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100+ White Fish Names   

Finding the perfect white fish names for your new pet is nowhere near as simple or as straightforward as a lot of people make it out to be.

The third most popular pet on the planet (right behind dogs and cats), there are literally hundreds and hundreds of different kinds of fish you can choose to keep – and an almost unlimited number of names you could pick for your new pet.

Landing on the perfect name, a name that matches your fish and its personality as perfectly as possible, becomes a whole lot easier when you lean on the tips and tricks we highlight below.

Use the inside info – and all of our white fish pet name “cheat sheets” – in this detailed guide and you’ll have no trouble at all finding the perfect white fish names for your new pet (and any other tank mates you pick up later down the line).

Let’s jump right in!

Top 10 Most Popular White Fish Pet Names

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1. Angel

Maybe the most popular of all the pet names out there for fish that have a lot of weight on their bodies, it’s not hard to imagine a fish being named “Angel” – especially if they have long, flowing sort of fins or a real elegant way of moving through the water.

This might not be the most original white fish pet name on the planet, but it’s incredibly popular for a reason. It fits these kinds of fish perfectly!

2. Luna

“Luna” is another great name for a white or mostly white pet fish, especially one that sort of glows the way that a full moon does on a clear night.

This is a super popular name for girl fish. It’s got a lot of personality behind it and matches fish that like to spend their time moving around in the tank at night, too.

3. Lilly

“Lily” is another great fish name for a girl, especially one that has a perky, springy, energetic kind of personality. White fish that have a little bit of green on them are going to be ideally suited for this name, too.

4. Cloud

Maybe you have larger white pet fish in your tank that sort of float around, moving slowly throughout your underwater world without really bothering any other fish along the way.

If that’s the case, you’ll want to think about naming your pet fish “Cloud”. This is a great name for calm, cool, and relaxed fish that get along with all of their tank mates.

5. Misty

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Some of the more popular pet fish that are white in color are a little closer to bone, a little closer to fog, or a little bit more “off-white” than pure white – and that makes them perfect candidates for the name “Misty”.

This isn’t a terrible name for off-white colored fish that are a little more temperamental, either.

6. Snowflake

While this might not necessarily be the most unique name on the planet for white colored fish, if you have a bunch of white fish in your tank already – but one of them really stands apart from the rest of the pack, so to speak – the name “Snowflake” is a fantastic choice.

Fish that have a lot of personality will also wear this name quite well.

7. Celestial

It’s possible you’ve noticed that your white fish is a little “floaty”, a little absent-minded, and maybe ask like they have their head up in the clouds a bit. “Celestial” is a great name for fish that have high hopes and high aspirations!

8. Feather

You can go one of a couple of different ways with the name “Feather” for your fish.

Maybe you give this name to the smallest white fish in your tank. Maybe you give it to the biggest white fish in your tank (ironically). Or maybe you have fish that have long, flowing fins that look like a feather that get this name, too.

9. Crystal

“Crystal” is a fantastic name for white colored fish that have a little tint of blue or purple to them as well. Any fish that look like they sort of reflect or refract light are really going to fit this name pretty perfectly.

10. Great White

There’s nothing funnier than naming a tiny little pet white fish “Great White”, especially if that same little fish has an outsized personality in your underwater world and likes to boss other fish around.

