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100+ Pink Fish Names

Fish are one of the most diverse species on the planet. They come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. So trying to find the perfect name can be daunting, and you might ask yourself- how do I choose pink fish names?

Choosing the right name for your pink fish is easy. You can pick from popular choices, such as Bubbles and Nemo, or choose something unique, like Piniki or Guava. To choose the right name, pick something easy to remember and consider your fish’s personality.

If you just got a new pink fish in the house, we’ve got you covered with the best monikers a fish could ask for with our 100+ Pink Fish Names list. Feel free to skim through and find a name that swims out at you!

10 Most Popular Pet Fish Names

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1. Bubbles

Bubbles is fun and invokes a sense of child-like wonder- that’s why it rates as number one in popularity! Fish and bubbles go together like peanut butter and jelly. It’s how they breathe. You cannot see a cartoon image of a fish without bubbles attached to it.

2. Sushi 

Naming a fish after a type of food is fun, especially seafood. Not only is the name humorous, but it’s also cute! While sushi technically refers to spicy rice, most people associate it with raw fish. Your adorable new fish is uncooked, making it raw- and living.

3. Fishy 

Most children refer to fish as “fishies” when they see them. It’s a simple and cute name that works great for any fish- making it one of the most popular. You can even see this trend in the cartoon movie Finding Nemo. When Darla’s holding a fish in her bag, she yells, “Wake up, fishy!” 

4. Nemo 

When Finding Nemo first hit theaters in 2003, it was an instant success. Most kids wanted to feel connected to this fantastical underwater world- the best way to do that was by getting a pet fish and naming it Nemo.

The movie remains one of the most popular Pixar films, still inspiring adults and kids to name their pets after the titular hero. 

5. Swedish 

Swedish Fish is a chewy candy shaped to look like fish. The name is associated with fun, sweets, and nostalgia. It’s a great moniker for any fish that’s a little on the sweet side or has a colorful appearance. Any candy lover will want to name their pet fish after this sweet treat. 

6. Finley 

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Finley is an adorable name that plays off of your fish’s fins. All fish have fins. They help them move through the water. If you want to learn more about the name, it means fair-haired courageous one. It’s great, majestic, cute, and funny, all wrapped up in one word. 

7. McFish 

Anyone who loves a good joke will love naming their fish “McFish.” McFish became a popular pet fish moniker after a tweet went viral, claiming that the McFish had disappeared from the McDonald’s menu. McFish also means “son of fish,” which is funny. 

8. Puff Daddy 

While the name Puff Daddy belongs to an American rapper, many have also come to associate it with the famous puffer fish. Fish that tend to be a little larger are often named Puff Daddy because of their puffed-out shape. The name is both cute and funny. 

9. Bob 

 When in doubt, name it Bob. Bob is a popular name thrown around when kids are involved in the process. The name is classic and has a funny ring to it. B is a fun letter to pronounce, adding to the fun of the word. Plus, it’s also a palindrome.

10. Floater 

Some people name their fish “Floater” because of the way it hovers in the water when still. Others, however, use it to reference how poop sometimes floats in a toilet. The name’s meaning depends completely on you, whether intended to be cool or funny.

Pink Fish Names for Girls

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Your fish is pretty in pink, turning the heads of all the other fish in the bowl. She requires a name that matches her fabulous appearance.

Look no further if you are looking for the perfect girl name for your pink fish! 

1. Ballerina

2. Tulip 

3. Rosie

4. Zinnia 

5. Pink Lady

6. Camellia

7. Lily

8. Corabelle 

9. Barbie

10. Cleo 

11. Duchess

12. Dory

13. Florence 

14. Harmony

15. Donna

16. Lisa

17. Minnie

18. Gina

19. Misty

20. Princess

21. Rose

22. Scarlet

23. Venus

24. Sophie 

25. Willa 

26. Giselle

27. Jewel

28. Paris

29. Diva

30. Lyn

Pink Fish Names for Boys

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Whoever said boys couldn’t proudly wear pink never met your fish. He owns his color loud and proud. He’s a lean, mean, pink machine- or maybe just a squishy, cute, pink machine. 

From awesome titles to fun monikers, your fish deserves the best. Whatever personality your pink male fish has, you’ll find the perfect name for him here! 

1. Duke

2. Crimson

3. Gul

4. Earl

5. Denzel

6. Ace

7. Bubba

8. Archie

9. Charlie

10. Gill-bert 

11. Noah

12. Odin

13. Einstein

14. Casper

15. Jupiter

16. Spike 

17. Zack

18. Mac

19. Jimbo

20. Mort

21. Eddie

22. Hunter

23. Gerard

24. Larry

25. Mickey

26. Bevis

27. Arlo

28. Benjie

29. Dean

30. Emerson

Pink Unisex Fish Names

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We get it- sometimes it’s a little hard to tell your fish’s gender. If that’s the case, or if you want a name that can work for either, we have the perfect list! 

These pink unisex fish names range from plays on the color pink to classic fish names beloved by all. 

1. Quartz

2. Coral

3. Sammy

4. Sunrise

5. Hero

6. Squirt

7. Wiggly

8. Tricky

9. Soda pop

10. Dusty

11. Guava

12. Salmon

13. Berry

14. Shrimpie

15. Lychee

16. Gerry

17. Melon

18. Radish

19. Flipper

20. Flame

21. Gizmo

22. Splash

23. Mojo

24. PeeWee

25. Noel

26. Slimy

27. Bayou

28. Sparkle

29. Wasabi

30. Tiny

Unique Pink Fish Names

You may be looking for a name to help your fish stand out from the crowd. After all, your pink fish is pretty unique! They deserve a name as special as they are.

