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75+ Popular fish that start with U

There are thousands of fish species on Earth, many with unique names and unique appearances. Have you ever wondered if there are any popular fish whose names start with ‘u’? It turns out there are plenty of fish whose names start with ‘u’.

In this list, we’re going to list down 75+ popular fish that start with u. Some of these fish include Upside-down catfish, Utah sucker, Uaru cichlid, Unicorn fish, Umatilla dace, Ukrainian brook lamprey, and the Umbrella cichlid.

Read on to discover the list of popular fish whose names start with ‘u’. Happy reading!

75+ Popular fish that start with u

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1. Upside-down catfish

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The upside-down catfish is one of the most unique fish that starts with the letter ‘u’. The scientific name for this fish is Synodontis nigriventris.

The fish has been given this name due to the upside-down manner in which it swims. This unusual swimming position allows the upside-down catfish to feed more efficiently on the surface of the water.

This species originates in Central Africa, particularly in the Congo River basin. It is a really popular species with a distinct appearance. The body of the upside-down catfish is light brown, with dark blotches all over the body. It is essentially a dwarf fish since adults can only grow up to a length of 4 inches.

Upside-down catfish are social creatures that make good aquarium fish. They are peaceful in nature and easy to care for. They can survive in water temperatures ranging from 72 to 79 Fahrenheit and pH ranging from 6 to 7.5.

2. Uaru Cichlid 

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The Uaru cichlid is another freshwater species whose name begins with ‘u’. The scientific name for the fish is Uaru amphiacanthoides. It is native to the waters of the Amazon River and is not a common aquarium fish in the United States. 

The Uaru cichlid has a distinct appearance. In most adults, the body has a gray/silver color with a large dark spot in the middle. This fish is a large one and can grow up to a length of 25 or 30 cm. 

Due to its large size, the Uaru cichlid needs a large aquarium that can comfortably accommodate it. It thrives well in soft water and likes swimming in populated aquariums.

This species is also very friendly and intelligent and gets along well with most other species. While Uaru cichlids initially might have trouble adjusting in an aquarium, they’re relatively easy to care for once they have adapted to the new environment.

3. Umbrella Cichlid

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Here’s another fish whose name starts with ‘u’: the Umbrella cichlid. The scientific name for this fish is Apistogramma borellii.

The fish is native to central South America, particularly southern Paraguay and Brazil, and northern Argentina. This fish can be found in the tributaries and creeks of river basins of major rivers. 

The Umbrella cichlid can grow up to a length ranging from 5 to 6.5 cm on average. The fish has a distinct and beautiful appearance with its body having an opal blue color. Like other species of dwarf cichlids, male fish are more colorful than female ones.

The Umbrella cichlid has many features and traits that make it perfect for keeping in aquariums. These include a beautiful appearance and friendly behavior towards other species.

Moreover, these fish are also really easy to take care of and are quite unfussy. For aquariums, the water should have a pH ranging from 6.0 to 7.0 and the minimum size of the tank should be between 15 and 20 gallons

4. Unicorn fish

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The Unicorn fish is another fish that begins with ‘u’. Its scientific name is Naso brevirostris. The fish has a very distinct appearance and is primarily found in the tropical waters of the Indian and Pacific oceans. The fish roam the tropical waters of these oceans in groups and typically feed on algae.

The Unicorn fish can grow up to a length ranging from 50 to 60 cm on average and has a long horn jutting out from its forehead. The skin of these fish is smooth and their bodies have a bluish-gray color. Some fish also have brown/olive bodies.

These fish can also be added to aquariums and thrive well with other species. In most cases, they are peaceful creatures that get along well with other fish. However, they do have a tendency to exhibit hostile behavior towards their own species and can even fight them.

5. Umatilla Dace

The Umatilla dace is another fish whose name starts with ‘u’. The scientific name for the fish is Rhinichthys Umatilla. It is primarily found in the drainage basin of the Columbia River in the Canadian province of British Columbia and the US states of Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. 

The average size of a Umatilla dace is about 12 cm. The fish usually has a dark-colored upper body and a lighter lower body. The body has a pattern of light-colored spots and streaks. The Umatilla dace prefers habitats with fast-flowing water, such as near riverbanks. 

The Umatilla dace faces some threats due to the construction of dams and other major structures that can change aquatic ecosystems to a great extent. The introduction of silt into water channels can also pose serious risks to these fish and may reduce their population.

