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100+ Best Green Fish Names – The Ultimate List

Think about this: Your favorite color is green, you’ve got an aquarium, and you want to fill it with different green fishes. It’s quite a unique experience, as green fish look incredibly stunning swimming around brightly lit aquariums. 

But here’s the thing: naming all those green guys can be a challenge. You want a name that pops like their scales and reflects their unique color and personality. That’s where we come in. From whimsical references to nature-inspired gems, we’ll go through a pool of the best names that are perfectly suited for your green underwater friends. 

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Green Fish Names For Girls

shutterstock 1363695956
Emerald Cory.

There are many names in the world, but finding the perfect feminine name that suits the elegance and beauty of your female green fish can be tricky. Forget boring old fish names; we’re talking about something special that mirrors the hues of her mesmerizing green scales. Here are 50 green-themed names for your aquatic princesses, along with their meanings:

1. Emerald – Precious green gemstone.

2. Jade – Signifying the green ornamental stone.

3. Olive – A peaceful green tone.

4. Ivy – After the green, resilient plant.

5. Fern – Inspired by the lush green plant.

6. Minty – Referring to the fresh, green herb.

7. Apple – For a sweet, green-tinged fish.

8. Beryl – A green mineral symbolizing purity.

9. Hazel – For a fish with a hint of green in her eyes.

10. Willow – After the green, graceful tree.

11. Chloris – Greek goddess of flowers and greenery.

12. Pea – Cute and small, like the green vegetable.

13. Clover – A symbol of luck and green pastures.

14. Kiwi – After the bright green fruit.

15. Peridot – A vibrant green gem.

16. Sage – For a wise and green-hued fish.

17. Thalia – Meaning ‘blooming,’ like green flora.

18. Pistachio – Unique and green.

19. Teal – A mix of green and blue, like the ocean.

20. Aurora – Signifying the green northern lights.

21. Bamboo – After the resilient green plant.

22. Celadon – A subtle, greenish-gray color.

23. Daisy – For a cheerful fish, like the green-stemmed flower.

24. Eucalyptus – Inspired by the fragrant, green tree.

25. Flora – Representing the green plant kingdom.

26. Gardenia – A beautiful green-leaved plant.

27. Honeydew – Sweet and green, like the fruit.

28. Iris – A flower with green leaves, symbolizing hope.

29. Jasmine – For a delicate fish, like the green-leafed vine.

30. Kelly – After the vibrant Kelly green color.

31. Laurel – Inspired by the green laurel leaves.

32. Meadow – Reflecting a lush green landscape.

33. Nerida – A Greek name meaning ‘sea nymph.’

34. Opal – A gemstone with greenish hues.

35. Parsley – After the green herb.

36. Quince – A unique fruit with a green hue.

37. Rosemary – For a fish with a green, herb-like character.

38. Sprout – Perfect for a small or young green fish.

39. Tansy – A flowering plant with green leaves.

40. Umbra – A name that suggests the shadowy green of the forest.

41. Verde – Spanish for ‘green.’

42. Wisteria – After the vine with lush green foliage.

43. Xanthe – Meaning ‘yellow’ or ‘blonde,’ suitable for a light green fish.

44. Yucca – Inspired by the hardy green plant.

45. Zinnia – A vibrant flower with green leaves.

46. Acacia – After the green-leaved tree.

47. Briar – Reflecting the green, thorny plant.

48. Cypress – A name inspired by the green coniferous tree.

49. Dewdrop – Perfect for a shiny, green-tinted fish.

50. Echo – Suggestive of the deep green of nature’s depths.

These names not only celebrate their green coloration but also depict the diversity and beauty found in nature and mythology.

