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100+ Weirdest Fish Names Ever – The Ultimate List

We all know about the good, the bad, and the ugly. But today, we’re celebrating the weird! Forget about Nemo, Finn, and Bubbles! Today, we’re checking out the wackiest, most wonderfully weird fish names you’ve ever heard!

So, regardless of whether you’ve got goldfish, koi, betta, or a peculiar-looking fish swimming around in your aquarium, we’re sure to leave you in a fit of laughter with this bizarre list of names. 

Why? Well, it’s because these names not only reflect the eccentricity and personality of your pet fish but also reflect your creativity and humorous side as a member of the fishkeeping community.

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Weirdest Fish Names For Girls

featherfin squeaker catfish synodontis eupterus 2024 03 05 17 08 10 utc
featherfin squeaker catfish

If you’ve got a rather quirky female fish, you certainly need to give it a name that represents its quirkiness. We’ve laid out 50 of the weirdest names, each with its own unique meaning or backstory:

1. Aqua Bella: A playful twist on “beautiful water.”

2. Bubbles McFin: Combining a classic fish trait with a touch of humor.

3. Coraline: Inspired by the vibrant underwater ecosystems.

4. Dorothy Gills: A nod to the famous character with a fishy twist.

5. Ebb Flowina: Capturing the essence of ocean tides.

6. Finley Flutter: Reflecting the graceful movements of fish.

7. Gilliana Waves: Combining a common fish feature with the ocean’s rhythm.

8. Hydra Lily: A mythical and floral combination.

9. Iris Stream: Merging the beauty of an eye with flowing water.

10. Jelly Bean: Cute and colorful, like many tropical fish.

11. Kelpie Marina: A mythical sea creature meets the marina.

12. Luna Tide: A celestial body influencing ocean patterns.

13. Misty Reef: Evoking the mysterious underwater world.

14. Nemoette: A feminine twist on a famous fish.

15. Oceana Sparkle: Capturing the vastness and shimmer of the ocean.

16. Pearl Glimmer: Reflecting the lustrous beauty found in water.

17. Queen Angel: After a regal and beautiful species of fish.

18. Ripple Rose: Gentle water movements and a touch of nature.

19. Sirena Splash: Inspired by mythical mermaids.

20. Tidal Teal: Representing the powerful and colorful nature of the sea.

21. Ursula Wave: A nod to a famous sea villain with a softer side.

22. Violet Fin: Combining a vibrant color with a key fish feature.

23. Wanda Water: A playful, alliterative name.

24. Xanthe Stream: Greek for “yellow,” like many tropical fish.

25. Yara Lagoon: A beautiful name inspired by water bodies.

26. Zephyr Pool: A name that evokes calm and serenity.

27. Amber Gills: Reflecting the warm hues found in some fish.

28. Betta Belle: A cute play on a popular fish species.

29. Cleo Fin: Short and sweet, with a regal tone.

30. Daisy Dive: Light and fun, reminiscent of a dive into the water.

31. Elsa Ocean: Inspired by a famous icy character but with a watery twist.

32. Fiona Flow: A harmonious name symbolizing the gentle flow of water.

33. Goldie Wave: A classic name with a golden touch.

34. Holly Harbor: A nod to safe havens for sea vessels.

35. Ivy Island: A name that suggests a lush, isolated beauty.

36. Jade Jetty: Reflecting the beauty and solidity of jade and jetties.

37. Kiwi Kelp: A fun and fruity name with a sea vegetable twist.

38. Lola Lagoon: A melodious name evoking tropical paradise.

39. Marina Mist: A serene name combining a place and a phenomenon.

40. Nina Nautical: A play on navigation and exploration.

41. Opal Ocean: Combining the iridescence of an opal with the vast ocean.

42. Pippa Plunge: A fun and adventurous name.

43. Quinn Quill: Reflecting the elegance and shape of a quill.

44. Rainbow Reef: Inspired by the vibrant underwater ecosystem.

45. Sapphire Sea: Combining the depth of the sea with a precious stone.

46. Tara Tidal: A strong name associated with tides.

47. Uma Underwater: An exotic name with an aquatic theme.

48. Vera Vortex: Suggesting a powerful and swirling water current.

49. Willow Wave: Evoking the gracefulness of a willow in the water.

50. Yvette Yacht: A sophisticated name with a nautical twist.

Weirdest Fish Names for Boys

shutterstock 1905119020 1

Choosing a weird name for your male fish is, without a doubt, an entertaining experience.  

