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100+ Red Fish Names

Thinking of the perfect name for your new red fish can be surprisingly difficult. After all, this little fish will be a part of your life for many years to come, so you want to choose a name that is both meaningful and memorable.

If you’re struggling to come up with the right red fish names, here are a few tips to get you started. 

  • Ruby
  • Scarlet
  • Crimson
  • Garnet
  • Burgundy
  • Merlot
  • Wine-O
  • Sangria
  • Burgundy
  • Port

Other popular names for red fish include Flame, Garnet, and Rozelle. No matter what name you choose for your fish, you can be sure that it will be a beautiful and unique pet.

Red Fish Names

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1. Ruby

Anyone who has ever kept a pet knows that the process of naming them can be both fun and important. A name is the first step in forming a bond with your new companion, and it can also be a reflection of their personality.

For instance, a playful kitten might be named after a cartoon character, while a regal dog might be given a name with royal connotations. When it comes to fish, the naming process can be just as creative.

A popular choice for red fish is Ruby, which is not only a beautiful name but also has connotations of good luck. Whether you believe in superstitions or not, there’s no denying that a charming name like Ruby can add an extra touch of fun to your aquarium.

2. Scarlet

 If you have a red fish, one option is to name it Scarlet. This name is bold and daring, just like your fish. It also has a bit of an edge to it, which is perfect for a fish that likes to swim against the current.

Whether you are looking for a traditional name or something with a little more flair, Scarlet is sure to make a splash in your home.

3. Crimson

Crimson is an excellent choice. This name not only references your fish’s beautiful color, but it also evokes notions of royalty and nobility.

Whether you’re simply looking for a pretty name or you want something with deeper meaning, Crimson is sure to make your red fish stand out from the crowd.

4. Garnet

Have you ever wondered why so many people name their red fish Garnet? It turns out that there is a good reason for this. Garnet is a semiprecious stone that has been used for centuries to make jewelry and other ornamental objects.

The stone is prized for its deep red color, which is thought to represent passion and power. In addition, garnet is said to bring good luck and protection from harm.

Given these properties, it’s no surprise that many people choose to name their red fish Garnet. After all, who wouldn’t want a little bit of good luck and protection for their beloved pet?

5. Burgundy

Red Tail Shark (Epalzeorhynchos bicolor) 

 If you’re looking for a name for your red fish, why not try Burgundy? This elegant name conjures up images of fine wine and royalty, making it the perfect choice for a regal-looking fish.

In addition, the deep crimson color of Burgundy wine is reminiscent of your fish’s beautiful scales. So if you’re looking for a sophisticated and stylish name for your red fish, Burgundy is an excellent choice.

6. Merlot

This name is not only unique, but it also reflects the rich color of your fish. Additionally, Merlot is a type of red wine, which makes it a perfect choice for a red fish.

Not only will this name make your fish stand out from the rest, but it will also give you a chance to show off your knowledge of wine. So if you’re looking for a unique and elegant name for your red fish, look no further than Merlot.

7. Wine-O

Wine-O is the perfect name for your new friend! Not only is it a fun play on words, but it also reflects the fact that your fish is always up for a good time. When you’re feeling stressed, Wine-O will be there to remind you to relax and take a break.

And when it’s time to celebrate, he’ll be the first one to jump out of the fishbowl and join in the fun. So go ahead and give your red fish a unique and memorable name – Wine-O is perfect for your new friend!

8. Sangria

For instance, if you have a red goldfish, why not name it Sangria? The deep red color of the fish will remind you of the tasty Spanish wine, and the name is sure to be a conversation starter when guests come over.

Plus, it’s a great way to show off your creativity (and your love of wine). So next time you’re looking for the perfect name for your new pet, think outside the box and consider naming it after its unique physical appearance.Your friends and family will be impressed – and maybe even a little jealous.

9. Burgundy

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to name your red fish Burgundy? Well, for starters, it would be a lot of fun! Not only would you get to choose what your fish’s name would be, but you would also get to be creative with it.