Green Fish Names for Boys

shutterstock 669265975
Green Neon Rasbora

Male green fish deserve names that reflect not only their unique hues but also their strong and vivid character. Here are 50 green-themed names that are perfect for your boy fish:

1. Forrest – After the dense, green woods.

2. Hunter – Signifying the deep green hunting attire.

3. Jasper – A precious stone often found in green.

4. Kale – For a strong and healthy green fish.

5. Moss – After the soft, green growth in nature.

6. Neo – Meaning ‘new’ or ‘gift,’ often associated with green.

7. Reed – Inspired by the green water plant.

8. Shamrock – A lucky and green symbol.

9. Vernon – Meaning ‘green’ or ‘flourishing.’

10. Yarrow – After the green, flowering plant.

11. Cedar – Named after the green Cedar tree.

12. Dragon – For a fish with a fierce, mythical presence.

13. Echo – Suggestive of nature’s green depths.

14. Forest – After the dense, green woods.

15. Grove – Inspired by a group of green trees.

16. Hawthorn – A plant with green leaves and berries.

17. Iguana – For a fish with a reptilian, green vibe.

18. Jungle – A wild, green environment.

19. Kelp – After the green seaweed in the ocean.

20. Leaf – Perfect for a fish with a green, natural look.

21. Meadow – Reflecting a lush, green landscape.

22. Nile – After the fertile, green banks of the river.

23. Oregano – A flavorful, green herb.

24. Pine – Named after the green pine tree.

25. Quartz – For a fish resembling the green gemstone.

26. Ridge – Inspired by the green ridges of mountains.

27. Seagrass – After the underwater green plant.

28. Thorn – Suggesting the green, prickly bush.

29. Urchin – For a fish with a spiky, green character.

30. Vale – A valley often filled with greenery.

31. Willow – After the green, graceful tree.

32. Xavier – Meaning ‘bright,’ ‘splendid,’ often linked to green.

33. Yew – Named after the green, evergreen tree.

34. Zephyr – A gentle breeze through green leaves.

35. Basil – After the green, aromatic herb.

36. Cactus – For a resilient, green-hued fish.

37. Dill – Named after the green, feathery herb.

38. Elm – After the green-leaved tree.

39. Fig – For a fish as unique as the green fruit.

40. Ginkgo – Inspired by the ancient, green-leaved tree.

41. Hyacinth – After the plant with green leaves and vibrant flowers.

42. Iris – Representing the green-leaved flower.

43. Juniper – Named after the green, coniferous shrub.

44. Kiwi – For a fish as quirky as the green fruit.

45. Larch – A type of tree with green needles.

46. Myrtle – After the evergreen shrub with green leaves.

47. Nettle – For a spirited fish, like the green plant.

48. Olive – A peaceful, green-toned name.

49. Parsnip – A unique choice inspired by the root vegetable.

50. Quill – Suggestive of the delicate, green parts of a feather.

These names capture the essence of the green theme, blending nature, mythology, and whimsy, perfect for your male fish.

Popular Green Fish Names

portrait of aquarium fish congo tetra phenacogr 2023 11 27 04 56 46 utc
Congo tetra (Phenacogrammus interruptus)

You know, there are some fish names that just resonate with green fish lovers everywhere. Some of these names are as exotic as they are common, and here are 20 of the most popular and jaw-dropping green fish names:

1. Avocado – A fun, green-themed name.

2. Brook – For a fish as refreshing as a green brook.

3. Chartreuse – Named after the unique greenish-yellow color.

4. Dewey – Suggesting morning dew on green leaves.

5. Evergreen – For a fish that’s always vibrant, like evergreen foliage.

6. Fern – After the delicate, green plant.

7. Grove – Inspired by a serene green woodland.

8. Holly – Named after the green, festive plant.

9. Ivy – For a fish as lively as green ivy.

10. Jade – After the precious green stone, symbolizing beauty and grace.

11. Goblin – A mythical creature, often depicted as green.

12. Jadeite – After the precious green gemstone.

13. Marigold – Named after the flower with green leaves.

14. Pistachio – A playful name after the green nut.

15. Spruce – After the green, coniferous tree.

16. Tarragon – Named after the fragrant, green herb.

17. Veridian – Suggestive of a deep, shiny green.

18. Walden – Meaning ‘wooded land,’ evoking green forests.

19. Zodiac – For a mystical, green aura.

20. Bonsai – After the miniature, green tree art form.

These names are popular for their strong association with various green elements from nature, mythology, and culture, perfect for your green fish.