We’ve outlined a list of 50 of the weirdest names, each with a distinctive flair. 

1. Admiral Finley: Denoting leadership and strength.

2. Bubbleton McSplash: A fun, whimsical name.

3. Captain Gill: A commanding and sea-worthy name.

4. Duke Dive: Suggesting nobility and underwater exploration.

5. Elvis Scales: A rockstar name with a fishy twist.

6. Finnegan Wave: A playful name combining fins and waves.

7. Guppy Galore: After the popular small fish breed.

8. Harbor Huck: A robust name with a maritime feel.

9. Ichthy Irving: ‘Ichthy’ is Greek for fish, adding a classic touch.

10. Jasper Jetstream: Combining a gemstone with a strong water current.

11. Kraken Reef: After the legendary sea monster.

12. Lagoon Lance: A name that is both aquatic and adventurous.

13. Marlin Max: A sleek, fast name after a famous fish.

14. Nemo Nautical: A famous fish name with a seafaring twist.

15. Oceanus Blue: After the mythological Greek god of the sea.

16. Pirate Plank: A fun, adventure-inspired name.

17. Quincy Quillfish: After a distinctive species of fish.

18. Riptide Rex: Combining the power of the ocean with a regal sound.

19. Sebastian Stream: A strong, flowing name.

20. Triton Tide: Named after the Greek messenger of the sea.

21. Ulysses Underwater: After the legendary Greek hero, with an aquatic twist.

22. Vortex Vince: A name suggesting strength and motion.

23. Waldo Wave: A fun name that’s also a play on “Where’s Waldo?”

24. Xander X-Stream: A hip and extreme name.

25. Yukon Yacht: A rugged name with a nautical edge.

26. Zephyr Zest: Combining a gentle breeze with a lively twist.

27. Algae Alvin: A quirky name with a natural touch.

28. Barnacle Bob: After the common sea creature.

29. Caspian Current: Named after a large sea and the ocean currents.

30. Driftwood Dave: A name that evokes the sea and nature.

31. Eddy Echo: Combining water currents with a resonant sound

32. Fathom Felix: A name that plays on the depth measurement.

33. Gillbert Grains: A twist on a common name with a grainy texture.

34. Haddock Henry: A name inspired by a popular fish species.

35. Island Ike: A laid-back name with tropical vibes.

36. Jetty Jules: Combining the security of a jetty with a playful sound.

37. Koi Kyle: After the colorful and popular pond fish.

38. Lobster Lou: A fun, crustacean-inspired name.

39. Mackerel Mike: A name inspired by a fast-swimming fish.

40. Narwhal Ned: After the unique, horned sea creature.

41. Orca Owen: A strong name inspired by the killer whale.

42. Poseidon Pete: Named after the god of the sea.

43. Quillfin Quentin: A literary and aquatic name.

44. Reef Rollo: Combining the beauty of coral reefs with a catchy sound.

45. Sailfish Sam: A swift and dynamic name.

46. Turtle Tom: A cute and friendly name.

47. Urchin Ulysses: Combining a spiny creature with a legendary explorer.

48. Viking Victor: A strong and adventurous name.

49. Wave Walker: A name that suggests movement and the sea.

50. Yacht Yardley: A sophisticated, maritime name.

Popular Weirdest Fish Names

shutterstock 1905119020 1 1
Aquarist, aqua fish. Helostoma temminki

Even among the weirdest fish names, there are some that are quite famous. These 20 names have become popular in the fishkeeping community for their quirkiness and charm:

1. Aqua-Finn: Combining water and fins.

2. Bubbly Blub: A fun, onomatopoeic name.

3. Coral Cruiser: Inspired by coral reefs and sailing.

4. Diver Dan: A name that evokes underwater exploration.

5. Ebb-n-Flow: Reflecting the rhythmic movement of the tides.

6. Finneas Float: A creative, buoyant name.

7. Gilligan Glide: A playful name inspired by a famous castaway.

8. Hydro Hank: A name that emphasizes water.

9. Ivy Islander: Suggesting a lush, tropical habitat

10. Jelly Jive: A vibrant, dance-inspired name.

11. Kai Kraken: Combining the sea with a mythical creature.

12. Luna Lagoon: Reflecting the beauty of moonlit waters.

13. Marina Marvel: A name that suggests wonder and beauty.

14. Neptune Nick: Named after the Roman god of the sea.

15. Orbit Ocean: Suggesting vastness and exploration.

16. Pearl Paddle: A gentle, water-based name.

17. Quasar Quest: A cosmic, adventurous name.

18. Ripple Racer: Combining gentle water movement with speed.

19. Surf Swimmer: A name that’s all about movement in the water.

20. Tidal Tango: Combining the power of tides with dance.

Funny Weirdest Fish Names

yellow golden puffer guineafowl puffer fish underw 2023 11 27 05 24 37 utc
Yellow golden puffer fish