1. Rozovo

2. Kunal

3. Nasrin

4. Mawar

5. Akala

6. Woz

7. Piniki

8. Squishy

9. Rowan

10. Geronimo

11. Plato

12. Chum

13. Algae

14. Serania

15. Atlantic

16. Pacific

17. Marina

18. Roxy 

19. Funky

20. Psychedelic

21. Hippie

22. Nibs

23. Shrimp

24. Athena

25. Homer

26. Megalodon

27. Skywalker

28. Salsa

29. Neon

30. Glowy

Cute Pink Fish Names

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It was love at first sight when you first saw your adorable fish friend. They deserve a name as cute as them- a moniker that makes people realize that fish are just as cute as puppies and kittens!

If you’re looking for cute pink fish names, look no further than this list. We’ve got sweet, candy-flavored monikers and more, perfect for any pink-hued fish!

1. Taffy

2. Starburst

3. Cotton Candy

4. Sweetie

5. Sprinkles

6. Sorbet

7. Candy

8. Cookie

9. Bubblegum

10. Strawberry

11. Shortcake

12. Custard

13. Gumdrop

14. Lolli

15. Lollipop

16. Cupcake

17. Frosting

18. Crepe

19. Milkshake

20. Sweet Tart

21. Smartie

22. Rhubarb

23. Slushie

24. Gumball

25. Skittles

26. Jolly

27. Happy

28. Sugar

29. Giggles

30. Gummy

Clever Pink Fish Names

A name should be something that shows off your wit. After all, fish are pretty clever animals too. 

From funny to inventive, these names will set your fish apart. 

1. Rouge

2. Arossa

3. Liab

4. Rosado

5. Pembe

6. Valentine

7. Rada

8. Vered

9. Pushti

10. Briallen

11. Cherry Blossom

12. Flamingo

13. Harley Finn

14. Captain Jack Sparrow

15. Piniki

16. Rosé

17. N’ Chips

18. Carrie Fish-er

19. Swim Shady

20. Jada “Pink” ett

21. Caviar

22. James Pond

23. Lipstick

24. ScallyWag

25. Axolotl

26. Kawaii

27. Blob

28. Tartar

29. Magikarp

30. Sir Francis Flake

Inspired Pink Fish Names

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Sometimes the best name for your pink fish can come from the media around you. TV shows, video games, movies, brands, and actors/actresses are all great places to seek inspiration. 

Check out the list below for some of the best inspired pink fish names!

1. Kirby – From Nintendo.

2. Babs – The pink rabbit from Looney Tunes.

3. Pinkie Pie – Named after Pinkie Pie Pony from My Little Pony.

4. Mew – A slightly pink pokemon. 

5. Jiggly Puff – A small, round pokemon.

6. Jaws – From the movie, Jaws.

7. Blossom – The name of the pink Power Puff Girl. 

8. Hamm – Andy’s piggy bank from Toy Story.

9. Ms. Piggy – The lively girlfriend of Kermit the frog.

10. Hello Kitty

11. Piglet – Winnie the Pooh’s best friend. 

12. Patrick Star – Spongebob’s best friend.

13. Toadette – From Nintendo.

14. Pink Panther

15. Snagglepuss – A Hanna-Barbera character.

16. Birdo – From Nintendo.

17. Peppa – Peppa Pig.

18. Bing Bong – From Inside Out.

19. Pinky – From the Pac-Man game.

20. Elle Woods – Legally Blonde.

21. Regina – The meanest of The Mean Girls. 

22. Wednesday – “On Wednesdays, we wear pink.” from The Mean Girls.

23. Prada – Elite fashion brand.

24. Hermoine – From Harry Potter.

25. Tickled Pink

26. Aurora – Princess from Sleeping Beauty whose dress constantly changes from pink to blue. 

27. Rapunzel

28. Molly Ringwold – From Pretty in Pink. 

29. Rockford Peach – The all-women baseball team from A League of Their Own.

30. Audrey Hepburn – Actress from the 50s and 60s and fashion icon.

How to Choose the Right Name

Choosing the right name can be a little overwhelming at times. You want the perfect name for your fish to brag about to others. 

Here are a few questions to ask yourself when choosing a name for your pink fish:

  • How easy will it be to remember the name?
  • Does your fish have any defining personality traits? 
  • Are there any unique circumstances tied to either you or your fish?

You want a name you can recall quickly, even if you just got the fish. Memorable words are generally short, sharp, and smooth. Utilize alliteration and consonant sounds. Choosing a famous name or pun will increase memorability as well. 

Fish are sociable creatures with big personalities! According to Aqueon, fish personalities can be discovered by studying their behavior. They can be curious, timid, bold, and adventurous. Some fish serenely swim in circles or laze around in hideaway places. Others love to swim rapidly from wall to wall in a tank. Some like to be alone, while others are social and desire to swim with their school. 

Choosing a name to match their characteristics can be a great idea. For example, if your fish is bold and a natural leader, “Captain” is a good name! If they prefer to go with the flow, “Flow” would be an excellent choice. 

Did you purchase your fish at a unique place? Was it a gift from someone? Maybe you got your fish at a carnival game while eating delicious cotton candy. Cotton Candy would then be the perfect name for your fish!

Another example of unique circumstances could involve the physical aspects of your fish. Maybe they came with a torn fin or missing eye- then your fish should get an epic name like Spike. 


We hope our 100+ Pink Fish Names list has helped you find the perfect name for your new pet fish! We know that you love your pet fish and only want the best for them- including the best name possible, whether it’s a popular moniker or a unique title. 

When naming your aquatic buddy, remember to consider their personality and appearance. Also, choose something you know you will easily remember, such as a name with alliteration or humor. 

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