Last update: November 15, 2022

Super-Speed Secrets To A Faster Aquarium Cycle

I think you will agree with me when I say… Cycling is one of the most frustrating parts about setting up a new aquarium. That’s not because it’s hard – it isn’t. Especially if you follow FishLab’s step-by-step cycling guide. It’s the excruciatingly long time that it takes for your tank to cycle that is […]

Last update: December 12, 2023

Emergency: Performing a Fish-in Cycle The RIGHT Way

Uh oh! So, you just bought your new fish and are only just now learning about this cycling thing… Or, maybe you are following the terrible advice of the pet store employee who said you only need to run your filter for 24 hours before adding your fish. Maybe it’s even worse. You killed all […]

Last update: November 12, 2022

How to Cycle Your New Aquarium? The EASY Way (Beginner Friendly!)

You bought your new aquarium, filled it with water. The next step is adding fish, right? Hold up! If you add your fish now, they will soon be dead. Seriously. Before you add any fish to your aquarium, there is one important thing you must do: Cycle it! To beginners, the nitrogen cycle is considered […]

Last update: November 21, 2023

Beginners Guide to the Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle

You can’t see it… But deep inside your aquarium a cycle is occurring. The nitrogen cycle to be exact. To a beginner, the nitrogen cycle can be a difficult concept to understand. But don’t worry… Today, I am going to break the entire cycle down into easy-to-manage chunks. By the time you are done reading […]