Not like the clownfish, these quirky monikers will definitely leave you laughing your head off. Another reason why they’re so great is that they add a splash of humor to your fishkeeping experience.

1. Aquamanatee: A pun combining a superhero with a sea creature.

2. Bloop: Simple, yet amusingly onomatopoeic.

3. Clammy Sosa: A humorous play on a famous baseball player’s name.

4. Darth Baiter: A playful twist on a famous movie villain.

5. Elfish Presley: Combining the King of Rock with a fishy theme.

6. Fishgerald: A literary twist on a classic name.

7. Gill Clinton: A funny take on a former president’s name.

8. H2Joe: A clever combination of water and a common name.

9. Ink McSquirt: Inspired by the ink-squirting defense of some sea creatures.

10. Jabberjaw: After the cartoon character, with a fitting aquatic twist.

11. Krill Joy: A happy, food-related fish name.

12. Lobstar: A pun on “lobster” and “star.”

13. Moby Duck: A playful twist on a famous whale’s name.

14. Nemo Sapien: Combining a famous fish with a touch of humanity.

15. Oscar the Grouch: Named after the famous Sesame Street character.

16. Puffy McPuffface: A humorous, puffed-up name.

17. Quacken: A quirky mix of a duck and the mythical Kraken.

18. Salmon Rushdie: A literary pun on a famous author’s name.

19. Tuna Turner: A musical play on a renowned singer’s name.

20. Wanda Fish: A pun on the question “wanna fish?”

Unique Weirdest Fish Names

shutterstock 127544837 1
Oscar fish (Astronotus ocellatus)

If you’ve got an outlandish species buzzing in your tank, then we’ve got the right name pool for you to take a dive in. These 20 names stand out for their originality and uniqueness, perfect for your one-of-a-kind aquatic pet. 

1. Abyss Apollo: Reflecting the depth of the sea and a Greek god.

2. Briney Spears: A salty twist on a famous name.

3. Cirrus Seacloud: Combining sky elements with the sea.

4. Dolphin Darius: A regal name with a marine mammal twist.

5. Echo Eel: A name that suggests repetition and a sea creature.

6. Frost Finley: A name that combines cold elements with fish anatomy.

7. Glacier Guppy: Reflecting the icy habitats and a popular fish.

8. Halo Herring: A celestial name combined with a fish species.

9. Icicle Ichthus: Combining cold elements with the Greek word for fish.

10. Jetstream Jules: Suggesting speed and fluid movement.

11. Kelpie Krystal: A mythical sea creature meets a sparkling name.

12. Lunar Limpet: Combining the moon with a sea snail.

13. Mystic Marlin: Suggesting mystery and a sleek fish species.

14. Nebula Naiad: Combining space and water nymphs.

15. Orion Otter: A starry name with a playful mammal.

16. Polaris Paddle: Named after the North Star with a watery twist.

17. Quartz Quid: A mineral name with a monetary twist.

18. Ripple Radiant: Combining gentle waves with brightness.

19. Stellar Sturgeon: A cosmic name for a prehistoric fish species.

20. Typhoon Tuna: Combining a powerful storm with a swift fish.

Fictional Weirdest Fish Names

striped oriental sweetlips plectorhinchus orienta 2023 11 27 05 26 20 utc
Diagonal-Banded Sweetlips

If you’ve got a knack for the bizarre and quirky side of fiction—like oddball characters from novels, movies, and whatnot—then you’re in for a treat!

These 20 fictional names are inspired by strange characters and stories, perfect for a fish with a peculiar personality. 