Funny Green Fish Names

shutterstock 1418667737
Danio choprai Glowlight

If you’ve got a playful, fun side, you could add a splash of humor to your tank by giving your pet green fish a chuckle-worth name. Below are 20 names for your little finned friend that’s sure to bring on the giggles:

1. Wasabi

2. Booger

3. Gummy

4. Mr. Green Jeans

5. Peapod

6. Snot

7. Squirt

8. Zucchini

9. Pickles

10. Grinch

11. Green Bean

12. Kermit

13. Avocuddle

14. Peapod

15. Sushi Roll

16. Brussel Sprout

17. Shrek

18. Guacamole

19. Kiwi Splash

20. Mr. Pickles

Unique Green Fish Names

shutterstock 1994023142
Giant Danio fish

When you have a tank filled with a variety of green fishes with different shapes, hues, and personalities, it’s only natural to give each individual a non-generic name. If you’re seeking something different, whether from folklore, famous literature, or science, here are 10 names for your favorite green fish:

1. Basilisk

2. Verdant

3. Thicket

4. Myrtle

5. Envy

6. Oasis

7. Canopy

8. Glade

9. Huckleberry

10. Parsley

Fictional Green Fish Names

shutterstock 2259668063
Green Tiger Barb

The world of fiction is teeming with iconic green characters with broad-ranging personas, from the ill-tempered side character to the powerful superhero to the mischievous main villain. Based on your pet’s persona, you can choose from these 20 fictional names:

1. Elphaba – From “Wicked,” a musical named after the Wicked Witch of the West.

2. Yoda – After the wise and green Jedi Master from “Star Wars.”

3. Gamora – Inspired by the green-skinned superheroine from “Guardians of the Galaxy.”

4. Shrek – From the “Shrek” movies, a beloved green ogre.

5. Fiona – Shrek’s equally green and enchanting partner.

6. Godzilla – After the iconic, green-hued monster from Japanese cinema.

7. Lorax – Dr. Seuss’s character who speaks for the trees, often associated with green.

8. Beast Boy – A green superhero from “Teen Titans”.

9. Link – The hero of “The Legend of Zelda” series, known for his green attire.

10. Riddler – A Batman villain known for his green outfit and riddles.

11. Green Lantern – A superhero who derives powers from a green ring.

12. Poison Ivy – From Batman, a villainess with a green theme and plant powers.

13. Pikachu – While not inherently green, this could be a playful twist for a Pokémon fan.

14. Tinkerbell – The tiny, green-clad fairy from Peter Pan.

15. Kermit – The famous green Muppet from “The Muppets”.

16. Rex – Inspired by the green T-Rex from “Toy Story.”

17. Hulk – The green-skinned superhero from Marvel Comics.

18. Peter Pan – The boy who never grows up, often depicted in green.

19. Robin Hood – The legendary archer, traditionally clad in green.

20. Flubber – From the movie “Flubber,” representing a bouncy green substance.

These names are drawn from various fictional sources, reflecting a range of green characters known for their unique attributes, adventures, or symbolism in popular culture.

Famous Green Fish Names

shutterstock 1942745869

You can also name your pet green fish after a famous movie or literary character. There are so many iconic characters, but here’s our list of some timeless legends to name your fish after:

1. Gandalf the Green

2. Green Arrow

3. Robin Hood

4. Green Lantern

5. Poison Ivy

6. Peter Pan

7. Tinkerbell

8. Oscar the Grouch

9. The Riddler

10. Green Goblin

Creative Green Fish Names

shutterstock 159191564 1

If you’re in touch with your artistic side, then you surely will appreciate some of the names on this list. Here are 20 creative green fish names:

1. Veridian

2. Chartwell

3. Pistou

4. Celadon

5. Beryl

6. Zephyr

7. Malachite

8. Sorrel

9. Viridis

10. Neroli

Having gone through this list of green-themed names, you’re sure to find the perfect name that captures the essence of your vibrant aquatic friend. Happy naming!

How To Name Your Fish 

You want to choose the perfect name for your pet fish, but this typically is a mix of fun and challenging. If you want to get creative with names, try thinking about how fish look. While your options may not necessarily fit the green theme, names like Gill and Finn are cool because they’re based on fish body parts. 