Plus, it would be a great way to show off your sense of humor. And who knows? Maybe you could even start a trend. So if you’re looking for a way to add some personality to your fish tank, consider naming your red fish Burgundy. Who knows? He might just love it!

10. Port

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Port is a bold name for a red fish. It’s not a traditional name, but it’s one that stands out. Port is a strong, unique name that will help your red fish stand out from the crowd.

When you name your red fish Port, you’re giving him a name that represents strength and individuality. Your red fish will be proud to have such a distinguished name, and you’ll be proud to have such a creative and unusual pet.

So if you’re looking for a name that’s both different and special, consider naming your red fish Port.

Red Fish Names For Girls

1. Donatella

2. Pandora

3. Celeste

4. Sunny

5. Orchid

6. Jasmine

7. Sela

8. Katrina

9. Brea

10. Star

11. Saki

12. Gaia

13. Sarnai

14. Jane

15. Lala

16. Jess

17. Ratu

18. Athena

19. Liza

20. Aiza

21. Kira

22. Olga

23. Rosa

24. Elsa

25. Diva

26. Lavender

27. Hope

28. Savannah

29. Aurora

30. Lorelei

31. Cassie

32. Anna

33. Doris

34. Cordelia

Red Fish Names For Boys

Neon tetra fish covered in lots of white spots ich

1. Rosebud

2. Pike

3. Coral

4. Poppy

5. Darth

6. Copper

7. Finn

8. Ruby

9. Christy

10. Flame

11. Crimson

12. Earl

13. Tank

14. Bruce

15. Leo

16. Fanta

17. Spike

18. Russet

19. Strawberry

20. Costello

21. Scarlet

22. Minos

23. Bowie

24. Shark

25. Saladin

26. Abbott

27. Gary

28. Cheeto

29. Cherry

30. Blaze

31. Scout

32. Han

33. Ol’Red

34., Dorito

Funny Red Fish Names

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1. Dexter

2. Draco

3. Fabian

4. Great White

5. Grouper

6. Hunter

7. Henry

8. Hydra

9. Mahi-Mahi

10. Murphy

11. Neptune

12. Orca

13. Orion

14. Oscar

15. Poseidon

16. River

17. Romeo

18. Sebastian

19. Silver

20. Starlight

21. Selkie

22. Sam

23. Tetra

24. Sydney

25. Coco

26. Cookie

27. Dobby

28. Gordy

29. George

30. Flounder

31. Guppy

32. Houdini

33. Lucky

34. Louis

35. Otter

Unisex Red Fish Names

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1. Volga

2. Cumin

3. Yella

4. Skippy

5. Caramel

6. Zoom

7. Rolo

8. Sandy

9. Spotty

10. Yarra

11. Bermuda

12. Teeter

13. Carmen

14. Speckles

15. Diamond

16. Madire

17. Nala

18. Snapper

19. Hister

20. Roller

21. Rey

22. Thor

23. Rhine

24. Danube

25. Misses

26. Ollie

27. Belore

28. Dora

29. Roxy

30. Surfer

31. Jiggle

32. Liquid

33. Wavy

34. Ziggy

35. Rocky

36. Salty

37. Slushie

38. Ginger

39. Aries

40. Tina

41. Curly

Funny Red Fish Names

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1. Cerise

2. Desi

3. Tahoe

4. Thumper

5. Abad

6. Hoover

7. Blingo

8. Atlas

9. Jab

10. Ruddy

11. Scully

12. Puffer

13. Heinz

14. Destiny

15. Knuckles

16. Astrid

17. Buster

18. Garcia

19. Chito

20. Gloss

21. Tiger

22. Alpha

23. Soy

24. Tot

25. Galaxy

26. Congo

27. Fancy

28. Rowan

29. Azul

30. Tilly

Unique Red Fish Names

1. Somber

2. Admiral

3. Berri

4. Pearl

5. Big Red

6. Sangria

7. Cabernet

8. Salem

9. Rooibos

10. Hibiscus

11. Sunday

12. Sea

13. Blondie

14. Liquorice

15. Magenta

16. Ash

17. Buttercup

18. Smokey

19. Midnight

20. Honey

21. Sundance

22. Slate

23. Picasso

24. Pikachu

25. Auburn

26. Gleam

27. Asul

28. Raven

29. Panda

30. Sky

31. Bandit

32. Apricot

33. Kingfisher

34. Ember

35. Bloom

36. Witcher

37. Twilight

38. Cola

39. Amber

40. Barley

41. Velvet

42. Mars

43. Coffee

Cute Red Fish Names

