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100+ Black Fish Names – The Ultimate List

One of the exciting aspects of bringing home a pet is giving them a name. It can also be overwhelming, given all of the options you have. Do you pick a funny name, or a name with a twist on their looks? When it comes to black fish, they come in many varieties, giving you endless opportunities to get creative with their names. 

Black fish names range from descriptive to random, taking inspiration from a motley of sources. It can take some observation of your fish to see what they behave like in order to give them a name that matches their personality.

While a black colored fish is not the most commonly seen color, there’s no denying that when you find one, you’ll be quite tempted to take it home. 

If you’ve added some black fish to your aquarium as of late, there’s a wealth of names you can choose from that are fitting for any kind of black fish. Not all of these names have a very obvious connection to the color black, though some have deeper meaning that you’ll realize upon reflection. 

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Black Fish Names 

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Black pets of all species, including fish, are some of the most visually striking pets one can have. Some black animals might have an unwarranted reputation for being omens.

However, you might be interested to know that in some cultures, black fish are actually seen as positive members of an aquarium for their protective nature. 

Black fish come in all forms, from solid black to black with various patterns. There are names that can reflect the unique variation of colors, shades, and patterns that fish can be found with. The name might also reflect its size, its mannerisms, its habits, or just simply something that you find amusing or interesting. 

Some well-known black fish, some of which you may be lucky enough to add to your aquarium, include the black betta, the black molly, a black guppy, or a black skirt tetra.

Some other aquarium friendly fish, like the black lace angelfish or the black goldfish may be a bit harder to find, but they sure are beauties worth looking for the next time you’re looking for a fish. 

10 Most Popular Black Fish Names

Some names for black fish are more often used than others. Some of these names are popular, either because they are perfectly suited for a fish of this hue or because they are well-known names in general. 

Even though these names are often chosen for black fish, they are all spectacular enough that there’s no harm in choosing one of them for your own new addition.

There’s a good chance you’ve heard some of these before, and may have even named one of your non-fish pets one of these names. 

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1. Phantom

Phantom is easily one of the most used names for a black fish. The name perfectly captures the mystique and the intrigue of a fish that bears such a deep hue. Just like a ghost, your black fish may be able to disappear behind some of your aquatic foliage or decorations. 

Outside of the spooky element of this name, Phantom is also a fairly common name for various characters in popular culture, whether in part or in full. 

2. Midnight

Midnight is also a suitable and highly desirable name for a black fish. It also makes a well-suited name for a fish that’s a mixture of black and blue. Midnight also has a nice spooky vibe if you’ve picked a black fish because you like the gloomy and scary side of things.

It’s also one of those names that is elusive enough to be a simply unique choice. 

3. Storm

You’re likely to see the name Storm for just about any kind of black pet, including a fish. A fish that is a particularly active swimmer or one that has a dominating personality would suit this name well.

It’s also a good name for both male and female fish. Storm is also a very powerful name that is attention-grabbing and memorable. 

4. Batman

If there’s ever been a great opportunity to name your pet after one of the most famous superheroes, bringing home a black fish would be it. Honoring your black fish with the name Batman not only pays homage to how incredibly cool a black fish is, but lets you represent one of your passions if you’re a comic book or superhero lover. 

5. Shadow

goldfish 5040540 640 1

Shadow is definitely a name befitting of such a dark and elusive-looking fish. It’s not necessarily the most creative name for a fish that’s black, but it’s one that is suitable. Swimming alongside other fish, a black fish may also resemble a shadow, making the name even more of a great choice. 

6. Ebony

Ebony is a very dark color and type of wood, ranging from black with hints of brown and gray depending on how you look at it. For a fish that’s black but not stark black, Ebony makes for a good option for a name. Ebony in and of itself is a beautiful sounding word, even if the color doesn’t quite match your fish. 

7. Diablo 

Diablo makes for a moody and gloomy name for an equally gloomy looking fish. While your black fish likely isn’t ominous in nature, the name diablo actually means devil. If you have a mischievous fish, you might find that Diablo is the perfect name. 

8. Smokey

Smokey is another one of those names that has been popular for dark colored pets for a long time. The name works if your fish is all black, or is black with splashes of darker colors. Smokey is also a fairly iconic name that represents a lot of famous characters, which likely adds to its popularity. 

9. Knight

Knight has the perfect air of mystery that a dark colored fish does. You can also appreciate the double entendre at play with dark knight and a dark night. It’s an honorable name for a fish that you’re honored to have as part of your aquarium. 

10. Blackie

Sometimes, sticking with something simple is best. If you’re one that’s not super fussy about names, there’s nothing wrong with opting for a classic like Blackie. It’s a cute sounding name while also being very on-the-nose, and sometimes, all you want is something fun that you’ll remember. 