White Fish Names for Girls 

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1. Vanna

2. Cloud

3. Feather

4. Nova

5. Celeste

6. Skye

7. Duchess

8. Wish

9. Elsa

10. Twinkle

11. Pippa

12. Crystal

13. Wink

14. Diamond

15. Glimmer

16. Daisy

17. Angelina

18. Misty

19. Lace

20. Dove

21. Queeny

22. Molly

23. Meteor

24. Glint

25. Cassie

26. Icy

27. Blanche

28. Opal

29. Belle

30. Lacy

31. Aurora

32. Starlight

33. Orchid

34. Fairy

35. Ariel

36. Artemis

37. Snowy

38. Blanca

39. Noelle

40. Lilly

41. Lola

42. Luna

43. Princess

44. Snowball

White Fish Names for Boys

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1. Freddie

2. Finn

3. Birch

4. El Blanco

5. Sebastian

6. Bud

7. Snowman

8. Spirit

9. Ghost

10. Prince

11. Scout

12. Chili

13. Whitey

14. Chico

15. Yeti

16. Comet

17. Zeus

18. Phantom

19. Adonis

20. Big Diesel

21. Casper

22. Spooky

23. Bandit

24. Axel

25. Duke

26. Wolf

27. Caesar

28. Jasper

29. Olaf

30. Donnie 

Funny White Fish Names 

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1. Bob Barker

2. Spooky

3. Paste

4. Paper

5. Pepper

6. Sal Mone

7. Chips

8. Goldie Hawn

9. Swim Shady

10. Wish

11. Scuba Steve

12. Ann Chovi

13. Swift

14. Ghost Rider

15. Sushi Rice

16. Float

17. Gill Clinton

18. Lake Skywalker

19. Snowball

20. Merlin

21. Snowmelt

22. Salt

23. Captain Hook

24. Casper

25. Noon

26. Cheeto

27. Eraser

28. James Pond

29. Harley Finn

30. Bubble Fett

31. Betty White

32. Bubbles

33. Clownface

34. Captain Jack

35. Gilligan

36. Yeti

37. The Swede

38. Glue

39. Joker

40. Marshmellow 

Unique White Fish Names

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1. Kyo

2. Sherman

3. Kai

4. Donald Daffy

5. Chilli

6.  Babel

7. Spot

8. RollyPolly

9. Flicker

10. Astra

11. Hinkle

12. Barnacle

13. Batman

14. Rollie

15. Jasper

16. Tidal Wave

17. Johnson

18. Marco

19. Dusty

20. Coco

21. Coral

22. Drake

23. Cantina

24. Snow

25. Splash

26. Elsa

27. Basslet

28. Crimson

29. Alfredo

30. Sparkle

31. Sebastian

32. Beetle

33. Gizmo

34. Alfonzo

35. Delta

36. Draco

37. Igloo

38. Brook

39. Zipper

40. Tallulah

41. Smokey

42. GypsyBean

43. Wanda

44. Slimey

45. Scooby

46. Reef

47. Moon

48. Nessie

49. Butterscotch

50. Casper

Cute White Fish Names

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1. Smore

2. Popcorn

3. Marble

4. Cookie

5. Flounder

6. Billie

7. Beluga

8. Dobby

9. Ziggy

10. Bubba

11. Dory

12. Houdini

13. Lenny

14. Swimmer

15. Bubbles

16. Algae

17. Lucky

18. Baby

19. Ollie

20. Skippy

21. Coco

22. Gordy

23. Freckles

24. Annie

25. Toby

26. Kiko

27. Gracie

28. Astro

29. Sassy

30. Fluff

31. Bingo

32. Sandy

33. Guppy

34. Kraken

35. Rex

36. Flipper 

Clever White Fish Names

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1. Cotton

2. Chupacabra

3. Link

4. Apple

5. Chippy

6. Siracha

7. Chomper

8. Vermillion

9. Skull

10. Lippy

11. Netty

12. Dangler

13. Poseidon

14. Abyss

15. Snapper

16. Baloney

17. Algae

18. Busbie

19. Cutie

20. Raindrop

21. Toppy

22. Pickles

23. Salt

24. Pie

25. Peach

26. Ursula

27. Droopy

28. Colin

29. Mako

30. Babar

31. Spud

32. Eureka

33. Truffle

34. Vega

35. Nebula

35. Candy

37. Ocean

38. Lusca

39. Pumpkin

40. Oki

41. Smarty

42. Bloop

43. Puddles

44. Almondo

45. Pearl

Inspired White Fish Names

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1. Lighthouse

2. One Fish and Two Fish

3. Sykes

4. Jane and Doe

5. Katie Current

6. Splish and Splash

7. Sheldon

8. Dory

9. Mr. Ray

10. Orca

11. Mr. Fish

12. Captain Ahab

13. Romeo and Juliet

14. Oscar

15. Gilligan and Skipper

16. Flounder

17. Thelma and Louise

18. Tic and Tac

19. Lenny

20. James Pond

21. Zig and Zag

22. Neptune

23. Poseidon

24. Flipper

25. Bonnie and Clyde

26. Don Lino

27. Mickey and Minnie

28. Peek and Boo

29. Moby Dick

30. Hall and Oates

31. Ariel

32. Tooner

How to Choose the Right Fish Name

If you’re having a hard time choosing the right name for your new pet fish, don’t feel bad – you certainly aren’t alone!

Choosing the right name is critically important. It’s the name your pet is going to have for the rest of their life and it’s a name that should fit them right down to the ground (so to speak).

Here are some tips to help you out.

1. What Kind of Name Do You Want?

First, it’s important to think about the kind of name you want to give your fish in the first place.

Are you looking for something funny, something clever, something witty?

Are you looking for something that plays off of one of their more distinguishing characteristics?

Are you looking for something totally unique or a little more popular?

Figure out the kind of name you want and start from there. This will help you narrow things down significantly.

2. Play Around with a Couple of Options

It’s very rare that you will be able to pick one name and one name only for your fish fall head over heels in love with it straight out of the gate.

That approach puts a lot of stress and pressure on you and can make the name search a lot more challenging than it really would have been otherwise.

Instead, try and come up with five or six different names that you really like – and then whittle things down from there.

You don’t want to come up with too many different names, though. Overload your list and you’ll find you really struggle settling on just one.

Draw up that list of 5-10 names. You’ll find it’s a lot easier to pick from a handful of names than trying to come up with the perfect name right out of thin air.

3. Does the Name Fit Your Fish’s Personality?

Lastly, try and find a name for your new fish that really fits their personality.

Think about how they act, how they move through the water, the shape of their body, and the way that they interact with the rest of the underwater world you’ve created.

All of this is going to have a big impact on what you want to name this fish.

Really watch how they go about their day to day life underwater. Zero in on the little things about them, the things that let you know exactly which fish is which at a glance

Are they playful and carefree?

Do they like to get into a little mischief?

Are they shy or bashful?

Do they get more assertive or are maybe even a little aggressive?

This’ll give you a ton of ideas for new names, but it’ll also help you know for sure when you’ve landed on the perfect one for that fish specifically, too.

Don’t feel like you need to rush into naming your fish, either. You can play around with different names, see how they work, and then try new ones if something you come up with a little later feels like a better permanent fit.

Closing Thoughts

At the end of the day, finding the right white fish names for your pet doesn’t have to be as frustrating as a lot of people make it out to be.

Use the inside information we shared in this detailed guide to come up with different names, or pick and choose the perfect name from the more than 100+ white fish names we highlighted, too.

 You’re sure to find something that fits your fish perfectly, something you’ll be happy to name them, and something that really embodies who they are as a pet.

The most important thing here, of course, is to be sure that the name you’re choosing for your new pet fish is something that really resonates with that specific fish. As we mentioned earlier, you might have to come up with a couple of different names until you settle on the right one – and there’s nothing wrong with that – if you’re serious about getting this right.

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