6. Ukrainian brook lamprey

The Ukrainian brook lamprey is yet another fish that begins with the letter ‘u’. The scientific name for the species is Eudontomyzon mariae.

This species of lamprey are found in freshwater bodies in central and eastern Europe. Countries in which these fish are found include Poland, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Russia, Bulgaria, and Ukraine.

The Ukrainian brook lamprey can grow up to a length of 20 to 22 cm on average. It is found in bodies of water such as lakes, brooks, and rivers and thrives well in clean, clear water having a strong current.

Like other species of lamprey, the Ukrainian brook lamprey has a special life cycle different from that of other fish. The fish is also quite sensitive to pollution in water bodies. Activities such as the construction of structures that hinder the flow of water can create problems for these fish.

7. Utah sucker

The Utah sucker is a large freshwater fish that can grow up to over 60cm in length. Its scientific name is Catostomus ardens. It is found primarily in the Snake River system and other drainage basins in the states of Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming.

This species can also live and survive in a range of different habitats, such as rivers, streams, and lakes. It can also survive in both cold and warm water.

When it comes to appearance, the Utah sucker has a gray/black upper body with faint streaks and blotches and a white belly. Its mouth is located below its snout and its lips are thick. The dorsal fin of the fish has 13 rays while its anal fin has 7.

The Utah sucker is not a threatened species but some populations might be reducing due to a variety of environmental factors.

Other fish starting from u

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Uruguay tetra

Let’s take a look at some other fish starting from ‘u’. Here is an extensive list of other fish whose names start with ‘u’.

8. Uganda nothobranch (Nothobranchius ugandensis)

9. Umbrina imberbis

10. Umbrina milliae

11. Umpqua dace (Rhinichthys evermanni)

12. Umpqua chub (Oregonichthys kalawatseti)

13. Uegitglanis zammaranoi

14. Umbrina reedi

15. U-mark sandperch (Parapercis snyderi)

16. Uncisudis advena

17. Uncisudis longirostra

18. Uncinate sculpin

19. Uncombed blenny (Haptoclinus apectolophus)

20. Underjaw kingfish

21. Uncisudis posteropelvis

22. Undulate painted ray

23. Umpqua squawfish

24. Undistinguished sabretooth

25. Ungusurculus komodoensis

26. Undulated moray

27. Ungusurculus collettei

28. Ungusurculus philippinensis

29. Ungusurculus sundaensis

30. Ungusurculus williamsi

31. Ungusurculus riauensis

32. Unicorn grenadier

33. Unicorn icefish

34. Unicorn leatherjacket

35. Unicolor moray

36. Unicorn crestfish

37. Unicorn sole

38. Union snook

39. Upeneichthys stotti

40. United-lip Gudgeon

41. Upeneus filifer

42. Upeneus guttatus

43. Upeneus mascareinsis

44. Upeneus mouthami

45. Upeneus quadrilineatus

46. Upeneus australiae

47. Upeneus crosnieri

48. Upjaw barb

49. Upper Grijalva livebearer

50. Upland bully

51. Upper Zambesi squeaker

52. Upper Zambezi nembwe

53. Upper Zambezi yellowfish

54. Upper Zambesi labeo

55. Upside-down goby

56. Upsidedown Catfish

57. Upturned snout rattail

58. Upside-down harptail blenny

59. Usamacinta buffalo

60. Uropterygius wheeleri

61. Uruguay river sprat

62. Ursinoscorpaenopsis kitai

63. Urotrygon cimar

64. Ussuri catfish

65. Ussuri sharpbelly

66. Uruguay tetra

67. Uropterygius genie

68. Usangu lampeye

69. Utiaritichthys longidorsalis

70. Usumacinta cichlid

71. Utah Lake sculpin

72. Uruguayan eartheater

73. Utiaritichthys sennaebragai

74. Ussuri sharpbelly

75. Utah chub

76. Usumacinta sea catfish

Final thoughts

In this guide, we listed down 75+ popular fish that start with ‘u’. These fish belong to different species, have different shapes and sizes, and are found in different parts of the world. 

While there aren’t as many fish whose names start with ‘u’ as perhaps those starting from other letters, we still managed to collect over 75 of them. Thank you for reading and we hope you found this guide helpful and informative!

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