Black Fish Names For Girls 

shutterstock 1705888456 1

1. Raven

2. Sherry

3. Rose

4. Morticia

5. Mariana

6. Viola

7. Misty

8. Dora

9. Susan

10. Athena

11. Jewel

12. Aurora

13. Luna

14. Amber

15. Cleo

16. Scarlett

17. Elvira

18. Cherry

19. Trinity

20. Iris

21. Pearl

22. Primrose

23. Poppy

24. Lela

25. Persephone

26. Blair

27. Ivy

28. Dahlia

29. Destiny

30. Tina

31. Queen

32. Pansy

33. Tulip

34. Whitney

35. Hechate

36. Orchid

Black Fish Names For Boys 

shutterstock 1688409811 2

1. Nero

2. Sir

3. Casper

4. Cosmo

5. Dante

6. Cooper

7. Zorro

8. Napoleon

9. Mangave

10. Kuro

11. Shade

12. Tux

13. Maverick

14. Atticus

15. Prince

16. Kieran

17. Onyx

18. Rasputin

19. Angus

20. Asher

21. Bagheera

22. Blake

23. Blackjack

24. Felix

25. Sullivan

Unisex Black Fish Names 

1. Indigo

2. Ace

3. Cocoa

4. Boss

5. Panda

6. Ash

7. Neptune

8. Kimono

9. Moon

10. Orca

11. Galaxy

12. Panther

13. Monk

14. Jazz

15. Bandit

16. Salem

17. Slate

18. Alpha

Funny Black Fish Names

shutterstock 1481219975 1

1. Darth Bait-er

2. Guiness

3. Emo

4. Cuddles

5. Jack Black

6. Night Rider

7. Space Jam

8. Carrot

9. Puck

10. Coca Cola

11. Shamu

12. Licorice

13. Lake Skywalker

14. James Pond

15. Dave

16. Baloo

17. Swim Shady

18. Cynical

19. Alien

20. Coffee

21. Bean

22. Soot

23. Caviar

24. Rubber

25. Chocolate

26. Monkey

27. Sharpie

28. Charlie Chaplin

29. Drakkar Noir

30. Bob

Unique Black Fish Names 

shutterstock 1084545188 1

1. Jab

2. Limousine

3. Kylo Ren

4. Veil

5. Ninja

6. Brook

7. Vulcan

8. Witch

9. Cave

10. Zulu

11. Shady

12. Sable

13. Sand

14. Angel

15. Somber

16. Elderberry

17. Lead

18. Steel

19. Moor

20. Jacket

21. Pitchy

22. Batsho

23. Mocha

24. Tar

25. Aubergine

26. Odin

27. Domino

Cute Black Fish Names 

1. Bubba

2. Teeter

3. Olive

4. Coal

5. Speckles

6. Blackberry

7. Goth

8. Boo

9. Dementor

10. Plum

11. Puma

12. Blackster

13. Sushi

14. Dusky

15. Black Panther

16. Inky

17. Bear

18. Spooky

19. Espresso

20. Twilight

21. Black Swan

22. Pepsi

Clever Black Fish Names 

shutterstock 2216482969 1

1. Vortex

2. Velvet

3. Sabbath

4. Maleficent

5. Sirius Black

6. Truffle

7. Iron (or Iron Man)

8. Miner

9. Metal

10. Hydra

11. Gravel

12. Zebra

13. Pepper

14. Cougar

15. Oreo

16. Charcoal

17. Dragon

18. Villain

19. Walnut

20. Thunder

21. Fox

22. Molasses

23. Tie

24. Jaguar

25. Bruise

26. Void

27. Jet

Inspired Black Fish Names 

betta 4304353 640

1. Belore

2. Diamond

3. Mamba

4. Ember

5. Eclipse

6. Graphite

7. Orion

8. Crow

9. Amaya

10. The Witcher

11. Obsidian

12. Dusk

13. Rhine

14. Nuit

15. Mirage

16. Moonlit

17. Morpheus

18. Forest

19. Helleborus

20. Nebula

21. Danube

How To Choose The Right Name 

With all of the options you have to name your fish, how exactly do you narrow down your choices? While having a bunch of favorites can be the perfect excuse to add even more black fish to your aquarium, there are other ways you can also narrow down your list. 

Make It Memorable

You want to pick a name that you are going to remember. This might be because you have several fish in your aquarium, or even because you have multiple black fish. It can also prevent you from getting bored with the name you’ve chosen. 

As smart as some fish are, they unfortunately won’t respond to you when you call them by your name, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be inspired or not make you smile when you say it.

Showcase Their (And Your) Personality

When you take the time to observe your fish’s behavior, you’ll soon learn that every fish has their own special quirks and personality traits. You can use this to your advantage when selecting the perfect name for your new fish. It might take some time for you to get to know them, but that’s part of the fun of having fish at home. 

It’s also perfectly acceptable to rely on your own personality and interests when it comes to making your name choice. If you’re a silly person, why not pick a name that reflects that? If you appreciate things like art, literature, or pop culture, you can choose a name that reminds you of one of your special interests. 

Pick Up On Unique Characteristics 

As mentioned, you can find fish that are solid black, as well as fish that have mixed colors and patterns. Perhaps your fish’s appearance is the easiest way for you to give them a name. A name that is both gorgeous and is also synonymous with something black could also match the vibes you get from your black fish. 

If you’ve chosen a fish that is known to be aggressive, you might pick a name that’s a little bit more ominous or mysterious. On the other hand, if your black fish is one that moves slowly around the water, you might pick a name that reflects its laid-back nature. A particularly beautiful looking fish may be given a name that is equally beautiful. 


There are well over 100+ black fish names for you to choose from for the next time you decide to bring home a black fish. You have options for something simple, something inspired by pop culture, or something funny. Not only can you perfectly match your fish’s personality and temperament, but you can match your own personality in the name, too. 

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