You can also look into the specific species of your fish for a name that speaks to its unique identity. Expand your horizons by considering the color, patterns, and unique characteristics of your fish. Names that highlight these aspects can add a personal touch and make your fish’s name truly special.

Navigating the Sea of Names

portrait of cichlid fish andinoacara sp 2023 11 27 05 32 31 utc
cichlid fish (Andinoacara sp.)

Owing and taking care of a pet is one of the greatest things you can do. The mix of excitement, frustration, challenge, and happiness is, for the most part, next to none. Regardless of what inspires you towards owning a pet, choosing the perfect name for them is a great start to a strong emotional bond. So, here are some buoys to help you navigate through:

1. Simplicity is Key:

The simplest names are often the best names. There’s really no need to go over and beyond with a name for your fish, except if you absolutely want to. So, opt for a name that flows off the tongue, preferably with one or two syllables. It should be memorable and easy for you to use comfortably.

2. Seek Far and Wide for Inspiration: 

Ideally, you want to go far and wide with your brainstorming sessions. After all, your inspiration can come from anywhere, even from a baby name book.

If you want to play it safe, consider a name that echoes your fish’s unique personality or traits. Is your fish an eager eater, or does it have a quirky swimming pattern? Naming them after these traits can be both meaningful and fun.

3. Unique Stories Lead to Unique Names: 

Has your fish’s arrival into your life been nothing short of a storybook tale? Was there a reason you chose them in the first place? Do they remind you of a childhood story or your first pet? Consider names that reflect this special journey.

Names inspired by favorite movies or books, such as Dora, meaning “God’s gift,” or the beloved Nemo, can add a touch of narrative to your fish’s identity. Finding that perfect name for your fish should involve emotional attachment, and your story can help with that. 

4. The Charm Factor: 

shutterstock 1582013296
Glofish breed of black tetra

Let the name reflect the Funnyness and playfulness of your aquatic friend. By exploring the charm factor, you’re sure to find one that brings a smile to your face every time you say it. However, don’t feel pressured to follow trends. A name with positive associations in literature or with a personal connection can be just as delightful. 

5. The Name Trial: 

Test out your favorite names to see how they sound when called out loud. Even better, you can test the names out with friends and family to get their take on your chosen names. This can be invaluable in gauging a name’s fit.

6. A Collective Brainstorm: 

If you’re stuck in a naming whirlpool, turn to your social circle or dive into online communities and forums for a sea of ideas. Teaming up with your family and friends or even reaching out to random internet users can ignite inspiration for the perfect name.

7. Revitalize Common Names: 

Give a twist to a common name by adding a title or modifying it slightly to refresh its appeal. “Ms. Willow” can be a pretty name for a green fish. 

8. For the School of Fish:

When naming multiple fish, consider themes, pairings, or group names that reflect their collective identity. You can draw inspiration from your past pets; it could mark the beginning of a legacy of finned friends.

Final Thoughts

We hope this article helps you learn about some of these special names. Still, you need to note that choosing a name for your pet fish is a personal experience, so take the time to reflect on your fish’s persona and story.

Don’t rush it; go through different sources of inspiration and, more importantly, enjoy the journey. When you discover the perfect name, you’ll know it’s the one for your aquatic buddy.

Frequently Asked Questions

colorful discus fish floating in the aquarium 2023 11 27 05 25 53 utc

Having gone through our naming inventory, it’s only right that we answer some of the common fish and fish names-related questions. 

What Green Fish Species Can You Add to Your Tank?

Green cichlids, cory catfish, spotted congo puffers, and green bettas are great additions to your tank. However, you want to be careful as these fish belong in a freshwater tank. 

What Should You Name a Pair of Fish in Your Tank?

If you’ve got a pair of green fish in your tank and you’re looking for the perfect name for the pair, consider naming them Shrek and Fiona. It’s a cute name that shows off their relationship!

What Are the Most Common Green Fish Names? 

Kiwi, Ivy, Shrek, Hulk, Tinkerbell, Gamora, Fiona, and Beastboy are some of the common names you can give to your pet green fish. 

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