1. Atlantis Aqua: Named after the mythical underwater city.

2. Bubblegum Baggins: A whimsical twist on a famous hobbit’s name.

3. Caspian Coral: Named after a fictional prince and the sea.

4. Dory Dreamer: After the famous forgetful fish.

5. Eragon Eel: A mythical name with a slippery twist.

6. Fin Frodo: A famous hobbit with a fin.

7. Gillyweed Gilly: A Harry Potter-inspired aquatic name.

8. Hermione H2O: Combining a beloved character with water.

9. Inkling Iago: A literary name with a fishy feel.

10. Jedi Jaws: A fun mix of Star Wars and shark lore.

11. Krabby Katniss: A Hunger Games character with a crustacean twist.

12. Lilo Lagoon: After a famous Hawaiian character.

13. Merman Merlin: A wizard under the sea.

14. Narnia Neptune: A mix of a magical land and the sea god.

15. Orca Oddball: A playful name with a whale of a twist.

16. Pisces Potter: A zodiac sign meets a famous wizard.

17. Quint Quintessential: Named after the Jaws character with a twist.

18. Ravenclaw Ripple: A Harry Potter house and a water motion.

19. Squidward Symphony: A famous cephalopod with a musical twist.

20. Triton Twilight: A mythological merman meets a time of day.

Famous Weirdest Fish Names

shutterstock 2207691979
Angel catfish (Pimelodus pictus)

There are famous personalities with names that will surely resonate with your fish. However, we’re not opting for conventional names. Rather, if you’re looking for a mix of names that are on the wacky side of things, then these 20 names are inspired by famous individuals and entities, adding a touch of celebrity to your fish tank:

1. Aqua Agassi: After the famous tennis player.

2. Bass-tian Bach: A musical genius with a fishy twist.

3. Cleopatra Coral: A regal and underwater-themed name.

4. Dali Depth: After the famous surrealist painter, with a depth twist.

5. Einstein Eddy: Combining genius with a water current.

6. Fin Franklin: A founding father with a fin.

7. Gill Gates: A tech mogul with a fish feature.

8. Hemingway Harbor: A literary giant with a safe haven.

9. Isaac Ichthyology: Combining a famous scientist with the study of fish.

10. Jacques Cousteau: Named after the famous oceanographer.

11. Kafka Kelp: A literary genius with a seaweed twist.

12. Leonardo da Finchi: A play on a Renaissance master’s name.

13. Mozart Marina: Combining classical music with a place for boats.

14. Newton Nautical: A scientist with a seafaring twist.

15. Oprah Ocean: A media mogul with a vast sea.

16. Picasso Plankton: A famous artist with a microscopic organism.

17. Quincy Jones Jr.: A musical legend with a water-themed twist.

18. Ringo Reef: A Beatle with a coral habitat.

19. Shakespeare Shore: A literary icon with a coastal twist.

20. Tesla Tide: Combining a revolutionary inventor with the ocean’s movement.

Creative Weirdest Fish Names

aquarium fish is swimming in the water with green 2023 11 27 05 21 23 utc

You will always have a chance to express your creativity. Well, here’s that chance. These 20 names are the epitome of creativity, perfect for adding a unique touch to your aquatic family:

1. Aurora Abyss: A name that suggests mystery and beauty.

2. Borealis Bubbles: Combining the northern lights with fish traits.

3. Cosmo Coral: A universal twist on a sea element.

4. Dynamo Depth: Suggesting power and the deep sea.

5. Electra Eel: Combining electricity with a sleek sea creature.

6. Flux Fin: A name that suggests change and movement.

7. Galaxy Gill: Reflecting the vastness of space and fish anatomy.

8. Helix Harbor: A DNA-inspired name with a safe haven.

9. Ion Inlet: Combining chemistry with a water body.

10. Jupiter Jet: A planetary name with a burst of speed.

11. Kaleidoscope Kraken: A colorful, mythical sea monster.

12. Luminous Lagoon: A bright and glowing water body.

13. Mystique Marlin: Suggesting allure and a fast fish.

14. Nebular Nemo: A space-inspired twist on a famous fish.

15. Orbit Orca: A celestial name for a majestic mammal.

16. Photon Plankton: Combining light particles with sea life.

17. Quantum Quill: A scientific name with a poetic twist.

18. Radiant Reef: Reflecting brilliance and a vibrant ecosystem.

19. Sonic Sailfish: A speedy name with a nautical flair.

20. Terra Tuna: Combining earth elements with a swift fish.

Whether you’re looking for a name that’s whimsical, funny, unique, or inspired by fiction and fame, this list offers a treasure trove of choices for your aquatic companions. Happy fish naming!