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1. Chelsea

2. Rosalie

3. Spice

4. Fiona

5. Blush

6. Poppy

7. Terra

8. Autumn

9. Sunset

10. Peony

11. Flannery

12. Valentina

13. Suri

14. Foxy

15. Sundance

16. Jelly

17. Tulip

18. Blossom

19. Bloom

20. Arizona

21. Berry

22. Carmine

23. Claire

24. Coral

25. Felicity

26. Rosy

27. Henna

28. Corsen

29. Sorrell

Clever Red Fish Name

1. Keegan

2. Finch

3. Rohan

4. Apollo

5. Leo

6. Blaze

7. Archie

8. Laser

9. Flynn

10. Reed

11. Rowan

12. Gogh

13. Phoenix

14. Fox

15. Rory

16. Harvest

17. Vincent

18. Jasper

19. Rufus

20. Robin

21. Derry

22. Vulcan

23. Sol

24. Clifford

25. Clancy

26. Garfield

27. Roone

Inspired Red Fish Names

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1. Ginger

2. Phineas

3. Cranberry

4. Sunset

5. Rojo (red in Spanish)

6. Pansy

7. Beets

8. Rogan

9. Foxy

10. Curry

11. Auburn

12. Merida

13. Cherry

14. Cayenne

15. Harkin

16. Suri

17. Eric

18. Glow

19. Sangria

How to Choose the Right Name

 Naming your new pet fish can be a daunting task. After all, this little creature will be a part of your life for years to come, so you want to choose a name that is easy to remember, reflects the fish’s personality, and is unique to your circumstances.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect name for your new pet fish.

1. Easy To Remember: 

You want to choose a name for your fish that is easy to remember. After all, you’ll be saying this name multiple times a day for the next several years. Avoid choosing names that are too long or difficult to pronounce. Instead, opt for a shorter name that you can easily say and remember.

2. Personality Traits Of The Fish: 

Another important factor to consider when naming your fish is its personality traits. Is your fish playful and energetic? calm and serene? adventurous and curious? Naming your fish based on its personality can help you connect with it on a deeper level.

3. Any Unique Circumstances: 

Do you have any unique circumstances surrounding your fish that could make for an interesting name? For example, if you rescued your fish from an abusive home, you might consider naming it after a superhero or heroine who stands up for the underdog.

Or if your fish is particularly clumsy, you might opt for a funny name like “Butterfingers.” Whatever the circumstance, using it as inspiration for your fish’s name can help make them feel even more special to you.

Choosing the right name for your new pet fish doesn’t have to be difficult. Just keep in mind these three factors—easy to remember, personality traits of the fish, and any unique circumstances—and you’ll be sure to find the perfect name in no time!


There are a few things you should take into consideration before naming your fish. First, think about any unique circumstances surrounding your fish. For example, did you rescue your fish from an abusive home? If so, you may want to choose a name that represents strength and resilience. 

Another thing to consider is the personality of your fish. Is your fish shy and reserved? Or is he or she outgoing and playful? Choosing a name that reflects the personality of your fish can help you bond with them and make it easier to train them (if that’s something you’re interested in). 

Finally, you want to choose a name that is easy to remember. After all, you don’t want to have to constantly refer to your fish as “that orange one” or “the one with the big fins.” A good rule of thumb is to keep the name short (no more than two syllables) and sweet. 

Before you know it, you are well versed in red fish names and ready to pick the perfect one!

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