Last update: April 24, 2023

15 Best Parrot Cichlid Tank Mates – FishLab

The exotic Parrot Cichlid is a fun and playful addition to any community tank. Since they are full grazers, who often swim around the entire tank from top to substrate, it’s best to keep them with other parrot cichlids or gentle, non-territorial species. Just stick to the golden rule of the fish world, understand that […]

Last update: November 12, 2023

15 Best Blood Parrot Cichlid Tank Mates – FishLab

Easily one of the more interesting freshwater fish you can keep in your home aquarium, blood parrot cichlids are a hybrid fish created in Taiwan back in the 1980s. A cross between multiple species of cichlids, they are known (and beloved) for their incredibly vivid coloration, friendly disposition, and their generally peaceful demeanor. Super easy […]