How To Name Your Fish

shutterstock 131415008 1

There’s nothing quite like finding the perfect name for your fish. It’s a blend of fun and a little challenge, so don’t hold back your creativity! Take a good look at your fish—their scales, fins, personality, or even their silly swimming moves. Names like Gill Gates and Fin Franklin are awesome since they combine famous last names and parts of fish anatomy. 

You can also look to the specific species of your fish for a name that speaks to its unique identity. Electrica Eel for an eel, Terra Tuna for a tuna, and Halo Herring are creative approaches to naming fish after their species. 

All in all, you want to expand your horizons by considering your fish’s color, patterns, and unique characteristics. Names that highlight these aspects can add a personal touch and make your fish’s name truly special.

Navigating the Sea of Names

Embarking on the journey of pet ownership brings joy and the exciting challenge of naming. As you grow as a fishkeeper, you learn a few nifty tricks about drafting the perfect name for your fish. Here are some buoys to help you navigate through:

1. Simplicity is Key:

There’s nothing quite like a name that easily rolls off the tongue. You want to opt for any such name, preferably with one or two syllables. These names are easy to remember and comfortable for you or anybody else to use.

2. Seek Far and Wide for Inspiration: 

Your inspiration can come from anywhere – from baby name books to the unique personality traits of your fish. The world is a bottomless well of inspiration waiting for you to tap into it. Is your fish an eager eater, or does it have a quirky swimming pattern? Naming them after these traits can be both meaningful and fun.

3. Unique Stories Lead to Unique Names: 

sharptail snake eel myrichthys breviceps under 2023 11 27 14 34 13 utc
Sharptail snake-eel (Myrichthys breviceps)

Do you have a story to tell? Is it about an experience you had during your childhood? Is it a story about your first pet? Has your fish’s arrival into your life been nothing short of a storybook tale?

Consider names that reflect this special journey. Names inspired by favorite movies or books, such as Dora, meaning “God’s gift,” or the beloved Nemo, can add a touch of narrative to your fish’s identity.

4. The Charm Factor: 

You don’t have to be so strict with your fish’s name. Let the name reflect your aquatic friend’s humor and playfulness. However, don’t feel pressured to follow trends. A name with positive associations in literature or with a personal connection can be just as delightful.

5. The Name Trial: 

Test out your favorite names to see how they sound when called out loud. If you’re still uncertain about a name, sound it out to your family and friends and explain the backstory behind the name. Their feedback can be invaluable in gauging a name’s fit.

6. A Collective Brainstorm: 

If you’re stuck in a naming whirlpool, don’t stress yourself out by trying too hard to crack a code to unlock a name. Sometimes, all you need to do is turn to your social circle or dive into online communities and forums for a sea of ideas. Collaboration can spark the perfect name.

7. Revitalize Common Names: 

Give a twist to a common name by adding a title or modifying it slightly to refresh its appeal. “Jedi Jaws,” “Lobstar,” and “Tuna Turner” are excellent names for a pet fish.

8. For the School of Fish:

When naming multiple fish, consider themes, pairings, or group names that reflect their collective identity. Taking this step will contribute to harmonizing your aquarium’s group dynamics. Drawing inspiration from previous pets can also connect generations of your aquatic family.

Final Thoughts

shutterstock 526859059
Scribbled rabbitfish (Siganus doliatus)

Choosing a weird name for your fish might be irregular, but it’s one heck of a way to express your creative side and showcase your bond with your underwater pal. Our list contains the wackiest names, from fictional representations to comic relief. 

Keep in mind that you’re meant to enjoy finding the perfect name for your fish despite how tough a challenge it might get. So, don’t rush it; savor the name-selection process. When you stumble upon that perfect name that feels just right, you’ll know it’s the one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should You Give Your Pet Fish a Weird Name?

Giving your pet fish a weird name can be a lot of fun and add a unique touch to your pet-owning experience. It’s a great way to make them stand out among others.

Are Weird Names Only for Bizarre-Looking Fish?

No, weird names are not strictly for bizarre-looking fish. You can give your pet fish any name you prefer, including an oddball one, as long as it’s cohesive with their persona and your relationship. 

Is There a Standard Practice for Naming Fish?

There are no standard practices for selecting a fish name as it more personal than scientific. Ultimately, you want a name that’s perfect for your fish; one that gives you joy or you can laugh about. 

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