nine known quagga catshark specimens alive. 

These sharks are also known to be harmless to humans. Unfortunately, they are, however, unintentionally taken by demersal fisheries using bottom trawls and maybe other gear. 

8. Queen Snapper (Etelis Oculatus)

The Queen Snapper is an extremely popular saltwater fish found along the East Coast of Australia. They are also considered among the most popular saltwater fish, with an amazing red color that extends from their dorsal fins to their bellies and gradually fades to pale pink on their undersides. 

Quite noticeable features are the big eyes and sharply forked tails. Take note, however, that fortunately, these fish may also be found all across the Southwest of Western Australia, as well as along the Southern Coastline.

Freshwater Fish Whose Names Start with the Letter “Q”

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Queen Loach

Fish that dwell in freshwater habitats such as rivers, lakes, and other freshwater channels are classified as vertebrates and are known as freshwater fish.

Fresh water may be distinguished from salt water by having little or no dissolved salts, notably sodium chloride. 

Freshwater fish also often have a coat of scales that helps them control low temperatures, and they have unique gills that assist them to regulate their body temperature in the water.

Listed below are 15+ of the most popular freshwater fish species that begin with the letter “Q”.

1. Queen Danio (Devario Regina)

2. Quillback (Carpiodes Cyprinus)

3. Cyprinid Fish (Qianlabeo Striatus)

4. Queen Loach (Botia Dario)

5. Quadratus Nelsoni (Caribbean Hagfish)

6. Quoy’s Garfish (Hyporhamphus Quoyi)

7. Quitobaquito Pupfish (Cyprinodon Eremus)

8. Queensland Mouthbrooder (Oreochromis Mossambica)

9. Queensland Stinkfish (Callionymus Moretonensis)

10. Queensland Sawfish (Pristis Clavata)

11. Queensland Pygmy Goby (Eviota Queenslandica)

12. Queensland Yellowtail Angelfish (Chaetodontoplus Meridithii)

13. Queensland Toadfish (Tetractenos Hamiltoni)

14. Quadratus Taiwanae (Taiwanese Hagfish)

15. Quagga Goby (Pomatoschistus Quagga)

16. Quadratus Yangi

Saltwater Fish Whose Names Start with the Letter “Q”

Saltwater fish can be found in a variety of environments, from the warm tropical seas to the chilly Antarctic and Arctic waters. Coral reefs, salt ponds, mangroves, seagrass beds, and the deep sea are the habitats that saltwater fish prefer, and a variety of species have evolved to flourish in each of these environments.

For enjoyment, saltwater fish are frequently maintained in aquariums. However, it is also important to note that numerous saltwater fish are also harvested for human consumption or for aquaculture. 

Unfortunately, many of these saltwater fish species are threatened by overfishing, marine pollution, and ecological shifts brought on by climate change. 

Nonetheless, listed below are 22 of the most popular saltwater fish species that begin with the letter “Q”.

1. Queen Parrotfish (Scarus Vetula)

2. Quagga CatShark (Halaelurus Quagga)

3. Queen Triggerfish (Balistes Vetula)

4. Quillfish (Ptilichthys Goodei)

5. Queen Snapper (Etelis Oculatus)

6. Quakerfish (Malacanthus Brevirostris)

7. Queensland Blenny (Ecsenius Mandibularis)

8. Quilon Electric Ray (Torpediniformes)

9. Quillback Rockfish (Sebastes Maliger)

10. Quillin Blenny (Labrisomus Filamentosus)

11. Querimana Silverside (Atlantic Silverside)

12. Queensland Groper (Epinephelus Lanceolatus)

13. Queensland Cusk (Microbrotula Queenslandica)

14. Queensland Trumpeter (Sillago Maculata)

15. Queensland Halibut (Psettodes Erumei)

16. Queensland Triangular Batfish (Malthopsis Tetrabulla)

17. Queensland-Kongemakrel (Scomberomorus Queenslandicus)

18. Queensland Shark (Carcharhinus Amblyrhynchoides)

19. Queensland School Mackerel (Scomberomorus Queenslandicus)

20. Queensland Deepwater Skate (Dipturus Queenslandicus)

21. Queensland Mackerel (Scomberomorus Queenslandicus)

22. Queensland Seahorse (Hippocampus Spinosissimus)

Tropical Fish Whose Names Start with the Letter “Q”

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Queen Angelfish

Fish often seen in tropical aquatic habitats are known as tropical fish. Tropical fish are frequently kept in freshwater and saltwater aquariums by fish keepers. 

For example, the phrase “tropical fish” refers to a broad category of fish found in such conditions, especially those preserved in aquariums, rather than a taxonomic group.

Listed below are 5 of the most popular tropical fish species that begin with the letter “Q”:

1. Queen Angelfish (Holacanthus Ciliaris)

2. Quetzal Cichlid (Vieja Melanurus)

3. Queensland Mountain Trout (Galaxias Olidus)

4. Queensland Frogfish (Halophryne Diemensis)

5. Queen Coris (Coris Formosa)

Final Thoughts

It can be challenging to keep track of all the different fish species that can be found in the world. Thankfully, we’ve done the legwork and compiled the greatest list of more than 50 fish species whose names begin with “Q” for you. 

Be aware, however, that there aren’t many fish whose names begin with the letter “Q.”

Nonetheless, overall, the most well-known species with names that start with the letter “Q” include, Quillbacks, Queen Dainos, Queen Triggerfish, Queen Parrotfish, Quillfish, Quagga Cat Sharks, Queen Snappers, Quakerfish, and more. 

In terms of freshwater fish, some of the most common fish that begin with the letter “Q” include Queen Danios, Cyprinid Fish (Qianlabeo Striatus), Queen Loaches, Quoy’s Garfish, Quitobaquito Pupfish, and the Queensland Mouthbrooder. 

On the other hand, Queen Parrotfish, Quagga Cat Sharks, Queen Triggerfish, Quillfish, Queen Snapper, Quakerfish, Queensland Blenny, Quilon Electric Rays, Quillback Rockfish, and Quillin Blenny are the top 10 saltwater fish species that begin with the same letter.

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